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  1. Love the drains. Picture is great, too. I hope Crowfall Templar will be akin to an archetype you described.
  2. Wow. I should really checked this thread. Coruscant wasn't in SWG at all. Ha! You did not play it! And how my answer wasn't chill? It is you who is nervous... Because you did not play it... And got caught! Sorry. Couldn't just let it go. Might be an honest mistake as well. But doesn't look like one... Yep. One of the player hubs, actually. Don't know. Don't feel that bad on Basilisk. Might be just me, though. Well, looks like 'Repopulation' developers did just that. They did not win anything, of course. But rumor is 'Repopulation' is closest to SWG. Runs on 'Hero' engine, too. Which is quite funny considering SWTOR uses early version of the same.
  3. Actually was okay with prequels until watched 'Clone Wars'. I didn't like 3rd episode, now I don't even know if I ever watch it again.
  4. Yes. This. Fenris to president. No split community, please. True that. But I'll guess that a lot of Russians will play on EU servers.
  5. To be honest while it is obvious I'll have latency issues I so don't want to be separated from the rest of the community. Even if it is US/EU division, still 'meh'. I know a lot of people won't share my opinion, but that's how I feel about it. I don't see other solution to this problem, however. *sigh*
  6. Congratulations. Let's see how Crowfall fare from here. Most exciting to watch.
  7. Absence of any emotion indicates my steel belief in ArtCraft's vision and total confidence that game will be funded before it happened. :D
  8. I don't agree. There are problems with games that had no kickstarter whatsoever and still turned out technical mess. It's just how things are lately sometimes, has nothing to do with people participating in alphas and betas of their chosen games, IMHO. Me - I like the opportunity to jump in to game of my preference before it released. Usually it's about MMORPGs, single-player game alphas/betas rarely interest me. And if you mean that people sell alpha/beta access that's not always the case (Pathfinder really disappointed me, mostly because I just couldn't spend that much at the moment (: ). Some do, yes. But in case of Crowfall alpha/beta it's just part of package. Look at pledges. They provide so much more than just an opportunity to participate in alpha/beta. Interesting. Do you have any particular suggestions? I'd like to hear them, if you don't mind.
  9. Come on. It's standard practice with kickstarter. And yes, it's done. These two are concern indeed. Actually I think along same lines. World size indeed crucial to whether it is 'gankfest' or not. Do you know any way to stop it? Because I am sure as hell don't. Actually while 'FFA PvP' ruleset in Dregs there is nothing to stop people from teaming up. Will be almost the same 'guild wars'. But what can you do, right? Wouldn't go that far. 'Destroy'... And who said that only testers will be paying customers? People being able to play Alpha doesn't mean absence of pro testers. They will be in the same game, that's all. Some playing. Others working. Don't see a problem here. Yeah, they've been waiting for your blessing, I am sure of it. Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity. No offense intended. And arrival of 'Crowfall' doesn't make 'Camelot Unchained' any less interesting. Though I am not so sure about direct competition. Being out of the loop with CU for some time.
  10. Yep. Had an idea to ridicule this post moment I saw it. But then I decided not to since you said it anyway. Imagining AC as some mythic creatures that demand sacrifice was fun, though.
  11. On the other note horses in your update on kickstarter page look like tough customers. So maybe we don't need wolves.
  12. Well, that didn't take long. '...with prayer to Innoruk on my lips.' Heh. More shinies. Shiny special effects. Charming. Ahem. No, really. While I am all for 'gameplay is primary' to be honest beautiful graphics is great. At first I read 'more characters' as 'more archetypes'. Characters good too. As for mounts it's three twice: - black spirit wolf; - white winter wolf. *nod*nod* *mumbling* Why hate carebears so much? Must be personal. Maybe hate bears. Oh, well.
  13. In my opinion while speed is great most amazing thing is pledges taken. As of this hour: - 16 out of 20 $10000 'Bloodstone patron'; - 28 out of 30 $5000 'Diamond patron'; - 5 pledges of $2500 'Emerald patron'; - 14 pledges of $1000 'Ruby patron'. Looks like some people not just say, they roar 'we share your vision, we believe in you'. For those who might say 'some people have too much money' I'd agree but still: how many projects have these pledges sold out? Especially $10000 ones. 16 of them in less then 3 days. To think... Boy, am I glad to be standing at the very beginning of all this. :D
  14. Actually, after reading new info Crows have a bit piraty feeling to them. "Plunder those worlds, argh." Aye, this too. Not for everyone. Takes time and all. Why 'dreams'? That's exactly how it looks from information they provided. I'd prefer to chill out with other fighters while someone who has knack for it will plan next campaign. Not that I don't like game of strategy, I think the role will be taxing. And I can joke about RL and responsibilities all I want truth is no one has the time we had back in the day. Speed is truly amazing. $443,506 and counting. Few campaign can say they were that fast. Well, wouldn't go that far. Though team is incredible. Looks like my intuition going 'red alarm' on this one was right. Crowfall will be big. The very same thing that happened to other kickstarters. Campaign will continue till the day it is set. If you are backer you will get 'yay! we're funded' notification when campaign will reach it's goal.
  15. God's honest truth. Management could be very boring.
  16. 'What did ye say ye’ve been been accused of, again? Y’know what -- never mind, it matters not. Ye look innocent to me. an I got an eye for these things.' Ahahahahaha. Fun as always. But this time it's hilarious fun. I like this guy.
  17. Yeah, guess so. Sorry for sounding a bit harsh. BTW who called Champion being DPS? Kudos.
  18. *growls* Captains everywhere... I am not talking about kickstarter campaign, that mechanic is obvious. I am asking if developers plan prolonged crowdfunding system akin to 'Shroud of Avatar' or 'Star Citizen' allowing partial over time payment to buy higher pledges. And that's after kickstarter campaign.
  19. Yeah, numbers going up fast. Though I wonder whether we can change pledge later... I'd like to buy 'patron', but can't yet.
  20. 'Participate'. *nod*nod* Every time I read something like this I understand how much I missed.
  21. Yeah. And as part of this following I am very interested to know how it will be with us, oversears. Hope you will cover this topic in your reveal. Real... what? responsib... *whispers* Guys, what's he talking about? You know the saying: 'bright and early...' Oh, wait. Yeah, AC! What the heck?
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