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  1. There is no Dregs Campaign up at the moment, you would need to play in Infected.
  2. Here are 3 matches where I was the extra man on pre-made groups for Hungerdome, with my playing the Stormcaller Archtype - really good damage if you have solid heals:
  3. Here is some ArchType Stormcaller gameplay from matches last night: As for changes I would suggest for the ArchType: -Remove the Stay in the Fight, Supreme Element and Subvert Expectations Minors -Replace with Sun Elf and Moon Elf, and Burning Hatred (ECS uses Legendary runes, so aside from the extra 10m Range, Perception, Far Sight and Health Orbs, it is 1500 more HP) -Instead of taking Remnant of Gaea, Leeching Seed and Ironwood Body, take Shroud of Darkness, Electrogenesis and Essence-Boon I personally would prefer Blitzer over the Spirit Speaker major
  4. Yes, this is a common complaint, and it is the case that because there are so many sources of affecting stats and modifiers, and the spectrum from having none and having all is so wide, if the floor were too high, the ceiling would be insanely high. As it is, it is fairly easy to cap the primary stat involved, so much so that there are multiple ways to do it. I know it sucks when you are using a basic tool on a premium node, but it does get much easier.
  5. They do. It is much easier to take down a Rank 3 node than it is a Rank 8.
  6. Regarding tools, the lower level tools do not last long because there are many ways to make tools last longer, so with better tools, they would last TOO long. Once you are doing more damage to resource nodes, have tools with higher durability and reduced damage when you use them, they last a good amount of time.
  7. Looking for an ECS team if anyone needs a 5th!
  8. Chat mechanics have changed, when you press enter and type a message, you must press escape to exit the typing in chat mode, this was not previously the case, you would be back in movement mode after pressing enter and submitting your message. Hope it is a bug because it is awful.
  9. The Subvert Expectations Minor Rune is not on the vendor in the position it should be by alphabetical order, it should be in the S, but is around C.
  10. That blink and root on Dilbo, awesome.
  11. We are having a lot of fun right now, currently leading in the score for the current Dregs Guild VS Guild Campaign. If anyone is looking for a strong, fun, successful and experienced guild, I encourage you to give us a look - we don't always recruit new people, but when we do, it's good people like you!
  12. In the first Dregs under the 6.5 version of @CrowfallGame there have been some massive fights, including this multi-guild melee over a previously uncaptured Keep. With Conquest Score close, this Keep may well determine who ultimately wins:
  13. Didn't someone from their side tell us directly they had 60? Or was that a different fight.
  14. On some nights, when you have a smaller force, you have to be mobile and cover a lot of ground, with precision measured in seconds. In this video, you see us come as close as possible to neutralizing a Fort before the larger defending force arrives, and then we find ourselves caught between a rock and a hard place. What does one do then? Why stand on the rock of course:
  15. One (easy) thing I think would be important to do, is for each season, make sure the 3 cards are such that 1 benefits Landless guilds, 1 benefits Landed guilds, and 1 benefits everyone, so that at minimum, every type of player has something to shoot for each season. They also need to change the Glory, Power and Wealth symbols to be more clearly indicative of what they represent - say a sunburst, flexing arm and a moneybag respectively, not this diamond, hourglass shape and crescent moon...still don't know which is which for the latter 2.
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