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  1. My Crafting Issues

    Thanks for taking the time to do that. As you might imagine, feel your pain. The problems with crafting are numerous, and include those you mentioned and others. Worse still, there has been no indication in regards to what has been fixed or improved, we have no idea if the RNG issue has been addressed for example, and that's somewhat troubling and off-putting to say the least. I've given this some thought as well and agree with you completely. It is hard to evaluate the system at the moment given that we are playing with now is vastly different from what is expected for release, but the anomalies with the system that you outlined would exist even in the release version of things unless they were specifically addressed. I assume - and this may be wrong - that the extremely low return on investment for focusing in one modifier for example is an artifact of values being artificially restrained for the test, but if not, that is another huge problem with how crafting works - and that harms harvesting as well, via a backwash of reduction in value the of seeking specific material types. THAT negatively impacts gameplay in the PvP area, as it is less of a motivator for harvesting a specific node, which may be in enemy territory for example... My hope is that this 'fake' version of crafting that we see now is the source of most of the issues, and that the actual release version - with full impact from training, no potions, a complete range of material qualities and the factory system, which should elevate final result quality significantly - will address a lot of what we see now as problematic. This hope is not based in fact whatsoever though, as ACE has given us nothing factual to base that on. Maybe when they run out of other systems to feature in news items as they tick off various game content areas, crafting will be visited. Let us hope so.
  2. Great post, but I do think you are overlooking something in terms of the value of lower TTK. Currently in the test environment the consequences of death and losing resources to the enemy are less significant than they will be in release. There is no real 'enemy territory' in which you would want to make as brief as possible forays into, to limit exposure to detection and risk of death. Death in the release environment, with discipline runes being much harder to come by, will be something you will want to avoid in general, apart from not wanting to lose your harvested resources. The same will be true for limiting the time you are at risk from mobs, which I expect will be more of an issue in release, especially if the 'nodes' you are harvesting from ARE mobs and you are at risk of drawing aggro. Another benefit to lower TTK when harvesting is being able to finish skinning something before the corpse disappears, as well as harvesting any node before the Beneficial Harvest buff from the previous node times out. Lastly, we will have a time pressure element imposed by the progression of seasons, as certain nodes become more scarce and the locations they are in will at some point become more dangerous. I do agree that it will not impact yield, but that does not mean it is of no benefit, and there are many reasons why a dedicated harvester may trade combat effectiveness for lower TTK, especially in a group context. I think Harvesting is not only more complex an activity as a result of these changes to the system, but that in evaluating these changes, how complex an activity harvesting will be in release is being revealed.
  3. The new Harvesting system and content is brilliant - well done!
  4. 1 Mob To Pwn Them All

    Okay. Yes it's me with my once a week suggestion for spicing up the currect Crowfall test. This one is a doozy. Right now, there is little reason to build Fort and Keep walls, or to work together, communicate within faction etc. My proposal would definitely motivate people to do those things, and more: -Add a Single Uber Mob (a Cat on steriods - faster, more damage, larger etc) to the Tyranny Map -Extreme aggro range, 256 meters -Does very high damage - kills is 2 or 3 hits -Roams the entire map (unlimited leash) -Requires a group to take down -Skins for Epic Hide Think Jaws...or The Terminator. Just 1...but it never stops. Ever. You might see some people building walls, forming groups, reporting it's last known position and basically living in fear for a change.
  5. While I understand what you are saying, advanced gear is in some cases a byproduct - what you are testing in some cases is what kind of end-results you can get, and how they scale with the rest of the system - and in some cases the gear itself is needed, especially with Druid, where heals, damage and Essence use scale wildly. Your point about ganking noobs is well taken and is I'm sure what many spend their time doing, but I'm not one of them - and there are still bugs being found in old content and new content that needs testing, and while very very often there are literally only 5 other people on, that's not always the case, and while I don't gank noobs, when I'm facing a killer, I gear myself accordingly. I like the difficulty of the single-item crafting system we have here in testing for how it will fit into the context of release - you are creating a blueprint, trying to make that perfect or near-perfect template that you will make numerous copies should have some difficulty. Not in testing though. Fixing the Take Bug and giving us basic gear sets both indicate recognition of sparing us from this kind of thing and having us spend more time testing - these failures directly work against that. It's somewhat schizophrenic really.
  6. There is an RNG bug. Gordon has confirmed this in the past. I'm not commenting on how things will be or should be at launch - that's so far in the future every single element of crafting may change by then - my concern is only as regards testing. What they are doing is counter-productive, offensive and just plain wrong. There is no different between this and the Take Bug. None. Well, there is one. They rescued us from the Take Bug...
  7. I have no problem with crafting release. In pre-alpha though....we've been testing the failure mechanic for a long long time now. The only purpose it serves at this point is to test our patience. Why ACE would want to continue doing that...I have no idea.
  8. I am very familiar with item loss. This is part of the problem. How things are going to be in release has no bearing on how things are now. We are supposed to be testing. We should be spending the maximum amount of time testing, and the least amount of time harvesting/crafting, as possible. Development is behind, the active testing population is low, there are countless bugs that will not be fixed by 5.3, many of which have been around for over 6 months...there is zero reason to make things more difficult. You want realism? It's October 15th. Look at the server populations. Look at the number of bugs. Look at when Soft Launch is expected to be. Now look at me with a straight face and tell me you really want things to be not only as difficult as they are now, but more difficult. I would like to play Crowfall sometime before 2020 if possible. You can stick your climate change where the sun doesn't shine frankly.
  9. I just want the final combine failures which cause the loss of the item and all components, which of course includes all the time invested all the way down the chain, to be removed. It serves no purpose. The Take Bug was recognized by everyone, including the devs, to be a cruel, painful and devastating issue - and yet the final combine failure is no different whatsoever in effect from the Take Bug. It's ridiculous that they not only allow this to occur, but cause it intentionally. There are numerous examples of 'test environment only' mechanic's properties or values - increased health pools, reduced building materials requirements, reduced build and capture time, siege timers, the basic equipment racks, the potions themselves...countless things intended to facilitate testing, and yet for some inconceivable reason, knowing the RNG is not working correctly, these failures are still in there. It's a terrible, punishing mechanic and it has no place in this test, period.
  10. I just failed on a final combine, while potted and with a high completion chance, losing all the materials and time spend on both harvesting and crafting. I've said this before and I'll say it again, you show an incredible amount of disrespect for your testers and their time by keeping item destruction on final combine failures in this pre-alpha test, especially given you know there is an RNG issue. I cannot understand why you subject your testers, including those new to Crowfall, to this absurdly painful and off-putting experience. I had event plans this weekend to help promote CF which were derailed by the server issues, but I intended to do my usual in-game helping of new players and trying to stir up activity while testing and submitting bug reports, but this and other recent examples of your lack of sufficient respect for our time has moved me to spend my valuable time elsewhere. And while you load the boiler-plate 'you should consider taking a break etc' line, YOU should consider what you are doing here. I can think of no good reason why these failures are still active during this test. I have never heard you explain why you feel causing us to experience them and the loss of our time is necessary. You are not helping yourselves, and certainly not doing anything for us, by keeping them in. I pray one of these days you will reconsider this absurd mechanic.
  11. We actually know more about how the Bard will work than the Frostweaver. Now that all of the Race information has been released, perhaps a future news update will feature the mysterious Frostweaver...
  12. When I had asked about this during a recent live stream, Mark had confirmed this was a known issue - hopefully it is fixed in 5.3. I have not had bear on my bar since it became broken, which is sad both because it is a good source of damage, and because the animation and sounds for it are very cool.
  13. Questions on Action Combat

    This is the correct response and reaction to your circumstance - kudos!
  14. @TinnisFull disclosure, when preparing my post I was preparing the media I would use and for a few minutes there I considered using your canyon hunt custom thumbnail for my reference to the canyon and bridges, but I ended up overcoming my laziness and got in game and took a screenshot myself.
  15. I just want to say how much I appreciate you taking the time to clarify things for us and giving us this kind of additional information. As was mentioned in the recent stream, you guys have been living in the 5.3 world for the most part for months, where we are new to it and have only an incomplete picture. These kinds of details really help and I for one am very grateful - thanks Blair!