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  1. Questing for stupid stuff like berries, skins, horns and the like. The 'WoW" gameset.
  2. Wow, this topic is taking on to many soft answers. The game is all about Play 2 crush. Anyone can kill anyone. Something that would be cool though is for a random minute chance for a "lucky roll" and the lower leveled toon does severe damage to the higher. Hell, anyone can assassinate someone if their guard is down. Kill em all IMHO
  3. Love to play with the MV /CR crowd again. we'll see.
  4. Yup here I am. Hail players. Love to see the mourning players have such a strong showing. Going to be great playing with you all again MV,CR,TDL,TNO,IW,DC for a bit. And a bit of OPP.
  5. Just reading this post and replies... F...it PLAY2CRUSH
  6. Hey look elves..num num. Tasty vittles;)
  7. Not sure on the MV crowd. A bunch have moved on and I run into random peeps in other gaming guilds. Maybe we can bring them all under the same banner as us and make a strong run. Guess we'll see
  8. Very cool. Now hopefully we can us all together for a bit o killin. Time to bug Ms. Amelia to come back to gameing.
  9. Hordak all. Wow good to see Mongo, Holo,Bardiel, and others. Now I wonder where Aesa is.....
  10. Playing on EMU and Magicbane I found myself playing with people I never would have played with before. The only thing I wouldn't play with is the Asian contingent. Not too thrilled with their zerg mentality. Other then that. Who cares. As long as the people are knowledgeable and cool
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