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  1. You're assuming there are 500 vendors to begin with. In which case why would I leave an EK that has 500 vendors to go else where? Sounds like a business man complaining about not getting enough business. It is pre-alpha after all. What do you suggest as a solution? An auction house?
  2. They've already discussed that in the future EKs will be running for longer. Could just use faction chat for WTS xyz item. Or you know buy a vendor in one of the more known EKs to peddle your wares.
  3. Tutorials should be 2 fold. 1) Teach the player the basics 2) A Marketing tool to get them hooked on what's to come
  4. Just have it community run on an EK. Simples.
  5. I went Stoneborn actually :P 😂
  6. Was wondering how viable a confessor is in open world pvp roaming with groups of 2/3. I got a human confessor for 21 with talent points and stats but no idea which direction to take it in. Definitely damage ideally. With my druid going down the dmg route.
  7. Thanks all for the info! Finally got my race/class and disciplines nailed down. Much appreciated.
  8. salzus


    Paladin useful for open world pvp in groups of 2/3? Also stat wise I imagine dump points into SPR and get support power to max? Thanks,
  9. Hello, So I created a dwarf cleric, pumping points into Int. But it seems the healing out put is fairly poor compared to a Templar's. Am I missing something? Thanks,
  10. Agreed this is getting a tad insane. The fact at worst you have to store mats in an NPC and pay 5G per 15mins is crazy of a work around
  11. 5.9 on the doorstep, we've decided now is the time to kick it up a notch. If you're a noobie looking to learn the ropes. Be sure to PM me and let's talk about what you're looking for in a gaming community
  12. There needs to be an "Add comment" like in Shadowbane. It made for interesting reading about characters/players. Set it to last 5 and you can either give them a thumbs up or down. I do feel the interaction UI should have something unique added to it that will set it apart from other games
  13. But this is from the PoV of playing on your own right? The game is more group centric though. So in that perspective, you would ideally have some friends, or scouts around fending of players or keeping eyes on track.
  14. Hey there 0/


    Still looking for a home? We are active on both Test servers and Live servers. We hold practice days to test out our builds in the EK. Many of us have bough into Crowfall when they were doing the Kickstarter and I am an active streamer for Crowfall. We are looking for a few more to help build a tight knit solid group. Are you interested? We are also casual for the most part since many of us are no longer at Uni or High School...at those good ole days where we could game for 8 hours straight.



  15. Hello all 0/ I'm Salzus some of you know me as Cookie, Cookiemonster, and a few of you my know me as Cookiemanbearbags (i'm looking at you @godshand ) Been following Crowfall closely from the beginning, participated in the Kickstarter and got in when the chance to invest popped up. It's a game that is similar to many of my favorite games, especially Shadowbane. The fact that both Gordon and Todd are on-board gives me great confidence in this game. I've been streaming Crowfall when the opportunity arises and have had a lot of help from the community and been doing my bit to pass this on wh
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