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  1. I have placed the '' http://crowfall.com '' link to my daily e-mail account's signature space so my friends can see and click on it
  2. payback


    This is a frost caster with the same stats of duelist ... The difference will be the armor between fessor and frostweaver I guess .
  3. for sure it is needed . You are expecting a scouting class to run around wide open where it an be hunted easily by other classes ! ? A rogue based class without stealth is more like a flower blooming in the middle of winter which can be hunt down by any class .
  4. You will see it sooner or later and maybe you will be in beta server playing or lets say testing the game
  5. Playing a game that keeps its new players ganked again and again will cause those players to stop playing it before understanding what kinda game it was . In addition we also know that playing a consensual PvP based game is also boring even if it promises lots of different gifts or such goodies at the end of the PvP to the winner side . What I must underline is a real PvP game always makes you its addict like Shadowbane . If most of us still remember that game or having little chats about the game '' proves '' it .
  6. I assume the game will have a great balance between characters . I don't wanna think about '' What if , or , else '' statements about the game . If they wanna make a new playable game that has future then it must be done .
  7. The game update(s) will be totally different for sure so 'til to the '' DAY '' others or not so important .
  8. anything that helps me to kill my openent even a sling is good enough !
  9. Now we have a poet centaur besides hurlbat one
  10. There is already an example of what you guys discuss here in these forums in another game which combines both traviling fast after you discover needed gates known as TESO . it works quite simple of efficient .
  11. I guess you won't even get in the queue to be the world boss character due to chinese rush to the game
  12. I hope the game will be as successful as the forums about bringing that much ppl together ...
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