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  1. I think what he means is, what are the changes besides the number. No notes to be found, not even in the mass email that was sent out. Normally when moving from a major revision number you have that kind of thing listed out for the public that is helping you test your game.
  2. Has anyone run into any 1440p or higher resolution wallpapers or artwork from fans? The items in the media area have been compressed down, so they will not work.
  3. So funny coming to the forums seeing the drama. Nothing has changed much.
  4. Thank you but I should have worded it a bit differently. I was thinking more of a income source for the team, like how they sell horses and houses. Maybe rent out NPC's services for a good money sink.
  5. Does anyone else think it would be cool to have NPC's for your little Village property? It would bring more life to the Village itself when you come home to visit. Maybe they can sell NPC's in the store or you can hire them for your land? Guards, Vendors, Landscapers, bartenders etc? Oooor maybe I am just a lone crazy Crow.
  6. What is going to make me a snowflake in the Crowfall world? A example like looks, skills, equipment? Is my Knight when he makes max level going to be a carbon copy of Knight1001? Will these PvE campaigns just reset everything we earned and done for our characters making us identical snowflakes?
  7. Well Unity does have the Mesh Collider option in it, don't know how good it is or how much of a pain in the ass it is to implement.
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