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  1. I've been waiting for this kind of post. Was surprised Russia wasn't mentioned in possible block list for so long.
  2. Mental stamina should be raised by meditation, some kind of mini-game that imitates debate and by visiting special places like shrines and/or nodes.
  3. *looks at rock intently* You do know that SWGEmu exist, right? I concur. The only class system worth implementing is one similar to SWG.
  4. *nods at every phrase* Exactly. Especially ending. Please stop explaining to me who my character is. Most interesting thing about MMOs was that I had no idea how much character will turn out. I miss that part a lot. I mean I planned pre-game that character will be this and that, but after I day of gameplay... *snaps fingers* I was totally ignoring everything I planned because I found a ton of interesting stuff to do. Besides environment required me to play not the character I planned, but rather character most effective in given circumstances.
  5. Such an opposition to items being unique. I like the concept, though. Adds spice. All that 'not fair' is just funny. Equality is fine when it comes to chances, but I think there should be such items. Just to incite treasure hunts and player hunts. Actually it's all about encouraged activity and/or balance, not so much about items.
  6. One more thing: forced grouping. Really don't like anything forced.
  7. That's good to hear. I wrote earlier today one of my deal-breakers is 'soloer unable to achieve anything'. Thing is I do not want that even for me. I like good team and I revel in such gameplay. But let's face it - you cannot always find a good team. Let player be an assassin carrying out hits. Let him be a mage that journeys in search of arcane knowledge or a lone knight. Do not force him to group with anyone. Make the world big and meaningful enough for single person as much as big collective. Place for anyone and everyone.
  8. My list: - game starts at endgame (are you kidding me?); - meaningless grind as best way to progress; - dull push-two-buttons combat; - soloers can't achieve anything; - pathetic visuals (it's 2015); - railroad gameplay; - lack of lore and events in game.
  9. Wouldn't say 'hate', but honestly let this be game that has: - normal armor for female characters; - sheath. Yes. Blasted sheath.
  10. Yes, exactly. No escaping reality, but rather experience it another way. Different edge. Hell of a well-written opinion. I share it.
  11. There should be some restrictions when frame of a wearer much smaller or bigger then item. Like Wookie armor in SWG. Same thing for race- and gender-dependence. Make the common sense be the rule. Also I think restrictions should be for really powerful and unique items. Some 'Cape of Eternal Darkness' should not benefit a paladin and if worn may even reduce his strength to a degree. Make some items that has real impact worthless or even hindering to some while extremely useful to others. Also would be nice to have some extremely rare items of legendary proportions that are very, very beneficial to any character, but has an option to look like common gear. And some items that develop with character's mastery over certain skill, like a staff perhaps. As rule of thumb I think no gear should be impossible to wear, it's just wrong gear to wear would hinder character rather than benefit.
  12. I like ideas you voiced here. Especially that one about ranged and close combat earlier. A few things. Combo fighting. Combos are opened as skill with weapon progresses. Skill progress gained from using said weapon. Opportunity system. Different type of combo is efficient against different conditions. Read your opponent. Doesn't mean others are useless, but some are better than others in certain circumstances. Same with weapons. Some are better than others against certain type of armor/equipment. Armor. Have. Weight. It slows down. Ranged combat should be hard. One should pay for opportunity to shot things from afar. Not only range and force of impact should be character skill-based, but it should be also a player's skill as well. Everything should go into account, no more shooting reticled NPC with bow machine guns. But if a player good enough he can one-shoot his enemy. High risk. High reward. Also - quiet weaponry. Make it worth to shoot things expertly. And no one-shots against full-plate characters with training bow. Want to shoot a knight dead? Bring mangonel. Flexible magery. Please. Same magic skill, but different type. Close combat, ranged, area of effect. Make magic INT endeavor for player, not for his character. Make player count, make him decide and plan beforehand, like Tamriel battlemages do. No more cannons. Less magic that affects directly, more that affects environment and conditions. More utility magery that gives advantage in overall. Illusions. And make summoners sufferrrrr. No more nice, loyal and eager to come to master's aid computer-controlled robots. Make it hard to summon them, bind them and control them. But for those who persistent enough in developing their art - best, most loyal, most dreadful (cute), powerful (smart) pets. If they are especially good they may even ride them. Maybe there will be unique one of a kind pets that serve only one master. But if you can kill that master... I am really tired of dull magic. Playing mage in MMORPG became almost dumbest thing ever. So in short: more player fighting, less character. Skill should mean something. Not everything, but it should count. Skill or persistence. Or both.
  13. Subscription and a starting price on a game that includes one month. Classic.
  14. *visor clangs* There can be only one... server. IMO that's much better.
  15. Some system that ensures dev/player cooperation. Minor cheats can be handled by the players, while serious hacks must be investigated and prosecuted by certain part of development team. I see no social system that can permaban a player from game, but dev team capable of doing it. Bans based on hardware ID is a good idea too. I know some of us here sound harsh, but a lot of people tired of hackers/boters/scamers etc. Make them work twice as hard to infiltrate the game.
  16. *nods* Damn right. Indeed eagles don't flock. Let's what can we do.
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