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  1. 1. From what I can tell, a lot of items have a decay rate, as in wear/tear over time. So possibly have a building/or room in a building/figurine placed in a room, or building that allows that rate of decay to be slowed down? Essentially, a storage vault with cedar walling, protects wool clothes from moth decay....lol Or... 2. Perhaps have building/room in a building/figurine that allows one to train ata slightly increased rate..(this adds up over time given number of options).. or better also allows you to train one more skill in either universal or archetype level per account perhaps at a decreased rate?.... Many ways to replace 3 character slots, I do like idea of a special vessel option as mentioned by another poster.
  2. How about a Anti Decay Room/Figurine, or an Skill/Ability Figurine Booster!
  3. I want an Anti-Decay Item room for my 3 character slots compensation! Or perhaps a Special Relic Item that allows for training more abilities/skills at same time.
  4. I like this idea. If person goes off reservation, they can be captured, and placed in a prison. Not killed. A stunned, and shackled option to EK. Pay to get out early, bailed out...A Prison Building... Same for pickpockets!....or just for fun, a Kidnap for Ransom options too!
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