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  1. you're getting to an unhealthy point in your relationship with this game coolwaters... just saying... and I can also speak for my whole guild that that's the reason why noone's testing. The same issues that have been pointed out like 7 months ago, are still not fixed. Once they fix that god awful combat, we might test again, until then, hell no.
  2. It's one of those features that they probably tried internally and could identify that it wouldn't work... unlike all that other awesome stuff that had to be tested, which NOBODY could've predticted that those were horrible ideas.
  3. I think we should try consoles... I mean we don't know how it'll work out, because we haven't tried it... right guys?
  4. wow, new youtube feature... 1080p10... who knew
  5. you serious? Unless they magically made latency disappear this whole thing was an exercise in futility... tons of games have shown how difficult it is to balance client/server side actions with each other. Just look at FPS games and the often cited "shot behind a corner" complaint. And that's for AAA titles and dev studios that have 10s of millions for their nth iteration of a game. Still these issues. Re-inventing the wheel is not something that ACE should be doing. They should stick to proven things and build upon those, improve them and once they have a solid foundation they can go wil
  6. Everyone's fine with testing and trying new things. What's not okay is wasting money on stuff that's crystal clear to be nonsense. Let's be honest here for a second, who thought that server-side controller is actually gonna work? But people went with it... hey it's early in development, let's give it a try, maybe they'll get it out of their system. But here we are... 8 months later and they keep pulling stunt after stunt with such a limited budget, it's gotten to a point where it's simply unacceptable to just "test" every nonsense that is buzzing around in their heads.
  7. Indeed... what's the whole point of this? Why even waste time on this "feature"? There was no issue that had to be fixed to begin with, yet here you are, meddling with something that was perfectly fine, wasting time and money that's better spent on all the issues that are being pointed out... issues that have been existing for months but what do I know, right? just some arm chair game dev wannabe, eh?
  8. You want what ACE wants, right canth?
  9. little bear like creatures, that have symbols on their belly and can shoot lasers... oh wait... edit: and goatlords... definitely goatlords
  10. icic... so it hasn't sunk in yet, that you do not need to coordinate to test. Let me ask you this: Why do you think people here are telling you that this feature is not needed? What's your rationalisation for it?
  11. you're supposed to test... noone gives a custard whether you lose, win, roflstomp your enemy or whatever... stop asking for nonsense that's not relevant for the final game. If you can't "have fun", then don't play, but stop wasting their time with these useless suggestions
  12. seriously, have you EVER played a PvP game? Literally EVERYTHING that gives you an advantage will become a necessity. No 2 ways about it...
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