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  1. Lightfoot on a Dark Domain ArchDruid does not grant Forest Step.
  2. The 2 Dark Domain Major Disciplines which grant +5 Ranged Distance Bonus (and also grant +5 to Farsight though this is not listed in the Disc Description), grant the listed bonus for the ArchDruid - it shows in the Details - but not a single one of the ArchDruid powers seem to benefit from the additional range. Hard to tell if this is intended or a bug, but it is kind of a rip-off.
  3. I HATE this. It used to be the case that they were placed in front of you, so if you were toe to toe with an enemy they were place under it's feet - but now they are placed under your own feet, which makes no sense.
  4. Well the entire, albeit flawed premise of the OP is that CC won while not having the most kills, and it is very much the case that as with some RTS games like Age of Empires, the cards and Divine Favor system reward multiple types of in-game activity - straight up PvP is similar to conquest, building X number of Y class buildings, or having your keeps at a particular level is similar to a wonder-based victory condition, and of course the shrine-based and outpost/PvE elements are in the domain of exploration. Additionally, when it comes to keep development and the choices one makes there,
  5. While I do think there are some issues with the current scoring system, the idea that it should be based on kills or even PvP alone is absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, the idea that PvE played too large a component, and that scouting played none, and PvP played none, when that PvE involved scouting and could/should have involved PvP by those with an interest in opposing that pathway to points, is even more ridiculous. It is quite literally the case that if more of those superior killing abilities were applied in specific strategic ways then the complaint would make even less sense than it d
  6. If bear really was removed, it will be a horrendous tragedy - I feel very sorry for the artists who worked on it if so. Huge disappointment there, this reduces the damage output considerably. As for AD not getting much love, a ranged Blackmantle is pretty good. Apart from the lack of Bear, the changes, especially what might be within the Dark Domain, look not too bad.
  7. Uh, no. Many of us played it in previous tests - over 2 years ago - again, you are confusing your perspective for how things actually are. In any case, if you do not see the point here, this is a waste of time. My suggestion to you, if you are not comfortable with wipes etc, is to stop playtest and wait until release.
  8. You mentioned New World, not only did they wipe multiple times, THEY CHANGED THE ENTIRE NATURE OF THE GAME. I could do this all day... I get your frustration, but if you look at the tag under your name, it says Testers. You are helping to test this game - and until something is released, whether you have paid to play it or not, it is understood that wipes can and will happen. I can guarantee you if there is a wipe, partial or otherwise, for 6.2, it will not be the last one before release. It's just the reality of such things.
  9. That explains it. Yes I am color-blind lol - the training dummies though are opposite then of what would be expected, you damage the green/yellow ones and heal the blue. Damaging yellow/neutral over blue/friendly makes sense, but I would expect the dummies you damage to be red and the ones you heal to be green...but yeah, I guess it's not as bad as I thought!
  10. So this is about as low priority as they come, but it just messes with my sense of rightness and I've been meaning to report it for a while. Currently the game uses a variety of colors on heath bars to represent the subject's, for lack of a better term, 'stance ', towards you as a player. Red for hostile, Blue for neutral, Yellow for friendly etc. I noticed some inconsistency in this scheme however, at least to me. Examples: Grouped ("yours") are yellow, Neutral are blue. This can be considered the baseline. Next we have training dummies: Here however, "yours" - defined
  11. If someone is put off at the thought of a loss of items and progression during a Beta, then they should not be participating in said Beta. Surely in 2020 we have reached the point where people are mature and intelligent enough to understand the unavoidable requirements of a development process and the potential consequences when you playTEST a prerelease product. No prewarning? An insult? Are you kidding me? It's an insult to someone's time and effort alright, but it's not the OPs... Unbelievable.
  12. First bug-report after returning to the game is a lot like some of my old ones - (possible) Blight Orb Detonation failure: Now this may not be a failure per se - it might be the case that the ultimate interfered with the detonation damage, but I don't know why that would be the case, and if it is, do not think is should be the case.
  13. With 6.2 approaching, I am back from my nearly 2-year hiatus, to shake the rust off and get up to date on all the changes to Crowfall. With that, I will once again be doing CF-related videos on The Bloody Point - in this first one, I get my feet wet with a good-old druid bombing, and encourage players to hop onto the Test Server: Will be exploring some of the new (to me) content in the coming days and weeks, go to www.thebloodypoint.com if you're into that sort of thing.
  14. When the bombs actually detonate. Back after over a year, and I am stunned at how some of the same old issues still exist when it comes to druid, or in general. Very disappointing.
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