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  1. you're getting to an unhealthy point in your relationship with this game coolwaters... just saying... and I can also speak for my whole guild that that's the reason why noone's testing. The same issues that have been pointed out like 7 months ago, are still not fixed. Once they fix that god awful combat, we might test again, until then, hell no.
  2. It's one of those features that they probably tried internally and could identify that it wouldn't work... unlike all that other awesome stuff that had to be tested, which NOBODY could've predticted that those were horrible ideas.
  3. I think we should try consoles... I mean we don't know how it'll work out, because we haven't tried it... right guys?
  4. wow, new youtube feature... 1080p10... who knew
  5. You want what ACE wants, right canth?
  6. little bear like creatures, that have symbols on their belly and can shoot lasers... oh wait... edit: and goatlords... definitely goatlords
  7. icic... so it hasn't sunk in yet, that you do not need to coordinate to test. Let me ask you this: Why do you think people here are telling you that this feature is not needed? What's your rationalisation for it?
  8. you're supposed to test... noone gives a custard whether you lose, win, roflstomp your enemy or whatever... stop asking for nonsense that's not relevant for the final game. If you can't "have fun", then don't play, but stop wasting their time with these useless suggestions
  9. seriously, have you EVER played a PvP game? Literally EVERYTHING that gives you an advantage will become a necessity. No 2 ways about it...
  10. yes, you have 2 copies I don't know whether you can gift the digital copy... did you unpack your amber already? It should tell you what's giftable and what's not
  11. only on EU servers but ontopic: I've always liked the DF warhulks... they were just a rare sight, because of their insane cost. It's a world with magic... so why the custard not
  12. let's make sure no side has fun... good choice... got the right man on the job
  13. yup... final version will probably don't even have a timer... either the banewoodstonewhatever goes down or the ToL
  14. because sitting in a city waiting for a timer to tick down is boring as hell
  15. you mean except for the fact, that you could see, hear and actually react to those 3 champions, before they just magically appear behind you? People that complain about full invisibility stealth, are the ones that want to see player skill be a factor in the equation...
  16. that's some quality help you guys are providing there... @OP: no currently there's noone transcribing videos... those people stopped a while ago
  17. seriously? noone? shame on you folks!
  18. your crow name will be displayed for other players... so yes, if you name your crow suzy, then the bearded fella will be named Suzy
  19. just leave it be now... you're doing the thing you're accusing me of at this point. It's pure irony
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