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  1. Wipe is coming but the fights keep coming too! There have been a lot of great fun fights lately, so glad we have some active guilds willing to get out there and mix it up, win or lose. Appreciate all of you guys who bring it!:
  2. Actually it is exactly like that, the numbers quoted above are from this week - one day 5, the next day 175. However I do agree, as I said, launch will be a completely different situation, and there absolutely should be much greater variation when it comes to maps. The infamous knobs have been spoken of many times over many years but we have seen almost no evidence of them, certainly not in a dynamic manifestation like you describe. One thing recently suggested here and something many have suggested often are maps which pop-up in an existing cluster in a campaign, offering an experience differ
  3. Video is up! Apologies for the length, again it was really hard to cut it down much more. Also apologies for the music for those who don't like that sort of thing or find it too loud, you can just turn down the volume at certain points if needed. I give you, the Battle of the Broken Banes! Thanks to all who came to this fight, it was a lot of fun and a great reminder of how enjoyable Crowfall can be at times - with the impending wipe I know activity is likely to drop a bit, but hopefully we get a few more nights like this in before 6.4 hits. In fact, we might con
  4. Okay, editing is done, processing it now - cut over an hour of footage down to 27 minutes. Still a bit long for a video, but there was just soooo much fighting! Should be online within the hour.
  5. You cannot design the game or map size around the low end of population numbers. In a single day during this Beta, yes, there will be a time where there are 5 people on and the map seems huge. There are also times where there are 175 people in a single map and it is very crowded. In release, when you multiply that number by 10, these maps that take 5 minutes to run across will be VERY small. I get what you're saying, but it is really a non-point in this context.
  6. I have long thought that Crowfall both needs more and different gameplay opportunities, like what happened last night through a bug, and has the existing mechanics to allow for it, with different world rings, individual maps in those rings, and rulesets. Lots of knobs we could be using but don't seem to be. I would love to see maps in a Dregs Campaign with some variations, and think in the vein of the above, a 'final' world ring after Dregs could be added, The Hunger. Since Shadow became the Dregs essentially, a Free For All Hunger world could be one where you manifest some of the persistence
  7. Thanks for the notice, it helps in one sense while hurting in another but I agree it is better to know and is necessary. I am glad we are wiping and am pretty excited honestly. Last night we had some amazing fights and I think there are plenty of people who are interested that if it is done correctly we can see decent activity levels for the start of 6.4 - I do agree though, the buddy code deadline should be changed, we've just started an effort to give them out and get more people in and I feel the timing of the wipe in conjunction with that will be counterproductive.
  8. So that was an insane amount of fighting and fun. Not the longest sustained ongoing fight we've ever seen, but still pretty damn long. Not only that, but performance seemed to be extremely good all around. A very good night for Crowfall.
  9. Druid Death-tray Ultimate causes Essence Burn and Death. Again. Earlier part of video shows equipped runes and chosen Talents. Result is the same with all minors removed. Please fix this. It's bad enough that the culling is terrible, there is no sound in combat, there is a ton of desync between action and audio, the chat is bugged making it difficult or impossible to figure out what is happening when trying to identify bugs and a long list of other random issues, but this bug, which just keeps finding it's way back into the builds that are released, literally kills me. I wan
  10. Wow. Do they know it is bugged? How do you not fix that and patch...
  11. Were the runegates not fixed? Moon not able to use certain gates...
  12. So, general consensus seems to be that Forts are a problem. The issues are many and have been frequently mentioned so I won't duplicate that discussion here. I will propose a simple solution however: Make Fort Guards always vulnerable to attack, no more off-window invulnerability Double-Chest Forts, the ones with walls that can be upgraded, are now only of type Gold or Dust Single-Chest Forts are now only of type Ingot, Boulder or Timber Gold and Dust amounts per day reduced to 60 per hour for dust, 600 per hour for gold Ingot, Boulder and Timber Fort Chests (sing
  13. I don't see a problem with people not being able to use superior tools for a few days or 2 weeks, since everyone will be in the same boat. As for people facing this situation who start later, well, they should have started sooner - if the planned catch-up mechanics and other means of acquiring what they cannot get for themselves (buying from vendors, other players) are not enough, then those things need to be looked at, a wholesale abandoning of the advantage for first-day players is not appealing or necessary. I swear, how is it the 'everyone gets a trophy', 'there can be no losers, ever
  14. In this video I detail 10 of the major sources of Character Customization in Crowfall. This is a topic on which I know there is quite a bit of disagreement, so I tried to stick to the basic facts in this one:
  15. Just a demo of the newly changed Call Lightning power from the Avatar of Storms Discipline, which is now a GTAoE with a follow-up DoT; on a Stormcaller:
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