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  1. Primal, you are a hero. Yes, this one.
  2. No, not this one. But both your link and Kell's video reference proves that there will be option to upgrade your pledge later. Not the very moment after kickstarter campaign, but it will be there. Just won't get deals as good as offered in kickstarter. Good enough, Nakawe? *whispers* I really don't want to search for that post.
  3. If WoW's graphics was anything like this picture I would probably never stop playing. I knew someone step up and do it. Noticed that mistake too. Amen, brother. Couldn't write it better if wanted to. Yes, indeed. Not the case, I think. Looks like they walk fine line between the two and I like it. Some don't. Good for me.
  4. What Kell said. I don't have a link. Actually, I think it was answer to my question on that regard... Not sure. But it wasn't on video, it was on forums earlier.
  5. Only way to approach this all, right? I can't buy big package at start. But they confirmed you will be able to add more to buy higher pledge. I want Silver one. Maybe even buy Sapphire with time to participate in game on earliest stages, but not so sure about latter.
  6. The only thing I learned from playing SWTOR: never treat it as MMORPG. Treat it as extension to KotOR and you'll be fine. Treat it as TOR MMORPG and you disappointment skyrocket in hours. "That's not a cat" policy. Welcome.
  7. I'll chime in too: THANK YOU! No, really. Spikey oversized armor was fun when it all started, now it's just looks stupid. I swear sometimes when I look at WoW armors I imagine mech pilot inside. Looks like your weapons will be realistic too. Please keep it all that way. It's great.
  8. So much this. Silver badge... Heh. Not gonna happen.
  9. Yeah, that was fun. Though I do remember imperial stopping me and making demands...
  10. On the other hand it explains screaming at waves. Phew. Great relief. That phrase stand out for me too. Just imagine someone starts screaming for no obvious reason in Teamspeak. When I see this I understand why some people troll other people. But yes, they will.
  11. Yesh, that'll be fun. Nice reference to Legolas, Oridi. Anything but truth.
  12. TL;DR I like what he said and agree. Reminded me of: "Doctorates are fantastic. I have one." (с) 'Big Bang Theory' There are a few things I learned to be true that I knew before I put it to test. 1. Nothing worthwhile is easy (doesn't mean everything hard is worthwhile, though). 2. No plan survives collision with reality (it's actually paraphrase of paraphrase). Both applicable to a case we have here. It's called 'development' for a reason. The word suggests not only building but also evolution. And it perfectly understandable why not everything set in stone from the get-go and why some things change as project develops. I don't know what people expect from developers. Not to mention yep, we are not investors (though I won't say it to people who spent $600; not investor, but...). By the way this last fact fails to work on majority of internet crowd. Some people not even kickstart anything, but still go: 'where is this, where is that, we demand...' Blah, blah, blah. Jolee Bindo from KotOR had a very good story concerning entitlement. And I hear word 'vision' from Mr. Coleman quite often. In my opinion when Blizzard's vision failed we got cute 'Overwatch' instead of 'Titan' (yeah, problem more complex than that, bit that's my opinion). I understand vision as ability to interconnect different subsets of information and perceive it as one entity without doing it on systemic level (the last one is important). So while those who have vision have ability to put things in motion and get them done they don't see it in every detail. Akin to knowing how to solve the puzzle, but being unable to tell step by step solution. Therefore I don't think it's fair to pester developers with little questions constantly (my, only my opinion, nothing more). Though I was really glad to know that communities will not be separated NA/EU. I like a lot of people here and want to play with them shoulder-to-shoulder fighting Hunger (or kick their ***, heh).
  13. After some deliberation, though I think a new online Star Wars game should be much more then just MMORPG. As an example... showing Coruscant the way it portrayed, the life on streets and etc. is somewhat of challenge. Few are up to it. If next Star Wars game to happen it should be very, very multifaceted. I mean complex crafting from SWG are great, as well as almost-impossible-to-attain Jedi system, but there should be more. Exploration, for one. Action, there should be Star Wars combat ('wars', eh?). And, of course, a good flight simulator included. GM-hosted events... Well, now I am just describing 'my ideal MMO'. Anyway, I think next game should be on another level entirely. Nothing even close to 'WoW in SW setting'. To think most of these things are advertised in Star Citizen at the moment. Well... Still not SW.
  14. Yup. Man can dream, though.
  15. Well, I am going to try this one at a later date. I can whistle when I get there if you are interested in partying.
  16. Man, don't voice those ideas. They are too appealing. I have no idea how this works since SOE games became another company. But if could get SWG2... The problem is there is SW MMORPG out there and I doubt there is any room for another. But the very idea of Pre-CU SWG with modern graphics makes me gasp and go like this o.O That could be something, I am sure. Some people might say SWG is old all and that but actually design was way ahead of time.
  17. Looks like a LOT of people waiting for 1.0. From the distance Basilisk might be considered an unpopular server. But recalling how often I heard lately 'I am waiting for 1.0' looks like an interest in SWG much higher then current numbers show.
  18. Interested, too. People have so much negativity about new episode... Me, I just want to watch it.
  19. Pffft. Don't be hard on yourself, man. You don't like character so you are not obliged (and even if you did - same) to notice every detail. Besides, I thought she was Twi'lek at first too. Finished 6th season, started to watch 'Rebels'. My, they are much more close to originals. So much vigor. Reminds me why I always was for Rebellion. Actually, when FFXIV free week finishes I'll continue to play SWG as imperial. Well, maybe a little later - I'm revisiting KotORs. But nevertheless I want to see imperial storyline. Then, when they'll launch finished version, Rebel all the way.
  20. Concur. Good ones were very much in vein of originals if I dare say so. Like I said, they were worth watching even with horrible ones as ballast. Indeed. Though painful dialogue happen around us all the time, so... We all know what Bairloch means. At first it was: 'what the f**k is she doing here? Togruta, go home!'
  21. Don't even consider Clone Wars movie. I watched it like episode zero, that wasn't anything special compared to everything else. And yes, some were. Like Bairloch said it wasn't aimed at mature audience, after all. Don't know about 'especially troopers'. I liked the one I watched recently, 5th season endgame. Was pretty good. To think I liked more Jedi episodes. Sith, too. Though some trooper episodes were very good. She is not Twi'lek. She is Togruta. By the way very interesting companion of the same species present in SWTOR's Sith Inquisitor storyline. True. Some series was very hard to push through. But it was all worth it. Funny thing, when I watched 1st season or so I had almost exactly same opinion on series. Well, except for Jar-Jar. I find him funny. Usually when I say this people start hissing and circle around me, trying to cause harm. And I don't agree on Ahsoka. You really should watch 5th season finale if you are interested to change your opinion on series in general and character in particular. Though from my experience few does that.
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