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  1. woah 10-15... you're just being silly now but I completely agree... it confuses the hell out of the average person
  2. I know dude... it's ridiculous how some of these games expect us to reach the hotkeys 7-0, let alone hold down CTRL... total madness
  3. oh nono, I fully understand... ability bloat = devil's arsehole, skill bloat = diversity
  4. really... 2 versions... they can be happy to get 200 players total...
  5. so, too many abilities is bad, because, you know, they're all doing the same if there're too many... but having 327 skills for wearing armor is fine... gotcha
  6. see, people keep saying this, but CF also has features, aka actual loss of things, which make people want to band together even more, and thus seek safety in numbers, which will automatically result in zerg-like scenarios. Beating other players with larger numbers has and always will be a feasible tactic. Mostly employed by people of a lower skill level, but that is beside the point. Unless you impose player limits for teams, there will always be discrepancies in the number of players and people will always yell zerg. Noone cares whether your definition of a zerg is different.
  7. thx for listing all the features that were in Darkfall Ziz... now tell me about the zerg history of that game... a game that dubbed the first big wars in its game "World War 1 and 2" because of the insane amount of players involved. oh I forgot, you've never played it... yet here you are commenting on how it'll pan out, without any experience in the matter. Don't get me wrong, of course you're allowed to comment, but don't preach it, like CF re-invented the wheel and will somehow keep the amount of zergs in check. I've said this repeatedly... I'm not negative, I'm a very pragmatic person. I call it like I see it, always have, always will. People get offended by this sometimes, yet it is not my intention, but it's not my job to protect someone's ohso delicate feelings. Stop looking at me like a villain.
  8. oh why tell me more please... CF has nothing, other games haven't had before when it comes to "anti-zerg-mechanics" or whatever you wanna call them
  9. You can already see the first steps towards this on the forum here. It's always the same pattern though. It's always the rather inexperienced folks that gravitate towards forming large alliances. It'll pan out like you already said, sooner or later, they will crumble, because the smaller guilds will band together and take them out, then cherry pick the good players while the rest quits. I just hope a CW's duration is (on average) long enough, for the whole cycle to unfold.
  10. Will we see overlapping skills in any of the trees? Or will a, for example, heavy armor mastery, have different names for different classes? Basically inflating the number of skills?
  11. that's some solid thinking... caravans outrunning the ambushers... what's next? movable castles, because that banestone is looking threatening?
  12. can we stop with the gimmicky map poorly made socks already
  13. been too long... I thought only ranking took time, the initial construction of the building was instant, wasn't it? I'm really not sure
  14. my guess is, that as long as you have the ressources, it'll probably build instantly... but I agree... some info regarding build time would be nice. Maybe we'll see something like Archeage where you hammer the air a little bit before the building is constructed.
  15. Yes, we all know that ACE can do no wrong and pointing out any possible issues with announced features, is frowned upon.
  16. 1. not entirely sure 2. If you bought the package yourself (aka didn't get it as a gift), you should have access to all alpha/beta tests, your package entitles you to, without consuming it. 3. no you cannot 4. you cannot gift a consumed package... the reciever of the gift will auto-consume the package and cannot re-gift it. You will lose the package, but you will still have the access rewards, like I mentioned in 2.
  17. you're too focused on gear and imports ... these ressources can be used for other things as well. EKs are supposed to be fueled by either CWs or the cash-shop... now what kinda implications might a basically unlimited amount of cheap low tier ressources have for ACE...
  18. CU really looks like daoc... they weren't kiddin
  19. name 1 game, where the devs actively pursued botters and didn't rely on player reports...
  20. that's roughly how the "mines" will work the PoI produces materials, you have to haul it off and defend it from everybody else until you're home
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