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  1. With all the options now for crafting since everyone can wear everything it's going to take a pretty organized effort to keep the flow of gear going as needs change. Defending or attack gear with improved protection from ranged damage depending on your siege job. Getting melee defenses for the enemys damage type right, if your scouts are any good, before an invasion or POI fight. Swapping out gear as the meta changes to embrace it or counter it. Making easy to replace gear for high risk raids or for other one way missions. The organization and utilization of materials is what will set crafters in good guilds apart from others.
  2. Hopefully it's more about unleashing them at the right time. Like a cave tr0ll or the big ugly giant thing from the 300. If they end up requiring more food to sustain come winter it could be a real drag those last few days/weeks of a campaign.
  3. Here is to hoping the ultimate warrior ability doesn't make you an irresistible target for both enemy and friendly ranged chars. Shoot the huge target that you can't miss!
  4. You don't want to look like a Minotaur at range and confuse your enemies? You are giving up tactical advantage! Seriously though just use a cloth piece enchanted for something like fire resist and eat confessors for lunch! No horns and more loot!
  5. Just wear cloth for your head armor piece and boom no horns ever.
  6. I would assume that with friendly fire being part of the game you can chain pull yourself to friendlies if you can hit them. Assuming you have enough stamina.
  7. Belaz

    Silencer for arrows?

    What does it matter that your arrows are silent? People can still see which way they came from if they see it in flight and can pretty easily figure out which general way it came from when it is sticking in something. They should be moving fast enough that the sound they make (if any in game) will not be enough warning for people to dodge out of the way. Silent seems pointless. Now arrows that magically melt after they hit or turn into snakes (Conan style) would make it harder to find the shooter.
  8. Could always come try world of warships. It is free and out now!
  9. Belaz

    The Rare Champion

    It would be pretty awesome if the Knight was trying to grapple someone to pull to him, but hooked on the Champion instead. Since the Champ should be bigger heavier and stronger the Knight ends up getting pulled to the Champion. That would be some pretty interesting game play for both sides with the player trying to pull targets to the slaughter and the ones trying to not get pulled or the heavier ones trying to catch it and pull the knight to them for the slaughter.
  10. Belaz

    Paladin Class

    I personally don't think they will cross classes like that. I think that if you want a sword and board tank you go knight, if you want a 2h tank you go Templar. I would be willing to bet that no matter which promotion choice you make for the knight you will still have the shield and his block ability. I just feel like they are making it so when you see that human sized archetype across the battlefield and it has a shield its a knight if it doesn't then its a Templar. It seems like they are going to stick with that easy to recognize your opponents base archetype thing, but the promotion path might be more subtle. I mean you can pick out a Legionnaire or a Stalker rather easily, so why not the same for the knight/templar and the rest of the archetypes?
  11. Belaz

    The Rare Champion

    The spear looks like it might be a Templar promoted to Fury thing, but who knows they may go cross classes with some weapons. Like you, I would like to see an axe/javelin/spear throwing specialization that can still use the big 2h in melee range. Finite ammo could suck though...
  12. Belaz

    The Rare Champion

    I am just hoping that one of the promotion classes has some sort of giant hammer or knockdown skill shot. Nothing says welcome to the battle like getting planted by a huge weapon wielding maniac.
  13. Belaz

    Paladin Class

    Good eye, that movie had some pretty accurate fighting styles with the great sword. Good movie indeed. The picture actually strikes me more as the Champion Archetype, but as you can probably guess I approve of 2h weapons. Paladin will only be a progression class for the Templar, most of us are guessing it will have part of the Templar skillset and will bring its own unique skills to the table.
  14. Belaz

    The Rare Champion

    I am not so sure people will like big hulking guys when they come with big hulking hit boxes. Most hardcore PvPers that I know tend to gravitate to the littlest guy they can find for the advantage of being harder to notice in big fights, being harder to click on by enemies, and being able to hide behind other characters. The hiding behind part won't work here with friendly fire, but being harder to hit may still draw them in. I just have this feeling that the two other "big" guys (Legionnaire and Minotaur) are going to steal the show. What does the Champion need to get him some appeal when we get to see his progression archetypes?
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