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  1. Here is a good basic build: Stormcaller
  2. I could spend more time writing a longer post but this game is currently wasting too much of my time as it is so I will keep it short and to the point. Crowfall's window of opportunity has been closing since launch day, and some recent decision and continued issues are accelerating the speed at which it is closing. Entire guilds quit the game after last night's debacle of a siege window. I cannot comprehend what ACE is thinking in many areas so won't speculate on why they are doing what they are doing, but it is important they understand that the time during which they will have any control over Crowfall's fate is dwindling. Their choices and actions need to be better before it is too late. Two specific things I will mention. First, the decision to have all region's playerbases in a single Dregs but only have one siege window. This was a poor decision on it's own, but given the issues we are seeing when so many people are sieging at the same time, it appears...poorly thought out as well. We have had multiple siege windows in beta Dregs before, the Test server has multiple windows - it was, and is, possible to have them. Doing so would not only show respect to the different regions playerbases, it would lessen the load on any individual siege window because not all the sieges (which you created more of by having more keeps) would be happening at the same time. Yes, some people would attend multiple windows, but many defenders would not, especially if it is outside their primetime - that they did not do this when they could have, is ridiculous. Second, during the absurd exercise in wasted resources that was HungerDome, we were told that it would be possible to queue for HungerDome and not be pinned to the lobby, but still be able to run around in the game world. If map queuing must happen, would it not be possible to similarly have people pulled into the zone they are queuing from anyway, and not be pinned with the queue position counter window up? If this HD queue mechanic really was as we were told it would be. this seams like it would be possible. I could say a lot more, but I am too angry and disappointed to be any less hostile than this post already is, so I won't continue. I will say that a lot of us supported this project for a long time, with our money, our time and our energy, we evangelized for the game, we had faith in you and the project and you are letting us down. This is not because of unforseen circumstances or problems, it is not over the tech issues, but rather mistakes, poor decisions, lack of forethought and bad communication. To be blunt, you are custard this up. Please stop.
  3. Measure twice, cut once. ACE needs to start doing this or we will all be playing something else before too long.
  4. Please please do not have a single block for Fort/Siege Timers. We have not had a combined Dregs for a long long time, now that we are getting one, it must have windows that cater to as many regional groups as possible. Launching West 30 minutes after East and then AUS with 1 Week left in West, where the AUS players were already committed, was a significant mistake, and somewhat ruined the first Dregs. Please do not ruin the 2nd as well by having no worldwide windows. If you do, everyone will be playing New World on August 31st as you will have proven to the remaining player base that you A ) Do not learn from your mistakes and B ) Do not listen to your players/customers. That may sound harsh, but that is what it boils down to. CF's window of opportunity for success and even survival is narrow, and getting narrower by the day. PLEASE do not screw this up.
  5. From what I can tell, the bonus VIP month they gave everyone is used first, and that one does not come with the 1499 Crowns. I have been unable to find any official posts clearly explaining when we are supposed to get what crowns, but I have not gotten any either and my VIP Status page says the Current VIP Type is the One month VIP - Bonus, so I can only assume this is the reason.
  6. Disagreeing doesn't change my list of facts. Pigs do not always get lost 10ft away (this is an artifact of the impact high player count in a zone has on all mob AI, or when you are double-boxing) and even if they did, it has no bearing on whether it is PvP content or not, nor that it is something SB did not have. Better is not the same as more. 'Better' is an opinion we can agree or disagree one, 'more' is just math. You said more, which is simply wrong. Now you are saying better, which being an opinion, cannot be said to be right or wrong - sadly.
  7. I played Shadowbane, DAoC and UO - how exactly did they have more PvP content than Crowfall? Take SB for example, SB had sieges, CF has sieges, but more often (too often if you ask me), SB had Mines, CF has Forts, SB had hotzones, CF has hotzones, SB had rune droppers, CF has runedroppers (SB has the edge on this one though in terms of how it is executed)...CF has pack pigs/resource running, SB did not, CF has a huge range of gathering and harvesting nodes which are PvP content as well, SB did not. CF has outposts and an Events tab which tells you exactly where to find PvP, SB did not. I'm sorry, I loved SB, and CF has a lot of problems, but to say SB had more content PvP wise than CF is so wildly inaccurate that it is impossible to take this post seriously.
  8. ACE should print this out and pin it to a wall somewhere for easy and frequent reference. Feedback of the year.
  9. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like the open-world, non-instanced PvP. Anything can happen and usual does, this difficult context is largely executed well. Character customization and build diversity is great, while being balanced, for the most part. Nicely done. The balance of opportunity for attackers and defenders in sieges is extremely well-tuned. There are multiple ways to win on either side, and several sieges have come down to a matter of seconds between loss and victory. Outstanding design and execution. The gameplay loop is the right mixture of easy and difficult, some room for improvement but overall it is working well. The economy, despite some infrastructure, interface and UI challenges, is functioning surprisingly well - there is a legitimate economic war going on parallel to the one for the throne and it is amazing to see, and amusing to know many do not see it. Fun stuff. Customer service continues to be top-notch, good job. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The absence of alliance scoring is a tragic lack, and works against the game's promise in both senses of the word. Guild identify is important, yet the system punishes those who decide to maintain it versus forming 1 giant zerg guild. This should be addressed as soon as possible - if necessary, adjust scoring to be 2-tier. The current demands on one's time the current fort and siege-schedule requires is unrealistic and unsustainable. A 4 hour block of time every single day in prime-time, is a part-time job's worth of hours. Handshake sieges, which require an investment on the part of the attacker, are a must. Ways of doing this which prevent self-sieging exist. Forts, especially given the new larger maps and number of forts, should not be live every day, but every second day - half one day, half the other. A 2-hour block per day of required, schedule activity would be less exhausting than a 4 hour block. In the long run, this will kill your dedicated player-base - the fatique is being felt already. Zone caps, even 250, result in unfun experiences - either you must sit in a zone taking up slots for hours, or you get blocked from taking part in sieges you have a stake in. As much as I dislike New World's 50-50 instanced Wars, some additional or alternative method needs to be found beyond larger caps. A slot reservation system might work, but I feel something a bit more complex and interactive may be required. The chat system is horrendous and somewhat embarrassing in 2021. You could duplicate Shadowbane's chat system as it was, which is almost 2 decades old, and it would be superior in almost every respect, and preferred by the entire playerbase without question. The importance of the Events tab information alone and the lack of any way to have this and other critical windows' data displayed on screen at the same time, either via multi-source tab display or multiple window capability is mindblowing. It is perhaps Crowfall's greatest sin and it needs to be addressed quickly. The banking system, the UI, the lack of in-bank containers/boxes/bags, again something similar games now ancient had but Crowfall currently does not...it's a problem. That some bank interfaces have better UI than others seems like some kind of twisted Saw-level mind game. You cannot have a game with materials and crafting as complex as Crowfall's without better UI, sorting, stacking etc. It's absolutely vital. Yeah I needed 6. The AoE cap is too low, with the force sizes we are seeing in battles, it needs to be higher. 8 or 10 would be preferable. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive, and please don't list something you've already listed. It takes time for bugs to go through the internal process and get fixed. Hotzones, one of the game's premier features - and frequently mentioned - are STILL broken, with no XP bonus. Issues with being able to release on death or exit the client without crashing persist. People are losing their inventories in EKs due to falling through the world etc, some have suffered losses and quit. There are a number of Keep-related bugs, some have been fixed, others supposedly fixed on Test, but not all. Honestly apart from the above, while bugs that there are have been severe in some cases, there have been far fewer than one often sees with a MMO release. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. What future feature are you most excited for us to see or get our hands on, or to even learn about, should it be something we are unaware of yet?
  10. Another great non-instanced, open world PvP encounter in Crowfall. Fights like this are why you should be playing. The current Dregs campaign is ending soon, now is a good time to jump in and grab glory with both hands!
  11. I would recommend Stength.
  12. Thanks Gordon, I appreciate it.
  13. The mechanic has been an issue in MMOs gong back as far as 30 years to UO and as recently as in New World. It's well-established as a problematic mechanic unfortunately.
  14. It was tried during beta and disabled for reasons. You can still bodyblock in terms of having enemy attacks hit you and not one of your allies, this is very important in PvP.
  15. I've long been a supporter of Crowfall, I appreciate the work you've all done, and the difficulties, but I and my guild recently lost a keep and many hours of work due to a bug that was identified in beta and persisted into release - 2 of 3 the banetrees were destroyed, but when the zone went down in the crash and came back up, all 3 had respawned (we destroyed 5 banetrees in a single siege) - I have not seen any recognition or mention of this by anyone from ACE anywhere, no acknowledgement, no apology, no promise to fix this specific issue. All of the improvements you mention are indeed needed and great, but all of them are nullified by the fact that a guild can be robbed of hours of time and effort due to this banetree issue. Until this is addressed by a statement, and with a fix, I find it hard to be terribly invested in this new beginning, and impossible to recommend anyone else be. When other players take away what you have worked so very hard for, it is part of the game - when the game itself does it because of a failure on the part of the devs, it is an entirely different matter. Something like this can and will kill the game, it needs to be addressed.
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