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  1. Know Your Enemy - Official Discussion Thread

    Cool stuff! I wonder if the tech exists for the variants of each mob to have different loot tables - that would make finding and farming a specific species of these mobs more valuable, and add a level of importance to exploration and area control. @thomasblairis this possible?
  2. If you stand outside the building, you can cast them and they will appear inside. In some buildings it is possible to be inside the build and cast and they will appear inside. In some buildings this only works in some spots. Hopefully they figure out how and why it works in some structures like the Keep, and apply those parameters to all other structures so it works everywhere.
  3. Test

    The test is not over. The Live server is up 24/7. See this page for how to play right now.
  4. I can confirm both that this is happened sans Rescue, has been in there for all of 5.7 and happens even in low latency situations - I've seen it in 1v1 combat as well. In that case, the orb was visible to both parties.
  5. Good for you for doing this. The kind of class and care for the community I expect from House Avari and Hy'shen. Well done.
  6. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Just an FYI to anyone with New World access. Check their forums for an announcement, something is happening you don't want to miss - not sure if posted the details here would violate the NDA so not going to say what exactly but yeah.
  7. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Without gettings into details (NDA), I can see it is quite good. Had my first death (first PvP as well) so far, 15 or so hours in - reminded me of UO-launch days. Combat feels very good. I saw that LoD has a Claim on Server 2, good stuff. I'm on server one atm, grinding out levels and climbing the skill ladder. I like the way they have things set up, enjoying it so far. If enough people who don't already have a guild (Company) there from this community are interested, we could try to set something up. Otherwise if you're in an need assistance with anything on Server 1, send me a message, I'm Anthrage Stormrider there.
  8. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Just got my invite last night, have played for 8 hours or so thus far. Looks and feels good, though some of the content is not very accessible solo or without information that's hard to get with the NDA. Waiting for my forums access, hopefully that will fill in the blanks. Anyone else here playing? Could use a SB/CF based Company, show people what's what.
  9. Bug Report - Consumable, Roasted Bloodworms: Bloodworm Glow buff does not persist through runegate travel. Not a huge problem right now with 1 runegate, but in 5.8 (or later) with around 24 continents and many gates, it would be a significant issue, especially since fast travel will be absolutely necessary.
  10. My point is that making definitive statements like those in the last few posts is largely absurd until we have addressed these issues and are evaluating things from a non-abusive perspective. Obviously healing is important, as is countering that healing with things like mantle, and having 2 healers in a group is again, obviously better than 1 and should be common practice. No-one should be thinking however that what we are seeing now is representative of how things should be. There are simply too many broken things that impact combat for that to be the case. Hopefully once this 60-90 day purgatory is over, we'll see some fixes and we can get back to 'reality' once again.
  11. All the things that we all know which are broken, the things reported here on these forums, that include both heal block and healing. Are you suggesting there are no bugs in this area at present and/or things should remain as they are?
  12. Broken stuff should be fixed, period. Then we can talk about would, could and should.
  13. There are just way too many things not working as intended right now to get any kind of accurate picture of the health of some classes. Even forgetting all of this is pre-balance, the meta has shifted and become twisted to such a degree that combat is about as artificial and unnatural in comparison to the reality of the game's design as a retouched Kardashian photo. And about as interesting. 2 months of this and I might Essence Burn myself to death IRL.
  14. @thomasblairJust wanted to say, we've been discussing the various heal and damage formulas over the past hour or so and it definitely gives one an appreciation for how fine a line you have to walk and how difficult it is to balance the variables for a huge spectrum of values across broad eras of gear/training etc. We the players give you a lot of poorly made socks but most of that is frustration, and most of THAT is our not seeing the whole picture and mistaking a bad experience for THE experience - I just wanted you to know we sympathize and get it.
  15. Yeah, based on testing, it's just not worth it at 2 ticks. With 3, it's still questionable, but becomes more of a discussion. It IS a Short Cooldown, one of the few some classes have access to so as to get some value out of those nodes...I can see it being slotted if it did a bit more, either change the stam variable to match the new reality or give it 3 ticks.