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  1. Good point. Though sandbox is much more suitable for that kind of gameplay. Themeparks are... restricting, rigid. And lots of them does not bother deliver immersive story to compensate for that. I always thought it is much more fun to perceive game from character's standpoint. And when you play a good sandbox you don't have to make yourself see game that way, the very gameplay mechanics suggests that.
  2. And they ask why oldfags so oldfags, heh. After all I read about it I wonder why the hell I played SWG so hands-down. Maybe my intuition tried to help me avoid everything people has been through with that game? But I do not... Ah, nevermind. Anyone who experienced SWG to its fullest will of course look down upon modern MMORPGs and of course won't shut up how good it was. But I am much more intrigued with concepts that were introduced, but not implemented or cut. Gosh, I wish someone could build something like that. All that marketing dance with MMORPGs nowadays is just... So meager. Bloody 'money makes the world go 'round' forces a lot of things become cheap simplifications or just never reach fruition. Things they did were grand. Glorious. And budget was not that big. And even not making everything they had in mind they made a game so great.
  3. Read it last. 'Nobody could actually run at max detail and get a decent framerate...' This one gave a laugh. True, true. I remember that. Made me actually upgrade my rig. Also these articles make me think that game was way ahead of its time.
  4. Exactly what I've been talking about. Adventure.
  5. That was the point. And since so many SWG veterans here I thought it's good idea to post a link.
  6. Totally with you. Their original approach sounds like a treat. As for PoE they have skillweb, alright. But nothing is hidden. Hmm. Those who use guides use them. I wouldn't, play just for fun. Thing is reactive class system is great in it's ingenuity. Rather then choosing prestige class you achieve one by doing something. Of course it will be eventually all mapped out, so what? Still good. :D Yeah, that was some real miss. Game has that great original Everquesty vibe, but... 'Wow, how that turned out.' Exactly.
  7. Somehow knowing things how they should be making them worse. It was with 'World of Darkness Online'. In this case makes wonder and wish that I saw those surprise professions.
  8. It's always the brass. Should I make it motto or something? Raph Koster's on patch 9 and Jedi system.
  9. No. No holy water, no rage, no nothing friend. Blizzard are known for doing successful games. I do not like what they did to MMORPG landscape, but that does not diminish them as developers. Actually, I can't blame them for anything, I just did not like that everything became WoW canon. All of a sudden everyone wanted to be WoW. But that was said thousand times already. I thought 'Titan' might be IT. It wasn't, they decided to play safe and make 'Overwatch' (we have nice watch now, heh). But if they want to they could pull it off. Also, I heavily miss humor and fun in games. Okay, MMORPGs became serious business, but why games should be so dull and serious about themselves? Do you guys remember old titles like 'Space Quest I' and 'Monkey Island'? Yes, this is as far from MMORPGs as it gets, but I am talking atmosphere here. Blizzard games create atmosphere of fun. And all that 'grim' and 'doom' I got already, thank you very much. I think 'Wildstar' made horrible mistake trying to make a game a bit more serious with cartoony graphics it has. I do not think you are wrong. If that alliance could be possible they'd make a great game. Though I would strongly oppose clown feet and all that. But if they decided something graphically... well, like 'Overwatch'. It's good enough, right? And with current canon... Ah, never mind. Move along...
  10. His position is nothing beyond understanding. No one said he has it easy. However, Malkav said he backed out on his own words. I don't hate the guy, but that's either lack integrity or indifference. Just compare first post of this topic to situation Malkav described. And no, whatever hardships he endured I don't have sympathy for him. If you making the calls pull the weight or pull out. If half I read about him is true he did neither. And an apologetic post 'sorry, that was a mistake' does not cut it. And the last reason. He could be a saint and paragon, people will still hate him if he was behind the decision. People get worked up about the pixels they loose because they put effort into said pixels. Loss calls for blame and him giving reason for that made it all too easy to place.
  11. I did. Doesn't mean SWTOR replaced SWG, right? I mean it was fun to play all that stories. Doesn't change anything.
  12. Freeze, as always - spot-on. Kudos. Actually guild treaties described this way are very off-putting. And these moments concern me most. Yes, that the first one. Everyone has been talking so much about 'Uncle Bob' and how to prevent it. Here it is. ^^ People do not like to lose. I met a ton of folk in PvP matches who said at some point: 'why bother?' Exactly. But matches I mentioned is about 10-15 minutes. Here is campaign that could last for a few months. How is it better then 'Uncle Bob' situation? I've been circling around idea of campaigns for some time and this one most sad. Good campaign ends. Where there were enough good fights, worthy adversaries and general fun. Bam - world is gone. I do not like it. Often so much effort put into building right atmosphere in game, so much time spent on communications, connections established and one day - oops. You no longer have your playfield. Square one, ha-ha. Grats. Do it one more time. There are a lot of SWG and Shadowbane veterans around here. Back in the day I asked myself question: why everyone who loved this game do not return into EMUs? After all there are same rulesets in some of them. And beyond obvious reasons like 'people change', 'not that time' and 'now they look ugly' there is one that I think that makes most interesting people never to look back: rebuilding something lost. All drama and trauma aside doing something big like building cities and logistics again just has no appeal. And campaign resets every time, so even if you win you'll forfeit everything you built in that place. Yeah, you still have EK, but... Not the same. I do not know, maybe I just don't see picture right or overthink it but truth is there might be situation where no one will try to built anything. Will be just bands of mercenaries, which is fine with me but changes tone of game from titles with persistent worlds so profoundly that phrase 'game is not for everyone' became either all too literal or sarcastic. I think balancing effort of building something in campaign and still disregard it as means to victory will be most difficult task.
  13. Did I ever say how great this community is? Quoting 'Dune'. Great art. Makes me wonder though how fast and/or stealthy rangers will be and their tracking skills. Could be fun to command wolf sniff out an enemy.
  14. Lots of folk reacted this way to NGE. And I know a guy who stayed true to his word till this day. No other games, not even a peek, no nothing. Completely ignoring everything SOE. I guess NGE influenced more then SWG. Players are passionate people, that is.
  15. I won't argue because that's not what I said. It is my opinion that it is not fair, but I do not think it is wrong. And I salute SWG developers for doing what they did with Jedi. It was great, it was incredible and I never even aimed to be Jedi because I knew I am not hardcore enough to do something like that. Also I think everyone else is blasted cowards because no one ever implemented magic system similar to Jedi system SWG had. All throw fireballs! Bleh. Fair enough. Now I think - after talking to you - both 'meth cooking and gun overclocking' are crap and really has nothing to do with class. By the way, never liked them both. Never aimed to become shooting crafter. On the other hand since I had no Master Smuggler, I do not have right to say anything about it. I do not remember whether I said it here somewhere, but I decided to go for smuggler because Jedi was unknown how to unlock and it's wise instead of trying to become one befriend one as smugglers do. Joke, of course, but with a grain of truth. I say if they moved forward with what they had, not blending in to popular trend they could have most complex and alive online game ever. Alas... But it was said too much on that topic already.
  16. True, can never be proven. But these ten years of WoW reign cost us all dearly. While MMORPG Renaissance is on horizon I sometimes wonder what could have happened if not for WoW. People became so obsessed with WoW's success they tried to emulate that and after awhile it became not WoW, but MMROPG standard in eyes of many. I heard people talking about what should be expected from MMORPG and that the game they discussed is not doing good job by delivering different 'not MMORPG system' when in fact they described WoW mechanic as default (alas, I can't test SWGEmu on them - I'd love to). The only thing WoW did is to put MMORPGs on map, but to be honest 1) I am not that thrilled about it, while seeing benefits too 2) computers in general became much more accessible over past quarter of century so it's not all WoW. And if it could have been SWG as lead I think MMORPG landscape would not only be different, but also much more interesting. That or MMORPGs as direction might stay niche thing. One can guess forever. Since I am late to the party I will echo previous orators: it's your idea, not your fault. You are no more responsible for NGE then anyone who came up with idea just to see others use it sideways. I can understand why it was aimed for more dynamic combat - not everyone like combat queues. And planetary control is always fun. It is always the brass who... *Darth Veiderish breathing* ... ... Never mind. *mumbling* There is no emotion, there is peace.
  17. My suggestion born from general idea of interconnected questing and missions. Some available through terminals (of course, no 'smuggler terminals'; if there is any net smugglers have it is hidden; though slicing mission terminal can yield a contact smuggler can find to start a mission; makes slicing more meaningful), some through rumors and interacting with NPC. And yes, some could be 'pizza delivery in dangerous environment' - basic ones. I think implementing huge system only for smugglers is not fair, it seemed reasonable to upgrade questing for everyone. It looked more like events for different classes, some of them available for all, some unique. Animal migration gives opportunity to rangers hunt something rare. Military convoys transferring valuable cargo. That kind of thing. And smugglers were important part of it. But that's too far fetched, I guess. Besides, it all looks great on paper, but implementation... you know. Even with enthusiasts' projects like SWGEmu I doubt there is much room to implement something this big. They plan to move from original version when they finish, but I highly doubt they will take any advice from someone who did not code in ten years and never saw the source of code they work.
  18. True. Also I think if this happened ^^ I would fall right out of any game I played instantly.
  19. Slicing I was okay with, but then again it's a matter of choice. Besides how slicing turned out - mostly as skill to make weapons better, not as general computer skill (slicing terminals was fun, though) - you are right. Definitely right about meth. Also selling other's faction points was kind of something I did not like at the time. I thought more of a quest system, where you have to collect rumors (I remember something like that for Force Sensitives). Search for job in places like Jabba's palace and sometimes find one. Also top of the game players might be approached by different parties via ingame e-mail or by NPC in cantinas. Sort of mini-game akin to bounty hunting.
  20. You know, in one MMORPG.com video I heard a phrase about rumor on new star wars game being developed behind closed doors, but that's just that - rumors (I do not mean new 'Battlefront'). I think there is now way we can have anything like that, but I am satisfied with emulators. As for outdated graphics some people talk about I think it is fine with a few tweaks and much better then in some MMOs to date. What could have happened if not CU and following NGE - that's another question. Just imagining SWG that develops further without CU and whatnot, with different events and have a facelift is too much of an expectation. But I see nothing close at the moment.
  21. Don't know about MMO in general, but I could see it in SWG easily. I want to hear what Bairloch has to say, though.
  22. Wow. That's just... *beats dead horse a few times* ...one of the most stupid excuses I ever heard. Sorry for before, now I am with you on this one. ^o^ Well, I think so. My, that's just... 'Yes, yes, yes... Stop. Look... These people are full of ****.' 'Illegal system'... Well, that is no healthy thing, but since I do that too...
  23. Horse is dead, but he keeps swinging. That's a man after my own heart. I say resurrect said horse, then beat it down again. Seriously, though. While I can't agree more with you, game is still good. I wonder why they never implemented any smuggling system with any of expansions. Bounty hunting was pretty good I heard. Found out that Awakening server made unknown Jedi unlock. Kinda interesting. Though they have some modifications to original game, but not much and no known way to unlock Jedi trumps everything in my eyes.
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