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  1. Some do, some don't. I never was Blizzard fan, though. While they did a lot of good games and I played them they never hit anything close enough. Not like Origin, Microprose, Lucasfilm, Interplay, BioWare or Bethesda. WoW was good back in the day. A lot of people said that. I think it is still good, casual or no. They just making game more and more convenient, is all. Also including some add-ons into core UI is appreciated. Still going to play 'Warlords of Draenor' at some point. Probably. Heh. Yeah, I did not pick up Anarchy Online because of glitchy start. My, that was stupid
  2. Yeah, we figured out as much. But thing is entertainers as an idea and/or gameplay mechanic does not become any worse. Let's. We already talked about it, though. It was told that entertainer's mechanic cannot be used because rights to it belong to another company. I don't know whether they come up with anything similar to hanging out in cantinas, but I'd like that. Virtual hubs where you can see each other's avatars much more fun than just forums.
  3. *gasps* That's a picture. *with suspicion* Have you ever created a fat Jedi pre-NGE? *mumbles* That could be his work, too.
  4. And now I want to *ForceChocke* people responsible for SWG's closure, thank you very much.
  5. My mind had 'division by zero' error when I read this sentence. Then I realized someone picked 'Santa' as forum handle. Whew.
  6. Decided to join the fray, I see? Haven't seen you much here. And I have nothing on the subject, since I like character design, races and lore. Sorry.
  7. That's well said. *applauds* What? Join, man speaks the very truth. Also, another moment adjacent to that one (and quite on topic of thread). I remember as WoW grew in numbers it episodically, with every expansion more and more, lost MMO veterans I personally knew. They just quit. There were different reason for each of them but most called in list of their reasons one: 'it became casual'. I am not trying to sell 'hardcore' here. But thing is most usual thing for MMORPG of past decade was changing. Sometimes people bought a game and over time it grew into whole another one entirely. Of cou
  8. Exactly! Whilst people always talk about game community a lot disregard this part entirely. While social structure is certainly part of definition 'game community' it is not the same everywhere and it is not present to the same extent. We can ask, plead or demand from developers all we want to make a world instead of just game. But this ^^ makes game a world, after all. People. Kudos, Tierless, great post (had to fix it, because without your name it read like I congratulate myself ). That's admirable indeed. Especially 'not trying to please everyone' and 'we win or die'. L
  9. Well, back in the day I could code and was pretty decent with it, but lately I have so much on my plate I don't even have time to keep my eye on everything that interests me. Heh. Coding. Like math - beside all benefits should be learnt just for the sheer benefit of it. Keeps mind sharp. Thing is I don't see how being able to code will help to develop a game of that scale. Look at ArcCraft. They've been doing it for years. Decades. It's hard to do something this complex without proper experience. Read their posts. While they are capable professionals they are still nervous. Game developmen
  10. That's elegant. At first I thought you offering them dance battle.
  11. No. We have very realistic alchemist. If he learned 'how to Wine from Water' first, he might be pretty drunk at the moment he decided to do anything else.
  12. You guys are exceptional. I wonder what you say to Jewish. Jeez.
  13. I've been thinking about droid engineer too. But not at this iteration. Since there will be at least one wipe I'll go see what bounty hunter is, probably. Also never did Empire themepark. Want that too before the wipe. If I will have time. Good times indeed.
  14. Ah, yes! I just found out yesterday. Indeed 'Hell, yes!'. MILITARY FIGHTER PILOTS PREVAIL! REBELS RULES!!! Sorry, system overheat.
  15. Pssst! Pssst! *looks around, then whispers* I would love to play SWG with renewed graphics engine. Don't tell Siz, please. *nod*nod* Hell, I was happy as I-do-not-know-who when I discovered SWGEmu few years back. I am amazed that project is still running and happy they push it forward. That's not what I am saying. I said BEAT. Doesn't mean I don't see how things are. Thankfully age of 'everything is WoW, la-la-la' seems to be over. We'll see who will make what. Na-ah. No. Nope. Last time this happened we got SWTOR instead of 'Knights of the Old Republic Online'. So, nope.
  16. Well, MMO today mostly casual caterfest. Not that it is entirely bad: after all casuals vote with their wallets allowing games to exist and new ones to develop. Besides, one's game hardcore player another's casual. But a lot of mechanics that take time is pushed out because 'who has time?'. Anyway, SWG can take a lot of time to play and some learning curve to understand. And we all wish that modern MMO had elements of SWG. Yeah, I am backer also. People keep saying this. From what I saw it totally worth it. I even downloaded it, but still had not play current version. R
  17. ‚ÄčTo hoping. 'The problem with current generation is instant gratification. Now, now, now...' Bairloch, we are another type of player entirely. Some of us don't even like action combat. Really, I saw people that don't care for fighting. Few people understand now what it is to make a cup of tea and sandwich while playing a game. Fewer interested in real immersion. Demographic changed with managers and marketing experts standing over developers' shoulder. It's not that everyone who played savoring games are gone, just a lot of new people came. They see gaming as something similar to watchin
  18. First, SW stands for 'Star Wars', SWG stands for 'Star Wars Galaxies'. Second, PEOPLE OF THE BAZAAR! Why, oh why some read just what they want, not everything you say? Then munch off your post just because they read it so. Why the hell you ignored phrase 'Anyway, I think next game should be on another level entirely'? With that out of the way... Decent, but Star Citizen's simulation is much more complex and much prettier. Same goes for shooter included into game mechanics, by the way. Another level. Okay, since you insist. Space exploration. Not just 9 planets. 90. I
  19. Heh. This update makes me realize how deep game will be in terms of class mechanics. Goooood. Most games are too shallow these days. Also yeah, vampires and werewolves are fun. On a side not: saw your advertising in E-mail you sent today. Good to see you support Star Citizen. Like both games.
  20. SC another story. People spend on them a lot, but I see no point except for real firepower like corvette or capital ships. Miners can understand too. Otherwise it's no use, IMHO. And all those big ships are too rich for my blood and I have no idea how to get crew for them. I mean finding marines for an operation is fine. Finding 10 crewmates becomes problematic. Finding a crew for a capital ship is for big, organized guilds. With Crowfall I don't buy multi-seater or anything. It is still me - very single character that I will develop to fight and rampage. Or maybe to craft and deal. But i
  21. Still good reason. Because I think it's right kind of crazy. There are a lot of people here like this. Some of the devs are.
  22. Just saying. Although with this game... That might turn out as I decided become smuggler in SWG. Still funny. Because never did. I think I will be fighter. Maybe craft will be so endearing I will become crafter. Or indeed it will be so good I will follow your idea. *nod* Say no more. Perfectly understandable. In scenario you describe of course it is. Well, that's understandable. I did not play DF, but I don't want to see it too.
  23. That's a nice reason. I am just short on buck.
  24. Really? I mean: why bother? I'll choose combat play and be happy with it. Probably won't have time for both anyway. Are you so adamant on developing both fighter and crafter? Well, maybe I run over him with my horse after I chopped him nice and proper. Even chopping itself will be most devastating for equipment. I see it as price of defeat, both symbolical and practical. While it is nice to have reason why mechanics is like that that's probably just stimulus and pressure factor. Though I am interested to hear how devs justify this one. P.S. Also like your suggestion about
  25. Oh, indeed. I can hear SWG crafters chanting at a distance 'Crowfall' and 'ArtCraft'. Crafting description brings so much joy and warmth to my mercenary heart. This is so good. And so cruel to those who spoiled by modern game's multitasking. So many people will walk away from this game crying. Joking aside this is great concept. Dedicated crafters are best ones. People who dive into this part of gameplay wholeheartedly emerge real pros. And few games do it right these days. Thank you for doing it. This is terrific. Magnificent. Very beautiful woman. Also good interviewer. S
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