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  1. why wouldn't it be used for the crow name? nothing's changed... instead of naming 1 character, now you name your crow. The reward has even more value now, because everyone only has 1 name per account, instead of 6
  2. use "days/hours trained" as a measurement, instead of skillpoints, and that issue should be fixed
  3. you can't throw the same argument back at me, when I'm not the one using these buzzwords.... it's not me that has to explain them, it's the guy that uses them. If you use very vague or overly generic terms in a topic that discusses a very specific problem, then don't be surprised when people call you out and want further explanation. But as I already said, atm you just can't, because the information available is not enough and all you can do is speculate on what is a very broad spectrum ("shallow power curve compared to othter MMOs").
  4. nothing wrong with using buzzwords when it comes to PR... that's the whole custardin reason they exist... but when you use it in an actual argument, then you need to unpack that buzzword and also give context... The info we have is way too vague to justify anything with it atm, yet people keep doing it. another one of these buzzwords here in the forums is "ACE's vision". People throw it around, but noone ever expands on it.
  5. stop making sense! shallow powercurve is one of the buzzwords that's being thrown around, so the clueless can participate in discussions, without actually having to give any context on what "shallow" might actually mean.
  6. the introduction of a cash-shop, without ever having to worry about p2w cries (as if ) but ya... at this point, the EK, for me at least, is just their approach to implement a cash-shop... everything that might come with it, is just a byproduct
  7. It's not the fact that you can be effective with low skill numbers... that's absolutely beside the point. It's about whether new players will actually start to play this game, and aquire the info, that they actually can be successful without having the same amount of skillpoints than a vet; and not dismiss the game immediately, because time-based progression means "I will never be as good as a person that started before me" It's the stigma of time-based progression that has to be overcome. I know a poorly made sockston of people that never bothered with EVE because of exactly that. Saying there is no problem, is just delusional.
  8. I think the way this needs to be looked at, is not "What works best", but instead "what appeals to new players the most" With arkade's suggestion it's still "I can never catch up"... with fenris' suggestion it might really be people just grinding without actually playing... I dunno... doesn't seem like a problem that can be fixed without opening a whole other can of worms
  9. How about a pet grooming discipline? Like different fur-styles and colors and whatnot? would be so boring if all falcons look the same, right?
  10. then I guess they shouldn't switch archetypes that often
  11. oh combos... ya right... pressing the same key 3 times, doing the exact same poorly made socks with slightly different status effects, and then calling it 3 different abilities... get real, the combo system in its current iteration is just a huge copout and in no way, shape or form deserves that name. so, normally everyone here is all like '"Dude, ACE got this, they will manage, they're so open and honest about everything, so good communication and all, they can do this" but when it comes to designing powers, all of a sudden it's not like that. ACE has no way to design proper abilities, with different animations, different effects and varying impacts in the game... it's just custardin impossible... someone epxlain to me, why... in all honesty, why is that argument still being brought up? custard that, limited slots is for 5 year olds and monkeys, that can't remember more than 8 abilities...
  12. on a serious note though... iirc Tully onec said, that promotion abilities will overwrite archetype abilities... that was a few months back though and I tried to find it a few times, but always gave up, because it's probably buried in a video. I kinda suspect we'll actually be stuck with like 10 abilities... which is, imo, unacceptable... fully decked out vessels should give the players acces to ~25 active abilities... everything below is just pathetic
  13. I thought we've already established, that everything over 5 powers is basically ability bloat
  14. I think someone should explain the vessel system to fenris again... any volunteers?
  15. You get the ruby rewards as soon as it is paid off... you get access rights to tests, dependant on the amount you've paid already, none of the other rewards though
  16. hhmm... The EVE trailer seems to be easy and quick to make, bar the prep to film some random clown... dunno about the other ones, never made anything of that sort. can an artist give some input how long it takes to make the artwork that is then animated? but ya... not sure... I don't think fast, cheap and good quality is viable when it comes to making videos one has to give
  17. way too much work imo... especially getting appropriate footage... can't think of an efficient way to record everything if it's supposed to be connected to an actual CW...
  18. and I thought, that pointing out potential flaws has finally been accepted as valid criticism... guess not
  19. I said there isn't such a game out there... or are you trying to tell me that ACE is making the same mistake as another game out there when it comes to attracting new players?
  20. I don't even know what you're worrying about fenris... ACE got this... And look at the MMO market... there's no game out there with passive skill gains and no skill cap, that showed that new players are reluctant to join, because they can never catch up, despite the fact that the advantage is actually pretty small. right guys? right?!?!
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