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  1. any NA Order guilds? Since returning it appears that Order is the underplayed Realm and I would love to join a guild that plans to make this home and play fighting uphill it makes the victories so much sweeter.
  2. Since i have just returned to the game and was going through some of my old stuff I found this. Thought I might update the status to Graduated with Masters in May 2019. In May of 2015 would of been my Associates, we have been through so much in the past 4 years crowfall :).
  3. @Felagunda I have been gone from Crowfall for some time but if i remember right they cap the amount of people that could be on each faction keeping one faction from being to big. That may have changed in the past year. A lot has seemed to change.
  4. I think the death shroud is a terrible idea for a game that claims to be pvp oriented. People keep mentioning that a keep siege would last forever without out. Ok... people still have to get back into a keep once they die and release make it so you can not rezz within So many hundred feet from the keep while it's on fire, so once you rez you still have to make it back into the keep. Give a discipline or a skill that can be used on a 5-minute timer to purge the sickness. Give clerics an ability to remove the sickness once someone rezzes without a cooldown allowing them to have a po
  5. I guess in my view the resets are the great equalizer. It allows people to reset and plan a new. Passive skills are the reward for time invested. New players will be at a disadvantage to older players but the older players will move towards harder campaign with more rewards where younger/newer players will play the easier ones and work up to the harder ones.
  6. If i play a game for six months, and you wipe everything I have done. I would simply quit. I don't want to speak for everyone but for those of us who work and have kids there is no way, I would play a game for six months and have you wipe everything I have done in that six months. I'm sorry! When I play smite for 30 minutes and have to start back at Zero ok , that's 30 minutes of my life. The best part of playing a MMO is the rewards for leveling up, gearing up and having a sense of accomplishment for what you have done. Wiping that over and over people would not continue to play. Just my out
  7. This looks like a good format to start with. Region: US Atmosphere: Adult/relaxed Casual/Hardcore: As much as I want to be Hardcore my life just does not allow that anymore. Casual/ PVP focused, caping outpost and Group vs Group/ Ganking not a fan of castle sieges. Size: 10-50 Playstyle: PVP from sun up till sun down. I'm not a fan of crafting, not a fan of grinding and leveling alts. One toon maxed level and PVP from there out. My wife will play as well while not as hardcore about pvp its a package, she enjoys crafting and farming. Commitment: 4 hou
  8. Albion online... 3 days and was bored. Its not really a sandbox... its more of a playground.. AA felt more like a sandbox
  9. I played a game with mounted combat before, the strifing and backing up moving foward getting ( out of view ) while trying to use an abilty was just beyound annoying.. i think mounted combat would be more of a pain to the player base then its worth. Sure it sounds awesome but no one likes to die because someone is striffing and abusing the combat system.
  10. I'm Archie not so much new, but just coming back after fininish my last term.. Woot me. Upgraded my Pledge to ks Amber to Sapphire. Excited to get back in the mix the game seems to have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months.
  11. No love for Archie, and here i was thinking the heavens would open up and sunshine will rain down on me!
  12. Welcome back Archie u been mised.
  13. Sounded like the tag line for a bad porn. LOL welcome!
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