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  1. I am glad to hear that female avatars are not completely off the table for for elken and guineciean. Heck, I would be happy with simple unisex/non gender for either of those and just throw in an extra color option for the base standard of the face with some pinking around the lips and cheeks. I don't need breasts on my elk or guinea. After all, no one has ever been able to tell the gender of a rodent without flipping it over! XD
  2. Woot grats Crowfall. Tis true, just like field of dreams. If you build it they will come.
  3. Ah just followed the link. Its for 3d printing. Guess those unfamliar with 3d artwork wouldnt have picked that up. Still beautiful. I love the art style these guys are going for. I normally like more towards photo realistic but these guys have real skill. Beautiful work.
  4. Ok, I officially love these guys. They have even managed to get red hair in all its subtle variations done nicely. <3
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