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  1. UI for capturing is intermittent. Sometimes it shows the progress circle sometimes it doesn't for camps. When do yo step into a Camp sometimes it doesn't register so you need to walk out and back in. Other times it won't work at all. If you used random world generation for the new campaign it didn't work as it's using the old map.1
  2. You're assuming there are 500 vendors to begin with. In which case why would I leave an EK that has 500 vendors to go else where? Sounds like a business man complaining about not getting enough business. It is pre-alpha after all. What do you suggest as a solution? An auction house?
  3. They've already discussed that in the future EKs will be running for longer. Could just use faction chat for WTS xyz item. Or you know buy a vendor in one of the more known EKs to peddle your wares.
  4. Grouping with a commander seems to cause everyone to not be able to interact with the work tables in the EK
  5. Well luckily it's not released and still in pre-alpha. Eh? Phew.
  6. Well we need more people like you then. But with a Campaign I bet there will be a lot more bugs too.
  7. Have you played test when the update came out so they could have addresses serious bugs?
  8. We were supposed to have a 4 day Campaign that is "non sanctioned" Was curious if there was an update ☺️
  9. Tutorials should be 2 fold. 1) Teach the player the basics 2) A Marketing tool to get them hooked on what's to come
  10. Just have it community run on an EK. Simples.
  11. I went Stoneborn actually :P πŸ˜‚
  12. Was wondering how viable a confessor is in open world pvp roaming with groups of 2/3. I got a human confessor for 21 with talent points and stats but no idea which direction to take it in. Definitely damage ideally. With my druid going down the dmg route.
  13. Thanks all for the info! Finally got my race/class and disciplines nailed down. Much appreciated.
  14. salzus


    Paladin useful for open world pvp in groups of 2/3? Also stat wise I imagine dump points into SPR and get support power to max? Thanks,
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