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  1. I'd be up for some Bloodborne boss style encounters. Or some Monster Hunter scale fights. How else are we gonna get the parts to make truly unique looking armors for a Campaign? Kill a Rathalos and get a collection of red scales that I can make into a dozen or so armors and look super cool, and resist fire spells really good for a portion of the current campaign.
  2. Me and some friends will have some Tax-Free (Maintenance Free that is) parcels of land. As well as we'll likely have some normal Parcels too. We were curious if we could build our Eternal Kingdom as one singular landmass. That is, combine our parcels so we can make a nicer EK with our combined land. We kinda wanna recreate Anhk-Morpork.... Basically, can multiple people pitch in their Parcels into a single Kingdom?
  3. Would you consider selling character slots for maybe $10 a pop for those of us who want to play more than 3 characters, or want to have a dedicated crafter or two, but also want to have options for adventuring classes?
  4. I'm likely to play as a Confessor as my 'main' Yet I have not looked at any skill list yet. I probably should. o.o
  5. I've been wondering if making a literal hole in the ground, in the middle of nowhere, perhaps even hidden behind some bushes and trees as a secret entrance, would be feasible for a player's Campaign HQ? Rather than building up into a castle, you build down into a network of tunnels and subterranean rooms. I had been thinking about the comparisons and pro/cons to an above ground and below ground fortress. The most basic being where would you put your treasury in each? Underground you'd want to put it in the heart of your base, so others can't tunnel up into it from below nor from into the sides. In an above ground base you'd want to do the same, but this leaves it open to be attacked by artillery. I'd say the primary benefit to building down would be secrecy, if it can be maintained. While the benefit of an above ground fortress would be that it's easier to defend.
  6. HappyWulf


    You mean Demon's Souls 4. .... Or King's Field 8.
  7. Shatter, a breakout clone. Best music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxP7VBbhRaw
  8. Campaigns are likely to be massive as they are procedural. I would expect them to be no smaller than the two mainlands of WoW combined in size, and more than likely much larger. A single (or 2 piece parcel) cell is likely to be as big as The Barrens (WoW). Of course these are just guestimates, but they are in-line with what we know about the system and their direction of plans. My main question is how many Cells (Each square that makes up a part of a Parcel) will be in the Tax-Free Parcels?
  9. Title! Basically asking if we're going to get just a couple of blocks or a potentially substantial chunk of land. ;3
  10. Monster Hunter 4U. It has full online multiplayer, so there's no distance barrier. I'm already clocke din at 100 hours, and it released only a month ago.
  11. 2. So then you can freely teleport back and forth between your current Campaign and your EK to manage your home stuffs. Oh, I wonder how many Campaigns will be running simultaneously? ... Like will there be 3 each of 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and maybe 1 or 2 Year-long Campaigns going? At least having the option to abandon a Campaign to be able to join a friend in another will be nice. 3. And then maybe someone like a Druid or Confessor have a higher cap for Enchant-Crafting and Duelists have a higher cap for Engineering or Clock-Working... Do we know if there is a limit to the number of crafting skills a single character can learn?
  12. Copied over from the EK post on KS. I have a couple of quickie questions. One about EK and another about Campaigns, and another about Crafting... 1. In my EK there are some blank parcels, how will they show up when I walk around them? Will they be heavily forested invisible barriers? Can I go into them and find monsters to fight? Would I for that reason then have a reason to intentionally leave some plots blank so as to have pockets of 'wild' in my EK to adventure in? 2. I enter a Campaign with a character. Is he LOCKED IN until a loss state or until I willingly vacate it? If I leave early, can I re-enter? Would leaving early forfit my loot set aside in the loot bank? Or can I collect some loot early and then re-enter? Or is all collected Loot be set aside in the bank until the world collapses and THEN it's collected? Can I leave a campaign early, then go to a different campaign, then leave that and then come back to the first campaign before it ends? My main concern here is getting the jump in on a new Campaign that's opened up and then finding out my friends have all begun a different campaign. Am I Locked in for the month it takes to finish my campaign before I can go back out and enter another? 3. Can any character class (Archtype) Craft? Or do I have to be a specific class if I want to do any crafting (Forgemaster?)? How many crafting schools can a single character learn? Can I have 1 character be my 'designated crafter' who will do all my crafting and stay at home in my EK and manage my Kingdom's parcels and shops?
  13. I also DON'T want there to be some NPC telling me to go do it, that was just for frame of reference of MH. I want to just be out exploring and suddenly come upon a big nasty unique. Like Dragon's Dogma, I guess. PvP is fine, but if that's ALL there is, it'll get old fast. I need some Chimeras and Wyverns and Golems and Baslisk... And I don't want to be prepared when I see them. I want to be completely taken by surprise. Then if I survive, I might come back with some special crafting materials harvested from the corpse.
  14. If current projections are true, then they're planning on having a blazing fast development cycle. I'm in at the $100 tier, so I'll be getting in on Alpha 3. So I guess I'll be playing by sometime mid next year! That said, it does look like they have quite a bit done already and needed the money mostly for infrastructure and to hire more people. I really can't wait, this'll be a nice thing and I love that they are sticking to their guns and not caving to the lowest common denominator.
  15. I'm a big Monster Hunter fantard. I've been playing the series since it's first release on the PS2. When I see descriptions of the PvE for Crowfall say that you don't do it for exp, but you do it to survive and to get access to resources they may be guarding, or simply protecting your land, I think of Monster Hunter. I think of Guild quests where the NPCs give you water thin stories about a big monster in their trade route so they can't leave town and they need a Hunter to bring it down, I think of how can this formula be emulated in Crowfall? Then I think about how the combat in MH is, with no indicators on the ground, but with plenty of visual cues in telegraphed attacks. I think about carving large monsters for crafting materials, making cool Wyvern Scale armors. (Fashion Hunter!) I can then imagine a special type of player who enters dying worlds simply as a Hunt, to go on expedition simply to be the last man to slay a soon-to-be-extinct breed of beast. How much could be done to make some truly epic PvE battles with 'regular' monsters, when the player does not level up and the damage you deal is based more on gear than on how many of the exps you have compared to your foe?
  16. So you're telling me Eve has no PvP? Because Eve is the perfect example of a Horizontal Progression MMO. You can only get so good at a thing in Eve in X amount of time. If you want to specialize further and further into a thing you need to waste several months of time that you could have spent learning valuable new things in order to get an extra 1% bonus damage to your guns. Horizontal progression is to have more options available to you rather than just hitting harder, yet to keep the option to specialize open should that be what you want to do.
  17. That's wavy Noble-man's hair. See, look at this regal gentleman. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/334/d/7/Nearsighted_Guinea_Pig_Crystal_by_dreamstone.jpg
  18. Those are MY classes I'm going to play. Who are you, you doppelganger?!?
  19. The woodwork, it crawls with our kind. Just tap the walls and we come falling out in a writhing mass. ;3
  20. Thank you kind Mahrim. I just had a look over the classes too, so it looks like my planned character list will be Duelist, Confessor, and Druid. Confessor likely being my 'Main' and Duelist being my sub-main.
  21. How about a Mage Staff? ;3
  22. Alright all right. Let's end this. Player A and Player B are playing CrowFall (Or Eve) Player C and Player D are playing ArchAge Player A and Player C are playing the game 'normally'. Player B and Player D are buying stuff with cash dollars. Player A is out adventuring. He gets lots of stuff, he sells trash loot for gold or credits. He gathers, he crafts. He works he toils. His skills are time-based, so after a few hours he can learn to do new things, or get better at a single thing. In any case, he's playing the game at his own pace. He finds a Sword, but he's not yet skilled in swords, He'll have to train it for an hour so he's not crap at it. Maybe train it for the rest of the week so he's better than good at it! All this time while training and adventuring and passively learning skills he's getting all the gear he needs, whether found or crafted. Player B buys a ticket with cash. He then has to find a person willing to buy it at a price he feels is worth his $15. Let's say he gets a substantial amount of Gold/Credits. (Not resources) He then uses this wealth to buy him armor and gear. Except he's not skilled in any of it yet. So now he has to sit on his butt waiting for his skills to train, or just turn off the game and not play til tomorrow when he can actually use the gear he bought. On the other hand the player who bought the VIP ticket from Player B can now roll up an Alt and play him like Player A would have and his other characters continues to get training points. For as far as I know, VIP only allows you the benefit of all your characters getting training time rather than 1 at a time. He can roll up an Alt for each character slot he has available and they'll all get their skill points. He probably under-paid Player B for this advantage too, and got the better deal in my opinion. Player C plays his normal game, spends hours grinding, questing, harvesting, crafting.... It could be weeks or months before he's gotten enough exp and crafting points to create and wield some of the better equipment in the game. Oh, but he's thinking he'll show them. It'll be worth it. Player D drops a few hundred bucks and buys a Flaming Sword of One-Shot right out of the cash shop and pzwns Player C every time he's trying to do a delivery quest for some mandatory character advancement. Player B buys some cosmetic items like a feather'd cap skin for his helmet. He likes the game and wants to support the Devs. It has no stats on it.
  23. Hey guys. Unabashed Furry here! I found out about the game on it's 1st day. I was a dedicated, near-daily posted on the forums for Trials of Ascension who's KS started a few days before Crowfall's did. Sadly, ToA tanked. The money I put in for the pre-KS campaign is likely forever lost (let's just say over $100) and I have little hope for it to pick up the pieces and carry on. (Seeing as they lost their head, and only, programmer shortly after the KS begun for reasons...) In our off-topic forum Crowfall was brought up and pretty much every one of our major members there jumped on board here. We are likely to form up our own Guild and name it something along the lines that would identify us as refugees from ToA (As if the world that it took place in was one of the worlds that died in a Crowfall campaign) And don't you lot worry, I'm only one of like 2 or 3 Furries that existed in that world. You'll have plenty of us to worry about being Duelists than you'll have to worry about an influx from ToA. ;3 And while the Duelist is enticing, he will not likely be my main, as I like to play as caster classes. He will be an oft-used alt however. If you wish to say Hi to me in any other format, I'm quite easy to find, just punch my name into Steam, or any other such communication service or search engine. =3
  24. Hey guys! I was just thinking about some of the non-combat stuff that could find it's home here in Crowfall and I got to thinking about the worlds, being that they are temporary and randomized for each new campaign. What sort of jobs besides some of the obvious things could there be? Obvious things like Castle foundation laying (Can't have invaders coming up under your feet!) Raw material processors (Can't build a castle without materials!) Merchants and traders (Your mountain castle needs wood, and your neighbor's forest castle needs stone! Be the middle man and make a profit!)... Explorers! Map Makers! Cartography! Attack the land with a walking stick, parchment and pen. Be the first to make accurate maps for your nation of an unexplored world. Sell your maps to eager adventurers who have not the time to learn the layout of the wilds, for the land is fleeting, soon to wither and die. Your average everyday adventurer has not the time to waste on exploring a doomed world. Perhaps you could be commissioned by your guild leader, or a kingdom's ruler to explore an area and provide your findings for his realm which he will include in his daily newspaper for his loyal subjects. Maps could be landmark-based, auto-fill-in, or be like your standard mmo maps that show a little "you are here" but are limited only to the area in which the cartographer included in the map he sold. The variations and possibilities are nearly endless, for this simple concept.
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