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  1. It's like a tree, but instead of leafs there are skills. Welcome to the forums.
  2. I've been listening to this while reading and answering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkWtFl7t3M&list=LLWMKXF1KcDx5TqVt_GWadGg&index=84 Seems fitting all along, specalially now with your 'feeds upon' and 'Hunger'. Ah! Revelation! The nature of Hunger in Crowfall is the same as nature of flame war! Endgame will be players finding at center of the universe a cosmic forum where powers debate whether Crowfall hardcore PvP game or not. That's why Allfather never came back! He got stuck in endless debate. *nod*nod*
  3. Yeah, looks like I missed a lot. Thanks for the story, it was interesting to read how things were.
  4. Did not say 'dramatic'. You did it again, you. Tsk-tsk. Yeah... Maybe because you advocate one side while trying to condemn another? *wink-wink* Ah! Sorry. No one informed me this is not a threat anymore. *narrows eyes* So "softer" with fat purses run their own crew now... That's an issue to be addressed, surely. Hint: you might want to read this post and post you answered to applying smiley to everything said. This time I put smileys everywhere to escape any confusion. Except this: After answer from Gordon there isn't much to talk about, still this topic resurface. I can't treat it seriously anymore.
  5. No idea on numbers, but I know a guy who left UO for reasons you mentioned. He was swearing, spitting and stomping simultaneously and it was hard to comprehend every reason he mentioned, but technical issues was clearly one of them. Also there was some 'power hour' he fell in hate passion with. So there is much truth to your words. Yeah, Meridian 59... Never understood all that jumping and screaming around the 'fact it is first MMO' (not exactly true, I think there was predecessors). Loaded it. Tried it. Did not really like it. Quit. Well, this is not a pretty picture. Stalking fireballs. Ugh. QFT. All the time. You can't put everything on PvP players. Well, given 'mission and accomplished it' is that. Good thing much has changed since UO times. Or is it? Let's hope so.
  6. Kinda was on a tongue for some time. Step one: misinterpret developers' intentions. Step two: tell everyone your misinterpretation as fact. Step three: call developers on declining from said misinterpretation. Kudos. It's all P2C, I am telling ya. Actually how assumption was born: P2C + 'game not everyone' = hardcore PvP game Threads were started, words were flying, threats were spoken. Can't really blame them. Doesn't mean they are right.
  7. Really? Did not know it... Ah! That's why when I talk back at them they are like 'whaaa?'
  8. I guess it's good to peek at real faces behind virtual handles sometimes. My, it's a lot of mature and interesting people around here. And especially heartwarming talks of strategy and whatnot. I mean I can play Sith Warrior until my eyes become wide it's just rails with a story, not virtual warfare.
  9. Wow. That's good news. Actually, very good news. Yeah, we gonna die alright. Great idea. Will there be a way to highlight targets to keep track of them in fight? While chasing those who ganked me all good and fun I was thinking more threats that should be eliminated first.
  10. You don't have to, it was clever and funny. And recognized the similarity, and already started to think how to answer... But then I decided to be sure (you know... just in case). Sorry for ruining fun, man.
  11. First: 'And when player enters playing field he should be aware what's he getting into. ' I wrote this, in my post. Why you read part about geeks and skipped this one? Second: I shouldn't not really explain other's behavior and - my! - I do not want to. I think those whiny manipulative bastards is no less screwed in the head then those who grief them constantly. I did not say weak equals innocent. The people I am talking about is not 'gonzos', but those who genuinely don't know what they walk into. Manipulators who lack skill or think they entitled to something easy because it's a game never was part of my post, I do not know why you assumed this. I don't - they do. Some of them are just kids that can't stand that life ain't fair. And giving them more grief is just low. I do not protect some whiners, I just say that sportmanship I could not care less - game defined by bounds set, not by morals - but I do not think it is right to grief someone, is all. Did not help them, though. Actually everything I answered was covered in my previous post. If you think every person that complains is 'gonzo' that's... Well, won't try to convince you otherwise. While I want no more soften up the game... right, topic of this thread! I am sure some whiny bastards made all that changes to my beloved SWG! Sorry. I want that kind influence no more then you. But that's not the case with AC, they sure stand their ground. And some people are not manipulative weaklings who want to get their own way through constant whining and redefining right and wrong. Some are just walked into wrong territory. And you made perfectly clear that it's their own fault. No argument here. I just don't treat them as meat. Remember who I chose for quote? The guy who said it is great to make someone write a long post and then grief them more. This is all mind games on Internet. Bleh. You don't sound like this. I can't speak for you - naturally - but you make impression of someone who just want fighters to fight and others do not get in their way while they do it. I think it's fair.
  12. Well, no argument here. I met some people who enjoy online bullying and most of them... no, I think all of them... were nuts. And most of them were ugly as damned hell and/or miserable twice as said hell. So no wonder they do what they do. Internet censorship is hard. And it is even harder with the game. Do not forget that griefers often pay the same money for the game as everyone else. It does not give them right, they sure use it as defense in certain cases. Stating the obvious, I guess. While I am all for 'no negotiation with terrorists' stance I think your comparison is huge overkill in this case. And I do not think anyone caters to them, they tend to use harmless systems to their own ends. Like everything Internet. Did I say this too much today already?
  13. Wasn't talking to you. Commented on Cemya's joke. Read posts, please. Unless it was very clever joke on you part, of course. Heh. Gank them back, right? Ahem. A lot of people take the same stance IRL, so... Consequences, however, are very different. You are just charming. Reminds me of a few cases in the past. Oh, well. Exactly. But looks like parties involved treat term 'PvP game' differently. On one side it means all-out warfare including verbal means and griefing that starts and end on virtual field. Others consider the same term as competition where people should show sportsmanship and respect to certain borders, least loss in PvP game becomes emotional issue for loosing player. While 'if your afraid people cant separate themselves from a game and real life then thats their problem' is technically right I see it as bullying. Saw too much people who did disgusting things and after that stated that they were in their own right, because they can. Slippery road... But I digress. Thing is while we can define and re-define PvP rules of conduct the only real border is the one that set by game mechanic. That's it. You can call for people being polite/honest and whatever else you want them to be but some just will be mean to others because they can. And when player enters playing field he should be aware what's he getting into. Internet is notorious for people behaving far worse then they do in real life (yeah, obvious). Why internet game should be less hostile then everything else? So the only way is to enforce certain policy on your own chunk of Internet and that's it. Also while 'game has nothing to do with real life' is really incorrect on many levels IMHO - in fact any game simulates RL to some degree - there are people who have really hard time separating in-game defeat from defeat in general. So I'm on board with 'separation is a must'. It is. But those people will play PvP too. And will be upset with gank. Or simple loss. And write about it. And... You get the picture. And giving them more grief is not about being good player. It's about being a person or not. Choice. It's all high school again, jocks and geeks.
  14. Yep. Every time this topic surface. Every blasted time.
  15. Tierless, you are tireless. Long post. Good one. I do not think it is 'too early' for MMO except for a case when it is technically broken. MMORPGs grow, that's almost natural order. Community more often then not criticize a lot of games for early launch but truth is some things cannot be known until game is launched. Sometimes even test, however wide and thorough, is not enough. With SWG it was very right thing to do, gathering from your post. I joined a month after launch, I think. Maybe later, considering mounts were there. Sureshot cowards all of them. *nods grimly* I am watching KS projects evolve for some time and it is really promising in general. No publisher breathing over developer's shoulder is a thing. As for this game we'll see (duh, obvious), but from what developers told us - and very actively - this will be a game that will differ from others and mechanic will be complex. My problem with last decade of MMORPGs was that they all lacked any complexity whatsoever. Dull themepark or cutthroat sandbox is not good enough. I constantly criticize others for consumerist stance on games while I sound like this, but truth is I missed gameplay being worthwhile (that's a bit different from entitlement). Is it some long quest, bright as sun PvP matches or puzzle that make my abacus click - not that important. But after WoW became mainstream we got more and more MMO that were waste of time and gave no sense of accomplishment whatsoever. Even things that were hard in those MMORPGs were not worth it (gearmill, I am looking at you). Everything worthwhile is hard, but not everything hard is worthwhile, aha. I do not imply some higher meaning in MMORPGs, games are games - even online ones. But Everquest, Asheron's Call and especially SWG made my gameplay session an adventure. I already told here somewhere how I was planning smuggler at first and ended up with mix of sniper and ranger. Because I was so into game I lost my initial intention to play pre-defined character. I adapted, played reactively snatching opportunities as they came at me. I did not think about any pre-determined path, I had fun and explored. With mechanic Crowfall presented us so far I think this game will come to restore this kind of experience. Campaign mechanic alone is already a thing that is very much about exploration. As for pre-determined archetypes... Well, if I understand anything about game systems they are not so much pre-determined as just giving enough direction and division of roles (not classes from other MMORPGs, that's for sure). Good for balance, too. I won't lie I am excited about the game, I am no kid. But I think if someone can deliver level of sophistication and exploration demanded by current situation (let's be honest: the one who will do that will soar high) that is AC. And Crowfall is that kind of game. There are others, but IMHO this one on short list of 'the best'.
  16. Really? Hmmm... Can you confirm/deny a few things about SWTOR alpha/closed beta?
  17. Oh, you vicious hunter, you. Cleverrrrr. A honest misspoke, brother. An honest misspoke. For some reason I feel a little hungry at the moment. What should I order, hmm... Oh, doesn't matter. My pizza has some beef in it already.
  18. Surprise... Though minotaur was somewhat expected since Shadowbane and all. The problem is we have so long to wait. *sigh*
  19. looks at long posts LET THE GAMES BEGIN! It will be doom, considering how this game is built. Just imagine: no clear condition on finishing the game. The Hunger is no-one-knows-what phenomenon. That'll be baaaad. Clearly people love the topic of VR and want it implemented... What? Stop shooting! hides behind a corner Also, AC! Thanks for choosing knight as an example for demonstration. Now if you would be so kind to show Confessor and/or Frostweaver? nodnodwinkwink
  20. 'Ahoy, mateys!' More I read about campaign/EK mechanic more is reminds me of pirates pillaging coastal towns. Also we got nice piggy. *nod*nod* It's not early, friend. It's just some people being 'concerned citizens'. They can't keep it down, they fantasize about doom and gloom, then come to forums, read a line and fly off the handle long before they finish to read post ignoring whole meaning entirely and start typing all stressed because 'it happened' to them 'again'. Even when developers divulged no information whatsoever and forums were just open there were talks about 'game being pay to win' and another brilliant one 'oh, that's just another gankfest, I can tell'. ****ing Jedi latter folk and Corps telepaths both because they can see into developers minds and see the future.
  21. Don't know what is everyone's opinion but mine is the same is yours. I mean there are a lot of new things came out this decade, but it is first one that reminded me why I always was vouching for Rebellion. 'Rebels' are bringing viewer to 'Star Wars' core, to the very foundation of what it is. Also I have one more reason to be glad of canon change, but since it's spoiler I won't mention it.
  22. Almost the same. Played a little after month (I think) game started for some time. Quit. Returned. Left again to come back and play after CU. Left after NGE, never returned.
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