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  1. I'd go further and do a 2 week rotation or even a 4 week one in times between major things. If the need or content for more communication is there, post more. A fixed shedule always creates unneccesary tension to deliver content.
  2. In all honesty - at one point the fatigue is pilling up in one or multiple areas around the game. I feel like that the whole testing thing could have been better communicated - maybe something like git or whatever but again.... at the end it's just visual. Cudos to all testing. I can't or won't since right at the start I feel like being burnt out (but that's my take on this). About #2 - in all honesty - if you simply did Test and let Live die and gave us reasons for it I think only a fraction would be mad. I mean at one point someone has to ask what the purpose of live while still being pre-alpha/alpha (I mean that's just going into details but well). About #3 - honestly this makes the game rather believable. I mean most game are years in development and iteration. While this is also quite okay to do so you really lose the game out of your view. With Crowfall you can always check the progress. (still waiting for the Frostweaver). About #4 - I think a lot of player still think that Alpha/Beta means the Korean Game Localization Way (if you want to call it that way) - basically the game is done. Simply money making process here. While the idea of getting into a game as soon as possible to get an advantage (knowledge, speed, etc.) is still the same the process in a game developed from zero to launch is a bit different as you might want to throw away 90% of the things learned if the devs ninja implement system X on the last straw. But this is mainly a players fault. I don't think making money by offering early and earliest access is a bad thing. About #1 - I think this is something many games share - not only crowd fundend games. From the first teaser to CBT to OBT is often a process taking years so it is always bound to happen that the interesst decreases just to spike again when news about serious movement is dropping in. So I wouldn't really give all that much about that. I mean that's easier for a player to say than from the developer stance but still. That's nothing really new.
  3. man it's been a while since I've posted but just to join in on this: As long term goal you are bound to form and rely on connections. Joining a guild decreases the effort a bit in terms that you contribute to a group and get something back. Playing Solo requires more effort in the social area but less consistency in a way. Either way they both require you to put effort into certain aspects of social structures. Playing completly solo on a somewhat medicore level of success is impossible. I always add people to friendlists when I see them doing their job properly. After some time dungeon runs more or less become a ground work for either forming a guild or a more stable party setup. Not going to be the case here but I guess something similar will happen.
  4. well this exactly. Also this happened in Archage as well. Out the 120 combination I think only 10 to 20 were actually viable. Up to 30ish I think were doable but you wouldn't really benefit from choosing the last ones. (Btw. this goes to idk 2.whatever). With the introduction of hybrid weapons (matk + patk for example, or ranged + magicial or whatever) the game can have a higher number of viable combinations now.
  5. well the lipstick kills the centaur. But that aside I think this could be a good direction in terms of character creation. You know the slider magic.... (no boob slider please). The Fae looks a bit too sparkly but could be the effects.....
  6. that is both encouraging and discouraging. Speaking for myself I'm sad.
  7. well long way to go. Quite nice to see them ingame but again... they need some love and polish.
  8. Voting for 2019 (end) or 2020 (early, mid). Honestly by their pace a good and stable version can be done by the end of this year. Assuming everything goes well. After that I'd say tackle bugs, stability, balancing, etc. seriously and then proceed into the next steps. Obviously 2020 would be a worst case for me and many others I know. I mean I'm still actively following but not actively testing right now as I think it will hurt my experience in the long run. Though I will test the heck out of Frostweaver. Also keep in mind that Ashes of Creation will be of relevance as well as Camelot Unchained and a few others depending on their schedule and depening on CF's schedule. The audience may differ but question is whether lower band campaigns can offer similar (not the same) experience to hold people on crowfall. Ashes of Creation may still look slugish but they at least delivered their things on time (plus minus of course). Not sure about Camelot Unchained as I'm not following it to be honest or any other game. Depending on the progress I'd say another big delay of Crowfall will really hurt the game. No one will acutally say something if they postpone soft launch into early 2019 but well.... again it depends on the progress over this year.
  9. This sentence alone explains a good part of your problem. Also How about no.... Not knowing the difference which I guess you really don't know by stating this further strengthens my first point. I don't think you got it at all. Most stuff you complained about could have been avoid if you either followed the forums for quite a bit or actually watched a few videos on how to crowfall which you will easily find on youtube. You are right about the user-friendly elements and general guidance on new users but they are at it. Again.... I don't think you got it at all in which state this game is. Also my view on crowfall, other alpha games and in general korean beta games is the following - if you aren't will to spend a lot of troubleshooting getting the game running you should come back when it is really just a "last beta before release" state where you simply download it, run it, play it, etc. But clearly this isn't the state now so either make peace with it or leave it till it is more polished.
  10. I thought that those doobers were meant to somehow having a need to secure the harvest spot entirely so to say. I mean if only the group (and individual if not in a group?) can loot them why have them in the first place. I always found it interessting to actually have to worry about your faction, etc. since they could loot them. So in order to play things safe you have to somehow protect them entirely making even harvesting more pain in the a-- than it already was or is (<- im not a harvest so pardon for the little rant here). If it is just a visual thing I'd say keep it if performance will not be affected. But right now it doesn't really sound all that awesome. Also what Soulreaver said.
  11. I stick with one main character since most MMORPGs do not really offer to change a character name (some do now) but when you choose a class and a race some I tend to use fitting names. Can't really call a dwarf "Angel" or so.... I mean you could but again... not fitting in my view.
  12. I do feel the "attachment" to my general choices for archetype, disciplines, etc. meaning if I chose for example Fae Assassin as my main choice this is will be my main focus hence an attachement. Probably comparable to a favourite "loadout" in a fps game. Also I do believe once you have to work greatly for a vessel (high quality one for example) you do have an attachement (sort of). On the other hand I probably spent most money (ingame or real money) on the visuals of my characters (fashion wars or aion for example) so I do love to switch minor things hence I don't really feel "that" attachment towards the physical vessel.
  13. By all means but the more and more we go about all the fancy things to come, the less I'm convinced this whole thing will not blow up like a powder keg. I get that there are too many things to implement and adjust for the little time remaining but please focus on the basics of combat. I don't really care about anything at this point but combat and performance. Get these into the right direction and then continue. Otherwise as said... it will be a huge boom at the end.
  14. Technically I think you are right but also wrong. They could have done it without us but not without getting into deals which might restrict them or force them to obey certain contracts, requirements, etc. On the other hand as you said if the project horribly failed they wouldn't really owe us anything and on the other hand they had somewhat free reign over what they initially wanted to do and make. I think you get the idea what I'm trying to imply.
  15. Holy moly... that's a good amount of money. Well I'm a little sad since I still can't play a Frostweaver / Assassin respectively but 2017 was indeed a nice year. I hope with the addtional funds you come up with a lot of ways to make CF even better ^^
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