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  1. Thx 7B gonne try to be there at teamspeak meeting. Greetings Steven
  2. Woohoo no forum badge ,must be something wrong
  3. Thx lone wolf Eediom This is gonne be the first time that i'm gonne take part of a community (The lantern Watch guild) Hope to have a lot of fun in this game. Greetings Steven
  4. Since i have pledged here i will intro myself 42 years old playing games for ????? .......don't now anymore. Think my first game was space invaders on my atari long time ago. But still playing games like the young ones in my spare time. Most of the time i was a lonewolf ingames but now i want to change that. When i meet people most of the time at the beginning i'm a bit silence, after a couple of weeks this will clear off. Atm i play a lot of moba's like smite and Heroes of the storm. The last MMO i played are SWOTOR and Wildstar. O yea bought a founderspack for Skyforce. Today closed beta starts,hope this will keep mee bussy till the Alpha of CROWFALL Greetings to all of you and guys from The Lantern Watch Steven
  5. Also looking for a nice home.I'am from Belgium . Just did my first kickstarter , amber pledge.
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