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Everything posted by freeze

  1. hehe, alright good to see you around though and all the best
  2. ohh... Ashen btw did you guys get laid off when disney bought faxion?
  3. I hate this early access nonsense that is absed on monetary compensation...custard that
  4. what can be macro'd will be macro'd no way around it from the simple macros in SB to just afk level, to 8x8 in UO, or entire custardin fishing/mining scripts with EasyUO... it'll all be there again if the game somehow makes it worthwhile/possible.
  5. don't have high hopes, but the ps2 forgelight engine was pretty good for the amount of players...
  6. if you build the game around full loot from the very beginning then definately go for it... it worked in UO... gear wasn't meaningless, but also wasn't the be all end all... and replacing gear wasn't much of a hassle... I mean, I even had fun while treasure hunting
  7. well we managed to do it in Darkfall, when everyone realized that it's a nutcupping world out there... result was that we crushed absolutely everyone, so why not do it again if it turns out like that
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