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  1. So there has been some dis-satisfaction with how armor has evolved from concept and through development, and in the recent Q & A video, @jtoddcolemanand @thomasblair mentioned some of these issues and design desires that we haven't quite seen full-filled, such as armor set bonuses and motivating use of a combination of armor types as a means of creating visual variety. I have given this some thought and think I have what may not be a ground-breaking or unique set of ideas, with specific values or variables, but definitely a solid foundation and methodology which uses existing mechanics only, that might result in an improvement across the board. Proposal demonstrating the principle: Plate Chest has best Physical Resists, a Crit Defense Modifier Stat and all Plate pieces have a Health Regen Stat Mail Chest has best Organic Resists, a Healing Modifier Stat and all Mail pieces have a Mana Regen* Stat Leather Chest has best Elemental Resists, a Damage Modifier Stat and all Leather pieces have a Stamina Regen Stat Plate Helms have a Hard Control Defense Stat Bonus Mail Helms have a Perception Stat Bonus Leather Helms have a Farsight Stat Bonus Plate Gloves have a Weapon Weight Stat Bonus Mail Gloves have a Cooldown Reduction Bonus Leather Gloves have an Attack Control Defense Stat Bonus Plate Boots have a Pathfinding Stat Bonus Mail Boots have a Movement Control Defense Stat Bonus Leather Boots have a Movement Speed Stat Bonus This assignment of stats to armor pieces and type is based on a principle of logic and what the corresponding armor would actually do in the real world. If you had to choose between wearing a plate helm versus a leather helm, why would you choose either? A plate helm would provide more protection against head injuries, being stunned or knocked out etc, while a leather helm might grant better visibility. Mail Boots might grant good stability for your feet without being too heavy, while leather causes your feet to be lighter. And so on. Some of the example assignments above may be a stretch or seem arbitrary, but the overall principle is pretty clear. The general idea here being to have the different pieces of different types grant specific stats, rewarding choice more than just slightly more or less in the same stat depending on which you choose. A nice thing about this system is how some of the existing stats work, and a way it can be taken advantage of to simulate set bonuses. Certain stats do not take effect unless said stat or a stat it relies on has either a minimum value - 1 versus .5 - or is a whole number. So 1.1 would effectively be the same as 1.9, whereas 2 would be twice as impacting, and you could have from 0.1 to 0.9 in a stat and have no effect, but once you reach 1, the related effects kick in. We see this currently with the Beneficial Harvesting set of stats for example. So, for the 'All Pieces Regen Stats' I itemized below, if each of the 4 pieces granted .25 of a stat bonus, then the effect would only kick in if you wore all 4 pieces. This SHOULD allow set bonuses using existing code. Obviously this is in the greater overall context of existing stats and modifiers, some of which are likely to change in 5.8, so it may not or need not be the only stats possible on armor - other choices would need to be made as regards what can be added through the crafting process, with the materials recipes, the optional pieces and so on. I prefer regen bonuses over straight pool size increases, especially for HP, as it gives some advantage but avoids the extremely high HP amounts which can be exploited by some classes. I see these increased gear stat modifiers as alternate paths to hitting the related caps, sooner than passive training would perhaps allow, in some cases acting as a temporary way to reach a stat goal, and one that could be set aside later in the account lifetime when training catches up, like we see done with many of the crafting stats. I think enhancing the association and strength of an armor type, the chest, in a particular damage category also makes logical sense and enables synergy with the other methods of acquiring resistance, such through the Disciplines. Again, not a complete over-haul as it doesn't speak to the mitigation caps and so on, but a more defined foundation. Thoughts?
  2. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    There are certainly many similarities between the two titles, and Crowfall did come first, but there are also many differences. The most interesting thing to me about this is that both games will need to address the same long-standing problems faced by so many MMOs in this this respect it's a boon to everyone, having that much high-level brain power working on solutions to these issues. Can't wait till we get to the meat of development for both of these and see if one of them can undo this Gordian Knot.
  3. How to price your wares?

  4. Know Your Enemy - Official Discussion Thread

    Cool stuff! I wonder if the tech exists for the variants of each mob to have different loot tables - that would make finding and farming a specific species of these mobs more valuable, and add a level of importance to exploration and area control. @thomasblairis this possible?
  5. If you stand outside the building, you can cast them and they will appear inside. In some buildings it is possible to be inside the build and cast and they will appear inside. In some buildings this only works in some spots. Hopefully they figure out how and why it works in some structures like the Keep, and apply those parameters to all other structures so it works everywhere.
  6. Test

    The test is not over. The Live server is up 24/7. See this page for how to play right now.
  7. I can confirm both that this is happened sans Rescue, has been in there for all of 5.7 and happens even in low latency situations - I've seen it in 1v1 combat as well. In that case, the orb was visible to both parties.
  8. Good for you for doing this. The kind of class and care for the community I expect from House Avari and Hy'shen. Well done.
  9. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Just an FYI to anyone with New World access. Check their forums for an announcement, something is happening you don't want to miss - not sure if posted the details here would violate the NDA so not going to say what exactly but yeah.
  10. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Without gettings into details (NDA), I can see it is quite good. Had my first death (first PvP as well) so far, 15 or so hours in - reminded me of UO-launch days. Combat feels very good. I saw that LoD has a Claim on Server 2, good stuff. I'm on server one atm, grinding out levels and climbing the skill ladder. I like the way they have things set up, enjoying it so far. If enough people who don't already have a guild (Company) there from this community are interested, we could try to set something up. Otherwise if you're in an need assistance with anything on Server 1, send me a message, I'm Anthrage Stormrider there.
  11. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Just got my invite last night, have played for 8 hours or so thus far. Looks and feels good, though some of the content is not very accessible solo or without information that's hard to get with the NDA. Waiting for my forums access, hopefully that will fill in the blanks. Anyone else here playing? Could use a SB/CF based Company, show people what's what.
  12. Bug Report - Consumable, Roasted Bloodworms: Bloodworm Glow buff does not persist through runegate travel. Not a huge problem right now with 1 runegate, but in 5.8 (or later) with around 24 continents and many gates, it would be a significant issue, especially since fast travel will be absolutely necessary.
  13. My point is that making definitive statements like those in the last few posts is largely absurd until we have addressed these issues and are evaluating things from a non-abusive perspective. Obviously healing is important, as is countering that healing with things like mantle, and having 2 healers in a group is again, obviously better than 1 and should be common practice. No-one should be thinking however that what we are seeing now is representative of how things should be. There are simply too many broken things that impact combat for that to be the case. Hopefully once this 60-90 day purgatory is over, we'll see some fixes and we can get back to 'reality' once again.
  14. All the things that we all know which are broken, the things reported here on these forums, that include both heal block and healing. Are you suggesting there are no bugs in this area at present and/or things should remain as they are?
  15. Broken stuff should be fixed, period. Then we can talk about would, could and should.