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  1. I still don't understand why it's CF that's suddenly a MMOBA (orwhatever additional letters you wanna throw in there). - resetting CWs? --> every MMO with arenas has resetting worlds/maps - vessel system? --> Lineage 2 had something similar... Archeage had class changes on the fly... noone ever yelled "IT'S A MOBA!!!" in those cases... so why now? seems to just be a buzzword that's being thrown around and imo we should just ditch it... not doing them any favours when trying to market the game
  2. I'd rather they flatten the ground and avoid nonsense like crouching under walls, like we've seen in darkfall...elharrat iirc
  3. you misunderstood something... ressources can be harvested with an axe from a tree for example... then you get wood a lumber mill straight up produces materials... meaning you get lumber from it, not wood. you can process the wood into lumber everywhere, not just in the CWs... maybe you need some tools or machines in buildings or whatever, but it is NOT limited to CWs.
  4. yes I was clearly talking about t8 ressources Yes, many factors play a role... but someone has to point out the potential problems
  5. seems to me like devaluing campaigns, but I guess you're fine with that Making t1-t4 ressources have no value, begs the question why they're even in the game then. but I guess it all depends on the respawn-rate of those nodes in the EK.
  6. ressources will be harvested 24/7 in EKs with macros...just fyi
  7. noone here is claiming that "time spent" is irrelevant. What I'm saying is, that there are more factors than you bring up, that warrant a reward discrepancy between bands.
  8. What you do is heavily oversimplify the risk and reduce it to only import. You ignore everything else. Everything else seems to magically elude you. All the risk within the campaign is irrelevant in your "math". Explain to me again what you risk, when you bring your gear into a campaign that only has inventory loot... What about the fact that in a God's reach campaign, all you have to do is bring stuff to the embargo vault... you literally have to use NOTHING to export a certain percentage. What risk do you take there? I'd love to hear your explanation. The dregs campaigns aren't high risk --> high reward. For 95% of the players it will be high risk --> no reward Whereas for the outer band campaigns it's no risk --> always reward "It's math"
  9. I think you need to take a hard hard look at the export rules here... in every band, except for the dregs, 100% of the players export something. In the dregs you actually need to win, which would mean that, imo, ~5% of the players are able to export something. and I'm still waiting for regulus to make the case, that based on his warped perception, the most outer band has actually the biggest risk, aka needs the highest reward.
  10. this mutli-account thing seems to be blown way out of proportion here... There hasn't been a single MMO where multiple accounts didn't mean an advantage. It will be the same here... no 2 ways about it. ACE will not punish people that give them additional money... please stop acting like multi accounts is "a problem that can be solved". Look at all the angles and stop the whining... seriously
  11. ya, with low individual skill cap games like eq, wow and SB that might've been an issue... not so much with games that require actual aiming... just sayin
  12. sea towers were basically an expansion to the village system... noone gave a flying custard who owned them. It was all about the naval fights that you could get. People cared about the fights, not about the asset, despite the rewards. We're talking about actual sieges of assets, people are supposed to care about. If ACE doesn't manage to make people care about their cities, then we might as well not have them.
  13. DF never had WoOs, except for villages
  14. the good ol' "bore the enemy to death for weeks and then show up" tactic... brilliant there are dozens of threads talking about exactly why the SB bane system is superior to what you're suggesting... go find them, they're worth a read... especially for people like you canth, that have absolutely 0 experience when it comes to asset vulnerability/destruction.
  15. naja, irgendein schuss muss ja der letzte sein aber ja, grundsätzlich sollte das bei weitem nicht so oft passieren wie bei normalen shootern. allerdings wird hit registration schon eine langwierige aufgabe werden. insbesondere wenn die projektile noch kleiner werden und es um etwas mehr präzision geht als bisher.
  16. iamme hat schon recht... bringt ja auch nix wenn man das kompliziert erklärt nur um sich wichtig zu machen client side movement ist das, was ihr auch aus allen anderen games gewohnt seid. Ihr habt evtl gelesen, wenn sich leute über "ice skating" etc aufregen. Das wird hiermit gefixt. Die grosse Frage ist jetzt, wie ACE hit registration in Angriff nimmt. client oder server-side. Beides hat vor und nachteile. Als Beispiel: Ihr hüpft hinter ein Haus und habt somit line of sight zu eurem gegner gebrochen. In eurem client seid ihr bereits um die ecke. Im client von eurem Gegner seid ihr aber noch nen halben Meter vor der Ecke, sprich sichtbar. Das wäre eine theoretische Möglichkeit, da euer client noch die Information eurer Position an den Server schickt, der server diese verarbeitet/bestätigt und diese dann ja auch wieder an euren gegner schicken muss. Die Position kann also auf 2 client leicht unterschiedlich ausfallen. Bin mir sicher, dass das schon jeder mal erlebt hat, der nen shooter online gespielt hat und um die ecke erschossen wurde. "ICH WAR SCHON UM DIE ECKE!!!!" hab das nicht nur einmal gerufen
  17. okay, so ranger needs ammo... now we just need regs for the mages and we're good
  18. I hear that a lot... some books from the EU (especially "I, Jedi") explain this really well. Jedis have different talents, not every jedi can do the exact same thing
  19. that requires a lot of trust and is basically scammer's heaven
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