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  1. QoL Suggestions

    In a live stream a while back it was mentioned that this is planned.

    I can definitely see a Shade race being added, given the nature of The Hunger...
  3. Stuck in crow form

    Try relogging, then flying away a bit and pressing G - and if that does not work, email
  4. Fight footage from tonight - no MSG spikes! Nice job! Lots of random new issues and some old ones still in there - here you can see one; Druid orbs are visible to the enemy, something which causes problems both for healing your group and damaging the enemy via bombing:
  5. Tenacious - NA

    Welcome and good luck!
  6. Was auto-running in the beach-head, used the Minotaur dodge to jump over this fence and went from full health to dead: Tried a dozen times to reproduce it, was unable to. Random fall damage might be back in.
  7. The latest build fixed the sound issue. For the FPS drop, the new build reset the shadow settings to high - for those of us who had it lowered or off, redoing that helped recover some FPS:
  8. Looks like the look-up for the 'percentage required' tag got broken:
  9. May 17 Snap Test!

    No MSG issues at all that I could see. Good stuff! Here is that fight where @amaranthdisconnected - if you watch closely, it seems to happen right after he blinks into or towards the ceiling of the Fort Lodge:
  10. Social System - Official Discussion Thread

    Looks good! It would be great if the various EK-related commands were also possible using this system.
  11. The other thing to keep in mind, is that much like is the case with Ethereal Dust, white premium materials are an entry-level access point into the economy for new players. Anyone regardless of their amount of skill training or their gear can convert play time into a marketable resource, in the form of the needed mass quantities of white premium resources, or ethereal dust. We have already seen trade activity of this type in the pre-alpha, and there are zero supporting tools for that level of the economic system - I have no doubt this will be an important part of the foundation of the pyramid here, and that it will only get more solid, and important, as time goes on.
  12. World is empty on purpose?

    This might help you find the Forts and Keep where the crafting stations are:
  13. World is empty on purpose?

    Hello and welcome to Crowfall. When you say the world is empty, I assume you are referring to a low player population - this is largely due to the fact that there is soon to be a full wipe, so many people are choosing not to play. At some times of day on some servers however you can still find between 15 and 20 people online. Crafting stations are located in the Forts or the Keep, and usable to you if your faction owns them. You can also make your own crafting stations and place them in your eternal kingdom. Many items, such as the Intermediate Armor, do require Ethereal Dust, but it is not as hard to come by as it first seems. There are things you can do to increase the amount of dust that drops - I have a video guide on doing that which you can find here: Even if populations are low, this is a great time to learn as much about the game as you can. Very soon a new build version will go online and there will be a full reset of skills and character data, which includes the Spirit Bank. I recommend you gets as much experience as possible right now so that you can make good decisions and get the most out of this fresh start that is coming up. Welcome to Crowfall once again, and good luck!
  14. deja vu experience

    Just to re-inforce what the others have said, surprisingly it has proven to be the case that there are many good builds for each role, and multiple race and class options which are favorable, requiring real choices. So much so that I set up multiple Vessels for the same class based on role - I run Half-Elf in Plate for my Scimitar Druid for example, but prefer Wood-Elf for the Staff Druid in Mail. And we are not done yet, they have recently added the race and class specific Skill Trees - so we are soon to see even more real customization benefits.
  15. Yeah unfortunately the trend with Druid seems to be in nerfing things (balancing changes to a single class when you've stated balance isn't being worried about yet, is for all intents and purposes a nerf) without fixing anything. The list of nerfs is long and getting longer every patch, but the list of fixes is so short than calling it a list would be a misuse of the term. This isn't a gripe about speeding up the fixes - I understand there are priorities and things take time - but it is intended to underline the fact that when you nerf some things on a class that has many things which are not working correctly, you are putting it at a disadvantage relative to other classes, and in some cases, making it no longer viable. If something is not viable, it will not be played, which means you will not get test or balance data on it, and that's bad for everyone. An example of this is reducing the heal from the retaliate from around 1500HP to 150, before the broken druid heals overall were fixed, which for some druids, meant losing their primary source of healing. I personally do not understand why this was done at all - there are plenty of powers that heal for this amount or more, and unlike those, it's use can be prevented by enemy players, and most importantly, the devs gave this power to Druids in the first place for a reason. I would REALLY like to know what that reason was actually, but I don't imagine we'll ever hear it. In any case, I would just urge the devs to be aware of the two negative forces at work on a class - the nerfs and the broken things - and that they are both on the same side of the scale. If you allow that scale to tip too far to one side, by removing effectiveness without also fixing issues, you'll end up with the exact opposite of balance. The list of broken things with druid is shockingly long, and gets longer every patch. It would not only be nice, but useful in the context of needing to be able to test, if things were fixed at least at the same rate they were nerfed. And there has been A LOT of nerfing of late - hell, not just of late, going back a year and a half. The jokes about a druid killing one of Blair's ancestors are no longer funny - you (ACE, not Blair) are making my preferred class irresponsible to waste a group slot on and that does not make me happy at all. Please consider fixing some of the many broken things before nerfing us again, I beg you.