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  1. Yeahe-he-he. 'Interesting' not quite enough to cover the extent of it.
  2. No need for an apology, friend. No way I am the one to say which thread supposed to be resurrected (or not), I am no moderator. Just saw an opportunity for a pun, considering mood of 'Crowfall' and all. Big fan of SWG myself.
  3. His position is nothing beyond understanding. No one said he has it easy. However, Malkav said he backed out on his own words. I don't hate the guy, but that's either lack integrity or indifference. Just compare first post of this topic to situation Malkav described. And no, whatever hardships he endured I don't have sympathy for him. If you making the calls pull the weight or pull out. If half I read about him is true he did neither. And an apologetic post 'sorry, that was a mistake' does not cut it. And the last reason. He could be a saint and paragon, people will still ha
  4. Lots of folk reacted this way to NGE. And I know a guy who stayed true to his word till this day. No other games, not even a peek, no nothing. Completely ignoring everything SOE. I guess NGE influenced more then SWG. Players are passionate people, that is.
  5. True, can never be proven. But these ten years of WoW reign cost us all dearly. While MMORPG Renaissance is on horizon I sometimes wonder what could have happened if not for WoW. People became so obsessed with WoW's success they tried to emulate that and after awhile it became not WoW, but MMROPG standard in eyes of many. I heard people talking about what should be expected from MMORPG and that the game they discussed is not doing good job by delivering different 'not MMORPG system' when in fact they described WoW mechanic as default (alas, I can't test SWGEmu on them - I'd love to). The only
  6. I've been listening to this while reading and answering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkWtFl7t3M&list=LLWMKXF1KcDx5TqVt_GWadGg&index=84 Seems fitting all along, specalially now with your 'feeds upon' and 'Hunger'. Ah! Revelation! The nature of Hunger in Crowfall is the same as nature of flame war! Endgame will be players finding at center of the universe a cosmic forum where powers debate whether Crowfall hardcore PvP game or not. That's why Allfather never came back! He got stuck in endless debate. *nod*nod*
  7. Yeah, looks like I missed a lot. Thanks for the story, it was interesting to read how things were.
  8. Did not say 'dramatic'. You did it again, you. Tsk-tsk. Yeah... Maybe because you advocate one side while trying to condemn another? *wink-wink* Ah! Sorry. No one informed me this is not a threat anymore. *narrows eyes* So "softer" with fat purses run their own crew now... That's an issue to be addressed, surely. Hint: you might want to read this post and post you answered to applying smiley to everything said. This time I put smileys everywhere to escape any confusion. Except this: After answer from Gordon there isn't much to talk about, still this t
  9. No idea on numbers, but I know a guy who left UO for reasons you mentioned. He was swearing, spitting and stomping simultaneously and it was hard to comprehend every reason he mentioned, but technical issues was clearly one of them. Also there was some 'power hour' he fell in hate passion with. So there is much truth to your words. Yeah, Meridian 59... Never understood all that jumping and screaming around the 'fact it is first MMO' (not exactly true, I think there was predecessors). Loaded it. Tried it. Did not really like it. Quit. Well, this is not a pretty pictu
  10. Kinda was on a tongue for some time. Step one: misinterpret developers' intentions. Step two: tell everyone your misinterpretation as fact. Step three: call developers on declining from said misinterpretation. Kudos. It's all P2C, I am telling ya. Actually how assumption was born: P2C + 'game not everyone' = hardcore PvP game Threads were started, words were flying, threats were spoken. Can't really blame them. Doesn't mean they are right.
  11. Really? Did not know it... Ah! That's why when I talk back at them they are like 'whaaa?'
  12. I guess it's good to peek at real faces behind virtual handles sometimes. My, it's a lot of mature and interesting people around here. And especially heartwarming talks of strategy and whatnot. I mean I can play Sith Warrior until my eyes become wide it's just rails with a story, not virtual warfare.
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