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  1. oh lawdie... what are you even doing here?
  2. so a system where you can opt out of PvP... brilliant idea...
  3. oh, first of all, I think looting in general should only be possible once the person is actually "dead dead", meaning, the person has been executed or the ressurection window has passed. (should those ever exist, that is) At this point you should be able to loot all items. After the corpse has been stripped of all possessions, the vessel should either appear in the corpse, or you should have to use some skill, that allows you to transform the corpse into a carryable item. Make that skill a channel and make it loud so people in the vicinity know what's going on. Make obtaining a vessel a time-consuming endeavour.
  4. a ressurect/finish mechanic makes even more sense now... been saying this for months, but the people that only know CoD/GW2 down-states keep crying
  5. No, I just don't see the problems you do... I'm in no way, shape or form a yes-man on this forum... even the blindest of kids here should know that. every issue raised about the economy has been present from the very beginning... literally NOTHING changed, except that there is one more item-type.
  6. there's nothing to adress... there's no need for input from ACE at this point it's all whining from your side... not a single valid point, why this is bad, has been raised...
  7. you guys see what words he used to make his point? - compared to other MMOs - not an overwhelming one so, for future reference, can people pls stop acting like gear, skill progression, vessel etc will not have a siginifcant impact? thank you. An advanced character (high skills, decent vessel, decent gear) being 10 times as powerful as a newly created character is still a SHALLOW POWERCURVE!!
  8. what I learned from the last few pages: if a game allows you to play multiple characters, it's a MOBA now...
  9. CAW CAW CAW may I suggest a "Crow Speak" skill, so we can understand the poorly made sockstalk?
  10. it's rock paper scissors no matter what... with your desired scenario you're just stuck as rock,paper or scissor
  11. any reason we're disregarding any time frames for when someone will actually be able to pull 20+ promotion classes and whatnot? decisions still matter... just not forever...but certainly for an extended period of time it'll take years for scenarios like these to unfold... we'll be seeing plenty of X counters Y and Y is stuck at the beginning...
  12. stop pulling these arguments into the abstract... I never said that multiple accounts don't give any advantages... they clearly do I never said that numbers aren't an advantage either. The new system gives the option to theoretically play ALL archetypes and promotion classes on 1 account... this wasn't possible before, which means multiple accounts got less of a value... yet didn't get completely devalued. edit: btw, you still have to make a proper argument why versatility is a bad thing.
  13. the 1 char per campaign was just a concept and never 100% confirmed... also easily circumventable with multiple accounts, which has been explained to you like 500 times now they tore down that pay-wall which eventually would've made it neccessary to own multiple accounts to keep up. You always present yourself as top custard percentage... you seem to understand very little what that means or you just want that artificial paywall so it helps you compete. And btw, no, it doesn't favour zergs... actually quite the opposite.
  14. you're arguing for 1 character-only accounts, which was never on the table to begin with... you should've had the same issue with alt characters and multiple character slots, yet you never said anything, but now all of a sudden it's an issue...
  15. UO peaked in 03 with ~250000 subscribers... 03 was that horrible patch with the item changes and the whole diablo-fication I dunno when that stuck option was implemented exactly, but it was sometime after trammel... 99/00 maybe... which means the population was still increasing
  16. What name is being displayed when I aim at a player... crow or vessel name?
  17. there also needs to be a big difference between crafted vessels and graveyard vessels... power curve wont be as shallow as most of you think... we wont see WoW levels , but I'm sure we'll see vessels being 3x as good as others
  18. did you basically fix the "ready bag" issue? I can pre-equip vessels with gear and store them in the bank?
  19. ooOooOoOo good also remember that UO had to eventually implement a "stuck" option to teleport to towns, because being in the wilderness for hours without being able to do anything, wasn't fun
  20. more info on the crow form in the CW pls... don't let them become free scouting tools
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