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  1. My friend is interested in pledging, but is on the fence still. How long does he have to take the plunge?
  2. I'd like to point out that "VIP Membership can not be looted" is in reference to the 'PLEX' item. Not "VIP Members can not be looted". Just in case anyone reads that incorrectly and gets the wrong assumption. ;3
  3. Full Loot is what I'm actually used to. I'd be interested in knowing how easy it will be to make spare sets of armor and where you will be storing these should you not have a keep to call home for when you need to replace what was lost.
  4. Since worlds are not permanent, they are free to experiment. If something does not work, they'll do something else. They way they have the worlds implode every month is perfect for running little experiments and taking the best results for refining the experience for the next Campaign.
  5. I'm going to presume that taking loot from killed players will be mostly based on Campaign selection, but what has actually been said about Player Loot? Full Loot, Partial Loot, Random Drops, Consumable Drops, All-But-Equipped Loot, No Loot... Also, What would you mostly play on? I'm sure it'll depend on how easy it is to make a full set of armor, but I might go for a Partial or % loot or Random Loot if good armor is somewhat hard to come by. But we shall see.
  6. Just make the hit box for the Arrow wider/taller until it 'feels good'. Maybe make the missile object a little larger in an exaggerated sense to help along the larger hit box so that it doesn't seem like a arrow that you felt should have missed was an unfair hit. Tweek it until everything feels good gameplay wise. Tweek everything. Not just missile size and hitbox, but also missile speed, fall off range, and fire rate. To add, since there's no first person view, some sort of toggle to allow for "Shoot level and straight" and for "Aim an upward arch for a longer distance target and/or firing over my front line troops to hit the enemy army" Maybe a scroll wheel adjust or something similar.
  7. If we had a Fox race, I could see them as a Rune Master style gameplay. Magic traps. Inscribing runes into the ground or walls that push, pull, detonate, create FoxFires that shoot flame bolts like a turret for a few seconds or bind in place if hit. Create empowering runes for their allies to hold their weapons over for a temporary enchant. Cast on the doors to a keep to give it the strength of stone. Draw a line in the ground that can't be crossed. An ultimate utility caster.
  8. DAoC dropped bag containers on the ground as well. People used to write out messages with bags of 1 arrow each.
  9. I played a Wolf Dread Knight in Vanguard: Saga of Heros. I made all my own gear and was one of the best PvE tanks because I took all that extra time to skill up my Armor Crafting. Before the gold sellers crashed the market I could over-charge for my stuff because it was the server's finest. ;3
  10. Yiff. Here to stay, brother. ;3 I'd like to see a fox or wolf though. Canine races are under-represented. MMOs always go for the cats instead! That said, the Duelist will likely get sub-classes to give it a lot more variety, like Bombers, Engineers, Gun Slingers, etc.
  11. An inflow of resources for services rendered that would otherwise not be getting received. Reputation within the server that there is a safe place to relax and put your guard down. The protection from other guilds who respect what you are doing and will come to your aid should the Inn's controlling keep be attacked.
  12. I would love to work as a cook at a player-run Inn. I could imagine the Inn would share a wall or be otherwise close to and associated with a neural guild's main Keep. This could keep ruffians to a minimum and it'd be considered a protected area were there nearby guild hall could police the area around the inn. Keeping in mind trade will likely remain with the bartering system, so people would be trading ores, uncooked food stuffs, monster parts that are useful for making armor plates, all sorts of stuff. On an upper level a bridge could lead into the main keep so that inn employees can, after a transaction, drop off goods into the main keep and return quickly without having to leave the immediate area or go around into the main entrance.
  13. I'm interested in Crafting, but I'm not terribly interested in the Forgemaster Archtype. The Dwarven Blacksmith will cover me for my EK, I'm sure. But when I'm out on a Campaign this is where I'm sure being a Forgemaster has it's benefits. Aside from being or befriending a Forgemaster, what are my options for Campaign Crafting? (Which I admit, I might just have to go with being a Forgemaster as an alt.)
  14. My predictions/hopes 1. Pistoleer - Medium ranged class adept at staying at range, but also highly defensive with evades and parries. 2. Sapper/Engineer - Explosives expert, some digging involved but only as a means to the end of getting the explosives placed in that perfect spot. Possible use of Turrets and small grenades in actual peer to peer combat to supplement basic pistol or blunderbuss use. Makes use of knockbacks and stuns. 3. Fencer - Classic Zorro. Focusly opposite of the Pistoleer; stick to you like glue. Parries come with heavy counters. Of course if I can get what I want as a Sapper/Engineer, I might switch my main over to being a Ginny. ;3
  15. Since Darkfall F-ed up their only good race, the Mahirim ( http://darkfall.wikia.com/wiki/Mahirim ), I would (incredibly biased of course) like to see a proper wolf guy race. Maybe even a Fox, like the now-dead Vanguard ( http://www.vanguardmmorpg.com/vanguard_races_raki.php )
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