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  1. I get your intention but no... do not let this be an endless feature creep with each version having new and exciting but not not correctly working stuff. In all honesty I guess everyone saw this one coming. I mean there will be harsh comments about this one on the internet but well... it benefits the game in the long run so yeah. And while we are at it - I guess it would make sense to push the release to late 2018 to promote the game on the gaming conventions earlier in 2018. For EU GC in August for example. Would make sense but on the other hand it's a soft-launch so not sure how to handle this. And while I appreciate a decision like the race and class split early on (after release it would be a hell lot of work to get it done I guess - not to talk about version issues, skill tree issues, etc.) I highly hope that there aren't any major deviations on the path (as if one could foresee it) because as said - I don't really want the game to suffer from feature creep (or maybe this isn't really the right word). That being said if the game greatly benefits from it and the race class split really made the game more appealing I guess it would be fine to make alterations to crafting, exploring, etc. I mean the progress is there but I just hope this is the last thread about this topic ^^. Well keep it up.
  2. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    I was in the infamous "white knight group" a few months ago but looking at this specific thing raised my eyebrow in the last couple of iterations. By all means I have been out of touch way too long to actually have a valid ground to base my opinion on but honestly speaking time flies but the combat doesn't really seem to move in the pace you'd or at least I'd expect it to move. Considering we have have 5.3 at our hands (not all of us but still), Fae and their gliding not there yet, Assassin with Stealth not there yet and Quick Attacks, Frostweaver unheard of, I feel that combat should be a little more polished at this stage. Though I'm not sure what tech mumbo jumbo they implemented with 5.3 which potentially screwed things up and so forth. I mean as it was already mentioned they experienced with it at one point (too small, too big, etc.) but again... I feel it should be more than we currently can test or have or see. Well we'll see how things go over time but times running and you can't keep Crowfall indefinitely in Pre-Alpha. I have faith though.
  3. State of the Assassin 5.3.0

    +1 so much. Though I'd like to see the Fae as well which will probably come with the Assassin and Frostweaver with HighElfs (are highelfs already in? - god I should start testing again. So out of touch)
  4. Tug-o-war Campaign

    well I'm not sure whether the system of GW2-WvWvW makes sense here but could be another variant to try out.
  5. Player Population

    well first of all what caffynated said. At this point getting too involved will hurt later on. Second of all right now it is testing the real thing (sort of). Back in HD/SP tests there were a lot more people but well it was all new and it were quick matches and focused tests. Now it's 24/7 kind of which results in a wider spread naturally.
  6. crafting basic armory to join a fight takes less than an hour to do so. (Last time it took me 30ish minutes I think correct me if I'm wrong). As there will be different rulesets the players can choose from, choose the faction based campaigns if you want a lighter but less rewarding environment. Join a guild, distribute materials, loot and crafting goods. That's the point of the game. Not a short term matches game but rather a longer one. Not sure about the runestones, disciplines, etc. and how easy/hard it will be to get them. I guess a few of them (basic ones) will be kind of easy to achieve (poping them out will be a no brainer) and others will be a little harder/rarer to get/find. Also you are comparing tps/fps and moba games to a mmorpg. The genres do not really mix well just saying. Lastly - if you want to have better equipment, other runestones, etc. etc. you have to work for it in every freaking mmorpg and technically everything is grind, no matter how diverse your story content or whatever is.
  7. Slap in some sort of hard cap and limit the use of tomes with a global cd and then you should be fine. I didn't watch the stream yet but just because they announced something doesn't mean they implement it exactly like that. Also.... this thread. Judging by the pace I guess we'll reach a few pages for them to understand that the community is concerned.
  8. Well I'd say keep it as it is as long as the system itself is incomplete. Once the core systems and the stuff around them are implemented and only the numbers are left we should have focus tests like combat focus, harvesting focus, crafting focus, etc. And in order to focus on one specific part - especially combat and crafting - hand out materials via bot or loot chest or like in the SP tests in order to maximize the possibilities for testing like combat numbers for balancing purposes or harvesting numbers (drop rates, etc.) Well that's just my view. Right now it's simply switching between versions until live hits the fan.
  9. If there is time - code a message into it. Until then - let people make the mistake once and learn from it.
  10. Well in terms of undeads and taking the hunger into account - the frostweaver as they are now are the closest you can get right now (also with their chain-sickle, etc.). Also I'm not sure if and undead class would fit in thematically. I mean technically we are already playing as zombies (more or less as the vessel system and necromancy are pretty much an interpretation of frankenstein's work - take an arm here, and a leg there, etc.). So playing as a real undead would mean you posses the vessel as raw spirit with no inherited features mainly your archetype. I'm not sure how to tie this into the current setting right now.
  11. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Terrible news Condolences to the family and all his friends. Can't say I knew him but enjoyed the times I met him ingame.
  12. Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire

    As if ever something good came out of making something a trilogy -. well joking.... Not sure what to think about it. I mean it will probably make fun for a few hours but long term.... not really sure. Elite Specs didn't really came out as I thought they would. Other than that... mounts... could be a thing but I also see some great limitations which could suck at one point - don't have to but there is a chance. Gliding was a nice addition in HoT - hopefully mounts can carry the torch.
  13. Well honestly they already spent a good portion on the assassin so at least the assassin should go into the soft-release build. Same with the cleric being a class built out of existing powers (and maybe a few newer ones). About the frostweaver - well depending what they want to do with the class (for example having many chain like abilities since their weapons is a chain-sickle or what ever) it might be a quick development cycle or not. I'd be okay with Frostweaver getting implemented later but Assassin is I guess a class to complete the roster and give the anti-stealth abilities a meaning.