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  1. Server Stability Update

    No worries Todd, I certainly could have phrased things better and qualified my statements more clearly, and I apologize for implying that there were things unconsidered or untried. I know it doesn't sound like it sometimes, but we do have a lot of respect and admiration for all of you, and you especially. For those of us from the SB days, you're kind of a rock star, and sometimes we have expectations that are not just unrealistic but somewhat insane. If anyone should be applauded here it's you, I don't know how you do it honestly. I have 100% confidence that Crowfall will be the answer to all our prayers, and that if anyone can get this ship through stormy waters and to the promised land, it's you. Thank-you for being awesome, and for making this game. I can see myself 15 years from now telling people about Crowfall, the way we constantly refer to Shadowbane now.
  2. I agree with PopeUrban, in that Half-Elves need something. They are the only race without a racial power...while the stats and such are good, if you compare them to every other race, they are not on par with them. Something, anything additional, seems warranted.
  3. Server Stability Update

    Since we're on the topic of people knowing things: -Devs recently stated that the issues with Gaea's Wail are due to sync issues, they are not. Do they know this now? -Yesterday the issue of healing being out of step with damage due to healing having fewer modifiers than damage - primarily due to weapon damage being used for damage - was explained in great detail and clarity in the Q & A, yet it was clearly not understood by the devs. Do they understand this now? The bear issue was reported dozens of times over more than a year, complete with detailed video...yes, most of the time I'm sure you all know way better than us and have thought of everything. But not always.
  4. Server Stability Update

    I do question that base assumption, hence the not understanding not getting it part. It may seem trivial or unnecessary to share that kind of information with us, but knowing server caps are not an option actually helps, just like finding out it was a Unity issue and not a CF issue after many weeks also helps. Many of us spend a lot of time not only testing this game, but evangelizing it. The more we know, the better it is for everyone. Being able to tell someone that the current MSG issue is bad but it's not a CF issue but a Unity issue is actually something of value when it comes to preventing negative impression of the product. This isn't theoretical. As for people smarter and more experienced with more information being all knowing and all considering, that's an assumption that time and experience has shown has to be questioned now and then as well. If some of us didn't question that, certain things would never have been fixed, adjusted or improved - hell, there are things some smart people still don't understand. Believe me, I wish you guys were all knowing and understood everything, it would make our lives as testers much easier.
  5. Server Stability Update

    I understand most of what Todd is saying, and agree with it. What I don't understand in this case, as with several others in the past, is when an obvious and easy solution to a problem exists, and it is not employed quickly, or at all. This was the case with final combine failures for example, there was absolutely no reason to give so many players a bad experience and horrible impression of Crowfall and hurt the product. The same is the case with these MSG issues. This happened once before, and what was done then was simply capping the server population at 50. I don't understand why ACE has not put more servers up, with 50 player population caps. Especially since this issue popped up at the worse possible time with so many new eyes on Crowfall. I appreciate that things like a rollback are not viable options, but something that is easy, possible and on top of that, was done in the past to address a similar issue...I just don't get it.
  6. Spirit Bank Broken?

    Spirit Banks should not be used in most circumstances - they are meant for saving items from loss, be it at the end of a campaign when the world shuts down, or if you loot something of high value that you don't want to risk losing while you run to the nearest local bank. In all normal situations, you should be using the Local Banks found in the Forts and Keeps owned by your faction, and saving your limited Export transactions for the end of the campaign.
  7. There may be cons against this idea, but there are also some pros - we all saw countless noobs recently hamstrung because they had no training and could not craft non-basic gear and runetools, both of these being gates to more advances resources and items. Some minors assist with this gating - The Reaper, the dust-drop increaser etc - given that non-crafted minors will be useless without the crafted Vessels, I see it as a fair exchange and am not concerned about cutting into a crafter's business overly much.
  8. Server Stability Update

    So I did some research tonight, examing the change log for Unity 2017.3, as well as looking at other, similar games that use Unity. It seems like many such games are not using 2017.3 - Rust for example is using 2017.1.2f1 currently. I wonder if any of these cases are rollbacks, or cases where they intentional did not upgrade due to known issues. The list of changes introduced in 2017.3 does include several things that I can see as being possible causes for the issues we are seeing, but I don't have enough information to be able to make any kind of informed analysis. One thing I have noticed, as mentioned, is the connection between server population and the MSG spikes. I believe that the few cases where server pop is below the 60 person level and the spikes still happen may have something to do with the overall population, that is, people in global/the lobby or in EKs. I am going to keep searching, see if I can find any other games using Unity and that are on the same version, for the issue. For anyone who is up at 1am, at work and as bored as I am, you can follow along here: Something interesting I noticed, Crowfall is not listed among the games on that Wiki page...
  9. @thomasblairJust a few questions about 5.5, or when else we might see the following? -A new victory condition (Tug of War, at least in the current context, is turning out to be an underwhelming and flawed mechanic) -The often-mentioned 'do damage to walls using tools/siege weapons (Like SB) instead of LMB attacks' etc -The transition to Burrow (?) being the only teleport that gets you through walls -Additional recipes for materials combinations (can we submit suggestions for these?) -A fix for the asset placement issues in EKs? Many assets are no longer possible to place on assets that previously held them - the Fort Lodge on the Shire parcel, for example -The ability to select your bind or respawn point, so when a group is wiped in a field battle or siege, the down respawn in different locations Thanks in advance!
  10. Server Stability Update

    The issue seems less about what powers are being used, and more about the context as regards the server population. We have seen 10v10 fights with zero MSG spikes, but the same exact size and composition result in MSG spikes when the server population passes around the 60 mark. So, 40 people on the server - no spikes. 80 people on the server - same size engagement, same classes and powers - huge spikes.
  11. Spirit Bank Broken?

    Check the number at the bottom showing how many Exports to the Spirit Back you have left, shown at the bottom.
  12. Upgrading Packages?

    I know that the first 2 packages can be upgraded, the first of course cannot since it is already at the maximum level. As for why the Upgrade option is not showing up, I wonder if it is because the package has been unpacked...
  13. I have played many games which required you to get back to your corpse, including some that had you do so in some immaterial ghost form with limited visibility, and while it might work in a 2D game like UO, in a 3D game, especially one within which territorial control, fortification attack and defense, and resource access denial figures so prominently, in some cases, this crow-to-corpse and 'respawn where you die' mechanic becomes a form of teleport... Fall or jump from a high place to get into an area you could not otherwise get into without dying, die to fall damage, fly into your corpse and respawn inside the walls/across the bridge/in the canyon, getting around physical and other barriers. I think it is a shame that the wonderful Crow animation is seen so briefly in game, and there is a need for some kind of corpse-recovery mechanic, but I think we may need a few iterations on this concept for it to be foolproof.
  14. Yep. Unfortunately the actions of these players do a number of things that we could have lived without: Make the decision to keep the server up look bad Cause anyone not knowing about the bug - people who are just logging in, the very people in the beach-head where this went on - to have a terribly experience if they died Cause those not knowing about the bug to get a terrible impression of the game, seeing enemy killing people in a supposed safe area Protestations that going into the beach-head at all, to say nothing of attacking and killing people, was necessary or part of testing this issue, are infantile and obvious utter nonsense. Any Crowfall tester who would risk giving new Crowfall players a bad impression of the game and ACE for a few minutes of stupid and selfish fun doesn't deserve to be testing in my opinion. This, combined with my obvious misjudging of certain community members (what a joke that concept is in this context for these people), is what angered me. I hope they face some consequences, because clearly they can't be trusted to not knowingly abuse bugs to grief other players, nor to not put ACE in a position of regretting, or worse, a decision like that of keeping the server up. Rarely have I seen such shining examples of selfish stupidity. The mind boggles.
  15. I did the same. My understanding is that the Estate Parcel in-game art is not yet available, so they are just using the Farm parcel as a placeholder - it actually is identified as an Estate in-game. We should get an actual Estate at some point - do we know when that is coming @Tyrant? Thanks!