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  1. As has been reported, assets such as resource nodes are not respawning on Fort parcels. This includes mobs, guards and wall hippos. Huge problem. Hopefully this can be addressed without resetting the campaign - but if it has to be reset, please do it.
  2. Bombing is back baby!

    Yes my friends, druid bombing is back! Decided to celebrate with some fireworks:
  3. Hunger Shard Node in Excavation Still references skinning. Also does not unlock when either of the connecting nodes from Mining or Quarrying are full-pipped, seems to require both connecting nodes to be full-pipped, which is bad in my opinion.
  4. Not sure why, but this patch caused a huge performance hit for me. Stuttering all over the place and frequently locking up. Do not like the 15m guard range. It's frankly quite terrible. 30 or 35m would be ideal. Mobs do not function correctly, they don't do their normal animations or ranges of attacks, and tend to just melee attack at thing air for a few attacks, step forward a few meters towards the target, and do it again. Haven't seen an Elk laser-beam or a spirit-wolf cast since Test. Lots of tooltip errors, as well as duplicate terms (Nature/Earth, Electric/Lightning etc) persisting through many many builds. Probably not a priority but they are glaring and make a bad impression over the long term. Winter is real. It's clear that even in these week-long campaigns, you need to focus on farming in Spring and Summer, and less so in Fall and Winter. Great mini-test of that concept.
  5. While there are still many issues with this build, overall it's a huge step forward. Will detail some of these problems in a future post, but for now I just want to provide some feedback on the Outposts. I want to start off by admitting I was wrong about the Outposts. I'd dismissed them as mostly useless, in the context of a lack of a meaningful victory condition or use for the victory points they provided, with their other benefits being useful but largely lackluster. With the addition of guards, this has changed my opinion completely. Outposts have become one of the most significantly impacting assets on the map, and the differing positions on them held by the playerbase both underlines this and suggests they are a step in the right direction. Like everything else though, there are issues with Outposts - some excellent posts and points on the subject already in the thread, so I apologize for any duplication: Pros: Great minute to minute content, securing these has real practical value, even without meaningful victory point value or FarSight/Perception buffs Legitimate strategic assets, useful in PvP and requiring some thought to both use to one's advantage and neutralize Supports solo-play, of great benefit to solo gatherers both for their protection and by facilitating food-production in the field Cuts off the map, forcing deviations, creating choke points, adding value to scouting, information collection and route-planning (some see this as a Con) Cons: Currently no map generation rules for Outpost/Mob Spawn proximity, outposts are essentially free gold, meat, leather and sacrifice item sources (some see this as a Pro) As previously mentioned, Campfire Outposts are sometimes low profile due to terrain and their height, can kill newer players without sufficient warning Outpost Guard Range seems very slightly excessive, especially when combined with they not being reliably los-able Logging out at an Outpost, an instinctive thing to do for reasons of safety, results in a bad end if it flips while you are offline Suggestions: Reduce Campfire Outpost Guard Range by 25% and Tower Outpost Guard Range by 15% Modify the Campfire Outpost diorama to include an object with significant vertical extension (larger flagpole, bigger campfire/bonfire etc) Add generator rules so that Outpost/Mob Spawn proximity is controlled - I am actually fine with guards attacking mobs, it is part of their value for very low-tier players, but they should not spawn in aggro range of one another Guard health resets far too quickly, this is true for all guards. Even a brief pause in damage-dealing of a few seconds can result in their resetting to full HP Here's a possible way to do Outpost Ranking: Make each Outpost have a hippo 2 slots, a bow slots and a gold slot Ranking up Outposts increases the guard rank on the following scale: Basic Bow takes it R2, Intermediate takes it to R3, Poor Advanced to R4, Common to R5, Uncommon to R6, Rare to R7, Epic to R8 & Legendary to R9 One last and somewhat more extreme suggestions. If you want to ramp minute-to-minute content up to 11, give every Outpost a color-coded runegate/grave-style pillar of light, conveying their location and ownership (and number!), and tie this to a discipline rune or related power (make toggle-able if possible). Dedicated rune-supported Scouts would be a thing, and valuable. Could even function like Ranger Alertness, pop the power, and everyone in your group sees the pillars for X amount of time. Final though on these. Tower Outposts with guards remind me very much of Shadowbane's Mine Towers. These were rankable, and as @Ussiahsuggested earlier, and others have proposes, using the existing hippo system to rank up guards would be a significant bit of gameplay content. Add an additional benefit for two to these Outposts such as a FarSight buff for players in the Tower capture circle up top or a Perception Buff for players in the Campfire circle, or even one of the 'loot chests' that spawns stuff on a timer, and while you don't quite have an SB mine, you do have content that fills both PvE and PvP roles. Ouposts could be what POI always seemed like they should be. Great work so far, looking forward to refinements! Oh yeah, it IS possible to solo these, but it is difficult - here is an example, my first attempt at doing so - it is hard but maybe it should be:
  6. Really? Wiping after 24 hours is the scenario I have the least problem with. After 48, 72, 144 etc would be much more problematic. Wiping now, if necessary, is not a problem.
  7. If they fix the Keep not being able to be captured, and fix or remove the 1 or 2 critically bugged powers, I think they could and probably should go to Live. Almost no testing is being done now, and no combat testing at any size or volume, and that is not good for development.
  8. Iteration and the Player Economy

    Another interesting and important detail regarding the multiple sources of the 3 crafting stats, is that by using all of these sources, you can reach or exceed the cap, which means through an account's lifetime, you can liberate certain stat sources in favor of others as you acquire them - say, giving up dedicated crafter armor once you have a crafted and leveled vessel with supporting attributes. This also gives you a great amount of choice - in some cases, near the end of the progression scale, you may no longer need to restrict yourself to the 'best' race for that crafter, the one with the racial crafting nodes etc. It's pretty cool really.
  9. There are a few issues with the new Hunger Shard changes: -Two of the related nodes in Excavation have their stats reversed (the top middle node should be 7% Mining, not 3% Hunger Shard drop etc) -Collecting 100 shards, I got 94 Sacrifice Shards and 6 Banewood Shards, but no Weapon Additive Shards (at 3% drop rate) Prior to the addition of the Hunger Shard skill node in Excavation, and the restriction on their dropping, I was able to get them from Hunger Crystals. I think. Also, the cap on the Hunger Shard drop chance rate is 75, the node gives 3. Where do we get additional sources of this stat? Thanks! EDIT: Looks like my no results on weapon additive shards were a combination of RNG and hitting Rank 4 or lower Crystals. Higher Rank Crystals produced some - those node stats do need to be swapped though.
  10. -Racial movement speed buffs are not applied when out of Pathfinding after a respawn, you have to switch trays for it to go into effect:
  11. Speaking of Crafting Tables, not all of the ones outside the Keep get Thrall Buff - strangely the Necro table does, but the Runecrafting and the other one in that same house do not:
  12. It's intentional, Todd mentioned similar parcel changes on Twitter a while back. They will be making many changes to the sizes and token properties of various parcels, until they are completely done with all of that I suspect we will see many of these kinds of oddities.
  13. 🎥 Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    I made a point of ensuring JTodd saw this - no idea if he watched the whole thing, but he definitely knows it exists:
  14. 🎥 Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    This is excellent work, and clearly of high quality. I do not think ACE will be doing anything of this kind for some time however, if at all. That said, if they DO, you've done quite a good chunk of the work for them - nicely done.
  15. Skill Training Redux

    '3 points per' is in effect right now on Test, and will be what we are dealing with when it goes to Live, after a wipe. We will get a really good sense of just how long things take at that rate, where you will get about 50k points per week. That's a nice round number, and while it obviously means a longer time than we have now from Basics to Advanced, it's still well within the likely duration of the first campaign, which is what I am using for a yardstick in terms of how it will manifest in release gameplay. Stat the first campaign using Basics and Intermediates immediately, and transition to advanced before the campaign ends. That sounds about right to me. One last thing, there have been indications of ways to accelerate training above what the base rate is, in real time. I forget what those were though - will try to find the reference - but the 1x or 3x value may not be the ultimate 'speed limit' in release 24/7.