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  1. It seem we can do it! Now i get a bit jittery'ish as we are soooo close to it! Bring them on!
  2. Not an option tbh. I pledged already a fairly high amount. I can't go any higher than this. And about that "There are more important features than pets that should be out at release." Hmm....i would like to see combat Pets in before having OC Support tbh. We don't even have a "real" Release Date" for OC. If you know what i mean/want to say.
  3. Heya Peeps, Is there someone with me? Hunter Players around here? Pet/Companion lovers anywhere? It seems we are lost.... Do you guys remember the good old times in games where we Hunters had nice Pets? SWG for example, where you could go out, hunt for "young-ling" Pets and perhaps bring them to an Bio Engineer to pimp them as a Mount for later use? Or just breed them up and sell them to other Classes?! It was awesome, and also the "feeling" for such a Class, just having someone hunt with you, like a Bear, Hound or whatever?! Are you also sad that we might not reach that goal and so loosing the chance to get these "Pets"?! What do you guys think?!
  4. Lets go! Shall this be the march to the End ! https://youtu.be/_2od7MfkE2M Let's Rock !
  5. That has to be tested out i think. Without a try, we will never know. And "just" judging on the very Alpha we seen so far, i cant see any Problem. (again, just judging the alpha footage, so no estimates what could be etc.)
  6. True. But also, on a sidenote, more and more ppl work with NVIDIA'S DSR. So they scale 2 times HD and that gets them also tiny Hotbars or better a very small UI. I rly hope that someone in charge may give an answer here, even knowing they are quite busy atm. *giggle*
  7. Same here, but i did my part yesterday already as the page was up
  8. Please, no Mounts Please let our Druids or/and Ranger have a Speedbuff! Like old DaoC Style! Buff - Stick - GOGOGO!
  9. Some of us did. But afterwards and then on a monthly base....na, i don't think i would do that. It is already enough that i pay to get into it. That is somewhat like "QA" for myself. So i can keep track of stuff and raise my voice if needed. Paying monthly is something different at least from my perspective. Cause in my eyes then it becomes me paying for other ones QA responsibility. Cause that would make me being there as often as possible. And that does not feel right. That should be done by others.
  10. Ja, das ist wirklich schade. Ich nehme an das liegt daran das sich Paypal xx% von der Summe reinpfeift.
  11. Would be awesome if someone can do some Sig's for Backer perhaps? Just 1-2-3 simple things. That would be AWESOME! I remember a Community guy which did that for Elite:Dangerous back then and it was rly nice to have!
  12. p1nhead

    Druid Archetype

    If i get exactly (very dam close) that model above, i'm booked for a Druid. As i'm getting to old anyways, time to roll a Healer But we will see. Time will tell, nothing in Stone as of yet.
  13. Hmm..... A good Idea tbh. I would prefer the old DaoC way. If you want to respec, not "everything" just Parts, you need to go and slay a Dragon (Raid) to get the "Mythic Stone". Make it....yeah i hate to use the Word; but make it WORK. So hard to get. When we started DaoC back then, and got the Dragon (Raid) for the "one stone" it was not that easy to get a spot for it. With other words, you had to "pay" for your "unawareness" and i think that would work here as well. But foremost it should be something that is NOT easy archived. But...thats perhaps just me, being an Old Fart and very Oldschool'ish.
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