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  1. I hear your saying that. I haven't heard many people post here that they aren't testing for that reason. Almost all of what testers are saying about why they test on a limited basis is related to performance or schedule or not wanting to spoil the full game experience.


    That doesn't mean you're wrong. It just means almost everyone who actually has first-hand knowledge of the reasons they aren't testing and has posted here claim other reasons for limited testing. You may very well have some insight the rest of us don't have. I personally doubt it.


    you're getting to an unhealthy point in your relationship with this game coolwaters... just saying...


    and I can also speak for my whole guild that that's the reason why noone's testing. The same issues that have been pointed out like 7 months ago, are still not fixed. Once they fix that god awful combat, we might test again, until then, hell no.

  2. Friendly fire should be easy enough to implement as ALL that has to be done is use the orginal designs for the DREGS.


    DREGS = 1 verse EVERYONE no team/guild/alliances. 


    Yes you could work together with others in the game mode with your guild but it should not allow grouping/raids. Everyone is solo and everyone is red. Whenever someone wants they can kill you even if it is your guildy.


    You can go in with your guild together to "TRY" and work together but in the end you probably will have a lot of "friendly deaths" and with full looting/partial looting this will turn really nasty and destroy a lot of guilds. The drama this mode would create would be off the chart! This mode would really show you who your true friends are.


    I really hope they do not ditch this mode as it is the ultimate drama mode as you will lose years of friendships over this and the QQ's will be insane.



  3. You are making artificial assumptions and drawing conclusions that are not supported by evidence. You had no way of knowing for sure what the controller would be like. We tested it.


    you serious?

    Unless they magically made latency disappear this whole thing was an exercise in futility... tons of games have shown how difficult it is to balance client/server side actions with each other. Just look at FPS games and the often cited "shot behind a corner" complaint. And that's for AAA titles and dev studios that have 10s of millions for their nth iteration of a game. Still these issues.


    Re-inventing the wheel is not something that ACE should be doing. They should stick to proven things and build upon those, improve them and once they have a solid foundation they can go wild with their "special ideas".




    But keep believing man... someone has to I guess

  4. Everyone's fine with testing and trying new things.


    What's not okay is wasting money on stuff that's crystal clear to be nonsense.

    Let's be honest here for a second, who thought that server-side controller is actually gonna work? But people went with it... hey it's early in development, let's give it a try, maybe they'll get it out of their system.


    But here we are... 8 months later and they keep pulling stunt after stunt with such a limited budget, it's gotten to a point where it's simply unacceptable to just "test" every nonsense that is buzzing around in their heads.

  5. Indeed... what's the whole point of this?


    Why even waste time on this "feature"?


    There was no issue that had to be fixed to begin with, yet here you are, meddling with something that was perfectly fine, wasting time and money that's better spent on all the issues that are being pointed out... issues that have been existing for months


    but what do I know, right? just some arm chair game dev wannabe, eh?

  6. I have both Ventrilo and TeamSpeak installed. However I would potentially have to get the connection info from which ever guild I happened to be matched up with during each siege test (we are somewhat randomly grouped up in case you forgot) I was part of. And that's assuming they would be willing to share their server connection info.


    We will just have to wait and see how it plays out.


    icic... so it hasn't sunk in yet, that you do not need to coordinate to test.


    Let me ask you this: Why do you think people here are telling you that this feature is not needed? What's your rationalisation for it?

  7. Really? Maybe i am too extreme,but i believe in roles.

    What if instead of a single guy stealthed you get 3 champions ganging up on you while gathering herbs? Is that bad design too?

    Stealth is simply another mechanic,no one said that being stealthed makes you invicible,but it should give an advantage if one is found unprepared.


    you mean except for the fact, that you could see, hear and actually react to those 3 champions, before they just magically appear behind you?



    People that complain about full invisibility stealth, are the ones that want to see player skill be a factor in the equation...

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