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  1. "long range combat is stupid"
  2. Frohe Weihnachten feiert alle schön und betrinkt euch nicht zu arg!
  3. "most" people with access weren't even playing... there's a reason people kept seeing the same names over and over again
  4. geezus, you actually name a shooter... k, we're done here
  5. name one game where KB+M and Controller are equal it's always either or, never both
  6. I don't think you guys realize, that it's not about the amount of content, but more about the fact that this game needs to run smoothly with hundreds of people fighting. Derping around with 20fps in big fights is a big nono. And don't even start with the servers. Optimization takes time, and they will need plenty of it
  7. not "especially", but "just because of that" like I said multiple times before: full friendly fire can work just fine with proper powers designed around them to complement it. But as you said, everything points to the contrary. They apparently never thought about implementing full FF. They're going to have to settle for a cop-out if they keep the current style of powers. Which imo is kinda sad. Trying it at this point will just enforce their opinion that they need some kinda "group system" when it comes to certain powers.
  8. you guys realize that the numbers from the last vidoe are completely random and the info from the FAQ is probably already completely outdated? we literally have no idea how long it might take to promote
  9. I just can't take you seriously with comments like that, sorry dunno what DF did to you to make you that salty
  10. their vision should've attracted the appropriate audience... when the audience and the vision somehow contradict each other, then someone custarded up along the way
  11. the longer it takes to train a character, the higher the value of VIP tokens... at least when you train multiple characters. just a little reminder
  12. soweit ich weiss macht das gordon per hand für Neukäufe... hier gibts den client: https://backers.crowfall.com/#/client da kannste dann auch gleich überprüfen ob du zugang hast wenns dir zulange dauert schreib ACE einfach ne e-mail
  13. no overall skillcap? just caps for each individual skill/ability/whateveryoucallit?
  14. no worries, we'll just disable our soundcards again... most hilairous performance fix I've ever encountered tbh but ya... combat is my biggest worry... I'm just not seeing it. My hope was an improved TERA... atm I'm not seeing them even reaching that kind of combat...
  15. highly unlikely... it causes a lot of stress for the servers... there was a reason UO had the "Clean Up Britannia" event
  16. ya, but it was such a non-issue, because of stack fights. and it's not like the single target channy nukes were weak or anything. sorry, but using SB as a FF-game example just doesn't work imo.
  17. SB had very very very limited FF, basically negligible imo pretty much everything was grp friendly, only a select few powers affected everyone, including the caster, like the mentioned sentinel bomb or Fury AoEs there was no accidental buffing, enemy healing or even melee FF whatsoever Even UO's FF system was harsher than SB's
  18. zahme raben sind ziemliche bazis!! hab das bild ja hier schonma gepostet, aber nachdem die sich mal an dich gewohnt haben, tanzen die dir auf der nase rum. hatte etliche blaue flecken und kleine "wunden" an den händen, wenn ihm mal was nicht gepasst hat... und der gehörte zum nachbarhaus
  19. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=church
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