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  1. I hope that player effectiveness in combat breaks down something like this: No more than 15% real world stuff like ping, rubber-banding, better computer. 10-20% Equipment disparity between poor gear and the best. 20-40% Character investment in appropriate skills - sword skill, shield skill, dodge etc and choice of archetype. 20-40% Player skill. A day old noob on a computer that barely runs the game will still get crushed by an experienced pvper but given a bit of time the difference in combat effectiveness should be much less and they are in with a chance for revenge!
  2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Alliances and betrayal, trust and personal reputation will all be important. This will make it all worthwhile and may well encourage me to invest most of my gaming time in THIS game rather than some others.
  3. Already posted about this on the other forum/thread. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3583-020315-campaign-export-rules-faq-knight-poster/?p=88525 Still don't like the RNG much. It could be included to vary quantities extracted perhaps, or modify the bonus rewards.
  4. Mostly, No flying mounts in campaigns, for all the reasons mentioned above. However, imagine a campaign map made up of small islands with lots of cliffs and fairly large expanses of water between them. Flying/gliding between islands could be the primary means of getting around. Fragile flyers, limited range, low flight ceiling. All these could make it viable.
  5. Sure, its more realistic but a waste of bag space. I'd prefer either "magic harvester" that appears out of thin air, or a decent multi-tool that can have durability damage over time but only takes one bag space. How this relates to the destructible terrain and digging/tunnelling or building is unknown.
  6. I'm a "casual" player, whatever that means. I have very limited play time and may get 4 evenings a month where I can play uninterrupted for 3-4 hours, plus other random occasions where I get under 1 hour for a quick look around. I doubt that level of participation will even register, so I'm expecting that I'll be at the lower end in most campaigns. Still, I'd like to be able to pull SOMETHING out for a several month commitment to a campaign world. So, something like my previous suggestion gives certainty as to outcomes, with rewards for those who contribute much more than I ever could.
  7. Not liking the RNG aspect of this too much. I'm a 10+ year vet of Eve online so I'm used to the loss of items but the risk there is mostly under player control. I risk my valuable stuff only at certain times and travel in tanked ships, with a scout where possible. Once my stuff is docked up and stored its safe. Most loss is when I get careless. Here, depending on the campaign ruleset, there's significant risk transporting stuff to the embargo vault but even when its "safe", a significant portion gets destroyed, even for the winning side. Perhaps the EV bank view should have, say, 100 slots with a colour coded background based on current expected performance. In a campaign with 50% win, 30% kneel and 10% loss export rules the EV bank slots may show the following for someone not doing well: Slots 1-10 are blue(safe) even for losing team. Slots 11 - 30 are amber (at risk) slots 31 - 50 are red (probable loss) slots 51-100 are grey (certain loss) Players should put their favourite items in the first few slots. If you must have RNG or contribution based factors, make those ADD extra slots to the above ranges from the grey range. EG: the best players on the losing side may have 1-15 Blue 16 - 45 Amber 46 - 75 Red 76 - 100 Grey Representing a 50% bonus added for good performance (if my maths doesn't suck too much!) Even Dregs campaigns should have some reward for losers so months of time isn't completely wasted. Stack sizes should be very large depending on how common resources are. 200 wood (of one type) as a minimum. Players can rearrange their banked stuff from anywhere at any time until campaign completion but must visit the EV circle to add more. Withdrawal at a summoning circle should be considered too, even if it allows item teleport. Perhaps limit to only 1-2 slots/items per visit.
  8. Crowfall is likely to have a relatively small audience, at least initially. Local servers in any region except NA and EU are probably unsustainable . However, Crowfall already has "instanced" worlds in the form of the campaigns. Keep the Eternal Kingdoms NA based, but split off campaign worlds onto servers physically hosted in EU and asia, but run by and linked to the main ones in NA. All accounts can access any campaign they like, but localised ones would give better ping. This should not require a local distributor or publisher, just buying server space in a datacenter. Some of the cloud computing platforms from MS or google or the like may be able to support this.
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