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    StormShadow reacted to Durenthal in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 4/23/20   
    Holy cr4p the 0 imports thing is awesome fun.
    small group combat in starter gear at the wartribe encampments was really enjoyable.
    At one point our group of 5 ran into BSF fighting Horizons and joined in. Then Caldera joined in and 30s later Vanguard rolled in. I really dislike the 5.110 meta and balance issues, but the game can be so much fun at times.
    This patch has introduced a pile of disconnect bugs.
    And I agree that mobile banking should just be removed.
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    StormShadow reacted to McTan in Dregs: The Great, Good, Bad, & Ugly   
    My feelings after a few days in Dregs. I'll preface by saying, after a slow start, I am settling in and enjoying myself. My hype for the game is pleasantly refreshed despite some significant concerns and disappointments. The long and the short is that I've gone from actively discouraging my guild-members from looking much at Crowfall, to actively considering a Call-to-arms. Keep rolling, ACE!
    Long post ahead, you have been warned. Thanks in advance for reading.
    The Great
    Victory Card system. Huge, huge Kudos. Nothing about the game has made me as interested as this system, by a long, long shot. Tons of tweaking I think should and will happen (multiple cards in each category each season, with different durations, for example). My pipe dream remains letting individual guilds get some hidden cards that they alone are trying to accomplish. The juiciness of having to deduce what others are trying to do, and stopping them from doing it, is really appealing. Lean into this system, it's fantastic and completely a breath of fresh air for the genre. Yes, there will be complaints from conquest-focused guilds, but it's the best attempt at having people competing in multiple vectors that I've seen. People will complain that they lost to some flower-pickers, or thrall farmers, but I think it's really great (and I consider myself most interested in conquest, personally). The game now requires much more finesse and planning. All per-player calculations. The ultimate anti-zerg. I'm curious how it'll work with exports and alliances. I am worried about how it'll be gamed - maybe alt guilds scoring nothing, but funneling everything to one main guild - but, winning exports ALSO being set per-person would mitigate that. I also think it's a really interesting thing not to have visible, public scoreboards for the cards. I would like to see the scoreboards after, though. Day/Night (though I'd prefer the cycle to take longer) and seasons. Really feels good. No doubt some of the graphics should be improved (I saw some 2d bushes that made me cringe like it was 1997), but overall I like the ambiance. The Good
    Discipline hunting. It's fun. I'd like to see fewer locations, each with a guaranteed major disc spawn instead of many with a chance. I'd like these tweaks because it makes them more contestable and better small-scale, consistent PvP. Fights over disciplines are not everyone's cup o' tea, but they were super fun in shadowbane for me. I would bump this up to "The Great" except I never actually had any contest for any disciplines, which was very disappointing. It's almost a wait-and-see, though, because people aren't thinking about blue vessels yet. Discipline system in general. Character building feels great. Needing blue disciplines, which are drops or player-sold, will be the best part of the economy, I expect. Also, great gold sink at 16k gold per blue just from domination dust vendor. I will reiterate that making the souls a bit more rare (either via longer day-night cycle, or fewer spawn points, would help). Making more major and minor disciplines would be an amazing use of energy, IMO. I know it's a lot, but if I had to prioritize what to add before launch, it would be more discs (and Shadowbane style city building). War tribes. Mobs & drops feel good. The last time I played, there were no War Camps, and it's a welcome addition to see dropped gear. Relying entirely on crafters is a recipe for frustration and burnout, and I actually think this takes a lot of pressure off of crafters, as a whole (though I understand it frustrating specific crafters). I think speeding up crafting to compete would be good, but I have come around on the role of even blue drops from mobs. Even with the noteworthy complaints of not competing with dropped gear, we are a month in and now there are purples. I feel like the drops got turned down between GR and Dregs, which put them in a solid place, IMO. It feels good. We need things to do in the world, other than circle around like vultures. More ways of making War Camps valuable would go a long way. (I noticed necro additive drops missing on Dregs, which is maybe a loot table bug?). Maybe the War Camps themselves could have conquest-type points that can be held? (Also, another plug for making PvE loot pop as doobers) Shrines. Anti-stealth shrine, thank the heavens. Now, just make it remove stealth also, instead of just preventing re-stealth. Stats on equipment. Feels nice to analyze what I want. I'd put this in "The Great," if the damage and healing bonuses were not pre-baked into the armor types. I'm also not sure if all armor can get all prefixes and suffixes, but it would be nice if they could. e.g. a full set of "of Arkon" armor The Bad
    Hitching remains a problem. Seemed to be getting worse today with the start of Fall. It corresponds with a massive drop in FPS, often of 50% Needing to wait a month to be a shovel-user The random void of the white to blue vessel planning. It's really strange that the green vessel seems not to exist. There is this weird in between right now, where I think it'd feel good to be trying to upgrade my vessel one step, a month in. Maybe people are doing that, and I'm just unaware. I think it's tied to the lack of gravedigging, though I'm not sure if necromancy would be timing out well, either. Statues. I am hearing, second-hand, that you can stack a bunch of buffs. Seems too excessive and fairly tedious. Maybe only allow one buff choice, even if the city has multiple. It is equivalent to additional pieces of gear. Bank space. As a discipline hunter, I am essentially out of bank space immediately. I imagine harvesters feel similarly. Not having the individual shards feel unique. Where's ice island? Where's the bog? Where's the desert? I understand the assets and investment demand and that it's a pipe dream, but a worthy one, IMO. The Ugly
    Having EK city-building, with all the immense time, money, and energy used to design it, not make it into Campaigns. It just really hurts. Shadowbane style city-building was THE selling point for most of my guild. Their reaction to seeing pre-placed, build-out style was...disheartening. The optimist in me hopes you are planning it for longer campaigns, but the realist knows you are not. Truly a bummer. Fixed siege schedules. Not only is it rough for timezones to deal with, but it is also going to be such a huge PITA for defenders. The grind of defending multiple sieges in a row in SB was brutal and there was a significantly higher cost to running a siege in that game. I'd like to see the SB system transplanted here. It worked well. Letting people siege (and for that matter, capture) for free is a huge mistake, IMO. It should take planning and cost something significant (like a Tree of Life seed or a Banestone & Siege equipment). Perma-stealth & Instant Re-stealth. Took two days for the most common character I see, by far, to be guinecean stealthers. Groups of em. Solos who harass for 15 minutes and eventually call in two more people, who are...you guessed it...also guineacean stealthers. Make stealth time-, energy-, and spatially-limited OR give us true anti-stealth sight spell from a major discipline that ANY race/class can take. It was great to have a SB scout that needed to be on its toes, regularly remembering anti-stealth, and finally finding someone. Mobile Banking. Takes an integral aspect of risk and mitigates it completely. World banks are bad enough. Please remove completely:) The "I'm not sure, gotta wait and see"
    Size of maps. I'm not sure if the population just plummeted, or if I was getting better at avoiding people, or if people were congregating elsewhere. But, I saw fewer and fewer people, to the point of the game feeling pretty ghost-town. My initial thought was the worlds need to be bigger, now I'm not so sure. Obviously, scaled to population, but I'd be really interested to see the current world with 500+ people. Not being able to group with people outside your guild. I had this under "The Bad," but I'm not so sure. Maintenance costs for cities. This is hard for me to think about, because I am so hoping for a different city-building and siege system. Blueprints. The system for crafting in Shadowbane was really quite excellent, and has not been replicated (like so much that was amazing about that game), since then afaik. I'd love to see that, because it created an internal economy. Waking up to find my sage had a +20 int neck waiting was a feeling of bliss, I'd love for that to happen again, with player-crafter made blueprints. Harvesting & Crafting. Been playing essentially solo, so I'm just not sure where these systems are at. I'm happy to see people spitting out some purples, it feels like a decent timing. When dregs launches without a few weeks of Gods Reach beforehand, I think it's fine to make people wait and build up to the better gear.  
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    StormShadow reacted to Deioth in I'm concerned and disappointed with "dregs"   
    Something tells me that we really only have partial systems being tested at this time.  Given they have free building with EKs and that we're only seeing our first real TEST iteration of Dregs and the ruleset and mechanics we'll see more come online as things are fixed.  Unless everything I've read and watched has given me the completely wrong idea, I'm willing to bet we'll be seeing improved siege window mechanics as well as free building leading up to LIVE Beta.  They've remarked a lot on how they've had to use stop-gap and half measures to keep LIVE interesting for people and we definitely are seeing how much of a distraction from the original game ideas and necessary features that has caused.  I have no reason to doubt that they're falling back on some of those to phase out testing specific mechanics, perhaps the easier to implement/fix mechanics, before moving on to the more complex.  This may only be educated speculation at this time, but I cannot fathom that they'd consider bland nightly vulnerable windows and static designs and no free building as feature complete.  Knowing what their backgrounds are (Todd's especially) and how Crowfall is a spiritual successor to Shadowbane I think peoples' immediate assumptions that this test environment proves we'll have no free building et al whatsoever are illogically reactionary.
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    StormShadow reacted to DocHollidaze in I'm concerned and disappointed with "dregs"   
    If we could portal to a keep or fort we owned, I think they would feel like more of a home for a team.
    Certainly there would need to be some kind of new siege equipment that prevents teleporting to a structure like that. And/or maybe make the cooldown for teleport to keep or fort be pretty massive.
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    StormShadow reacted to Thevo in I'm concerned and disappointed with "dregs"   
    Let's hope that free building, not-so-windowed sieges, and other missing/disappointing features are just still not available in this first iteration and will come later 😅
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    StormShadow reacted to Barab in I'm concerned and disappointed with "dregs"   
    Not being able to free build is a huge downer, it's a shallow system, and sucks. 
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    StormShadow reacted to Azerlin in Youtuber's review   
    It honestly feels like he had already made his mind up about the game b4 he even opened it. Any new player would ask the question in general chat and would have gotten the answer they needed within seconds. I get the UI close and lag gets old fast, but was the only legit thing that had said about the game that needed addressing from what he showed in the video that was HEAVLY edited. I think really, his handle says it all... "lazy" review all in all.
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    StormShadow reacted to DocHollidaze in Youtuber's review   
    As a youtube content creator he is incentivized to create controvercial content, seeing how much attention he got on the forum here I would say he was successful. The most efficient way to get reactions and engagement on the internet is to share some infuriatingly incorrect stuff.
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    StormShadow reacted to Deioth in Youtuber's review   
    I think we've said what we can say at this point, but the final thing we're all definitely in the same boat (because it isn't like there I disagree with general consensus).  The potential is there.  Let's hope they pull it off for launch rather than a fix 6 months too late and a freemium model out of financial necessity.
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    StormShadow reacted to mystafyi in Youtuber's review   
    I think a better explanation is that the Dev's didn't do their job. As you said later in the post...
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    StormShadow reacted to Deioth in Youtuber's review   
    A real current state would be with 5.110's launch.  I think it deserves that much, especially since he decided to post the video like 2 days after TEST went up.
    I certainly am not defending Crowfall's incompleteness because even the TEST GR certainly will still need work, but for a popular MMO youtuber and game reviewer to not seem to engage in even a cursory investigation of how far along the game is, admit he wasn't sure this was worth uploading, and then proceed to upload it anyway days after the TEST servers came up comes off as extremely unprofessional and just plain bad content.  He has turned off many thousands of his viewers to Crowfall because he didn't do his job.  A brand new player I don't expect to spend a lot of time researching the state of a game and it is their fault if they don't like the pre-alpha state, but Peon is a content creator.  He's held to a higher standard.  If he did this video six months ago when the patch drought began, I wouldn't have bat an eye, it is his timing more than anything and the sense that he took an extremely lazy approach to this video and to assessing Crowfall in general that has me so disappointed in this whole fiasco.  It just isn't a fair assessment right now on the cusp of the Beta update so I hope he does a follow up once 5.110 is on LIVE.  At that point, his criticisms would be a lot more valid.  You may as well assess the content, gameplay, and QoL features in WoW Classic compared to the main game and complain about everything Classic doesn't have and its progression speed.  Not the best analogy, but I think it expresses my point.
    And trust me, lots of us are giving things a skip.  The PvP can be fun enough, but the lack of features right now hurts LIVE a lot and sieges tend to be banging one's head against a brick wall right now with how broken ballistae are.  I and much of Eldritch have not logged in at all since, what, December (other than dabbling in GR TEST)?  So it isn't like I am disagreeing with the game feeling empty right now.  I am just shocked and disappointed at Peon's decisions here.
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    StormShadow reacted to miraluna in Youtuber's review   
    Spending a couple hours to learn to play your class in a safezone, and get some starter gear is really needed for an open-world pvp game. You cannot drop noobs into a full competitive pvp environment and not expect them to ragequit when they get crushed.
    Infected should be the pvp and siege training ground for noobs that complements GR. It has the potential to be turned into something fun that bridges GR and Campaign.
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    StormShadow reacted to Lightsig in Youtuber's review   
    I think the direction @Staff is mentioning is what I would lean towards myself. There needs to be something resembling the core game loop at least hinted to in the new player experience. 

    I mean, what happened to toast messages, and server-wide events?  Is there anything driving players to compete, or teaching them that this is the main concept of the game? God's Reach was supposed to ramp up players to understanding the concepts within Crowfall's campaign worlds. Ramping them up in a purely material manner does nothing to set that precedence, and it actually sends new players the exact wrong message about what this game is.
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    StormShadow reacted to Armegeddon in Today is not the day. :(   
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    StormShadow reacted to Toadwart in CF covid-19 impact?   
    Fatality rate of major virus outbreaks worldwide in the last 50 years as of 2020
    In the past 20 years, the world has had many major outbreaks of virus':
    SARS (2002)
    H1N1 (2009)
    MERS (2012)
    H7N9 Bird Flu (2013)
    nCov (2020)
    Note the fatality rate of 2.2%
    The "Flu" has more than 3x the fatality rate of Covid-19,
    And yet no one bats an eye at the flu. Sporting events are not canceled, lives are not disrupted, stores are not the scenes of violence as people rush to clear out the shelves in fear that there wont be enough supplies left for them later.
    The media makes money off of selling fear to people who cannot or will not look at the facts for themselves. People with compromised immune systems die every single day to viruses more deadly than Covid-19. Dont get caught up in a media frenzy of fear and look at the facts for yourself. 
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    StormShadow got a reaction from Ranger in - Problem with no "Proximity Voice" system?.. A suggestion, and additional Scout discipline role! -   
    I could see the "spy" problem you speak of if the spy was in the factions discord large lobby room listening to overall given team commands, where team leaders would gather. I guess really it doesn't have to be large discord room either to be unnoticed, probably any random newly joined guild member could join in on the small rooms and yet only be there to siphon early information for their own guild on the opposite team. Just hope most teams will realize to use a party chat for important information on where to attack on map next.
    I do like the idea of the scout role bringing back updated map info for the team. We'll have to see how this all plays out in the coming campaign tests.
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    StormShadow reacted to Ranger in - Problem with no "Proximity Voice" system?.. A suggestion, and additional Scout discipline role! -   
    EDITED. Since I now see what others were trying to point out to me here below. (Basically describing to me that large 3rd party guild channels would always exist and have the upper hand no matter what communication system a game puts into place)...
    I now foresee a problem with any uncoverable map system for this game. (Todds scouts suggestion

    Reason that I think we would have a problem, if map visuals have to be constantly refreshed or put together in pieces by scouts.. As the campaign progresses, a team/faction made up of 1 large discord channel, would uncover a map layout easier then a team/faction made up of many small discords channels.(or smaller guilds)
    More smaller discords rooms would equal less organized team because things like map screenshots would be taken and shared, as well as their fluid communication about the campaign layout of parcels would be easier for them to figure out and share as well. (with coordinates now too)
    I think we need to keep the idea of just the compass system, where we only know where our party is and what they are doing. Not a map of knowing what other faction parties (friendly or enemy) are accomplishing on a campaign world.
    Please keep the map layout a secret to all parties, and have them be forced to venture out and decide to either find other groups, or take on objectives that are only in their "sight range" they decide to overtake or not. (like in Hungerdome and siege perilous test layouts)
    Though unlike the hungerdome and SP lobby.. I'm not even sure knowing at the beginning of the match "whos player names" or "whos guild names" seen joining, other then your own party, is a good idea either.. It's another simple reason of being able to communicate with other known guild party teams on what they have seen or are discovering in their campaign map and figure out how to group up quicker. I'd now say keep it all random.
    I see a frustration too of campaign timelines and the constant logging off players on a team but ill leave this topic alone for now. My head hurts..lol
    Original post:
    During the last live Twitch event Todd gave a vision hint for "Scouts" role in Crowfall:
    I would like to suggest a further role for scouts that I think is important regarding a possible problem with "Large" Discord channels and the ability to share enemy position information between voice channels.
    The possible unforeseen Discord problem?:
    As the campaign progresses, without a system of ingame proximity use of voice, I can foresee a problem with enemy eavesdroppers listening to the other faction sides Discord channel. This means anyone can have the ability to spread information to their own team/guilds Discord channel about where the enemy team is, and what they are focusing their efforts on. Examples: taking over a mine, or small crafting building. etc.
    Do we need Proximity Communication?
    ...for the reason above, I would like to see an ingame proximity voice system and a proximity chat system . A proximity voice area for the "main keep" and various proximity voice for party groups out in the "battlefield". Where you have to be in a certain area to hear the groups.
    The chat system is also set up the same way as proximity only with the exception of "tells" and maybe "party chat".
    ("Global chat lobbies" is also maybe allowed too for random socializing of RL news..)
    This brings Scouts an additional role:
    In the campaign server, as Todd hinted at, "having scouts/trackers be the ones to bring back map information to a gathering table". Does this mean only updates to enemy land plot claims?..
    ... I would suggest go a step further for scouts to seek out other "friendly" team parties as well within the campaign map...
    Have scouts also bring map "snapshots" of friendly party positioning to other various friendly parties throughout the battlefield. This map may also include an update to any new appointed party leader names, (after other party leaders have logged off) Having these given names allows leaders to communicate to each other via sending chat "tells" since they can't reach each other with the proximity voice.
    After leaders receive the scouts map information, maybe only leaders with the leadership discipline be able decode the map and be able share it to the party to plan various collaboration efforts or possible scheduling of a meet up with other parties to discuss further objective plans via proximity voice and chat.
    So with this suggested role for scouts and the suggestions of implementation of an ingame voice proximity and chat. It would maybe deter 3rd party voice apps from being the "main" "go-to" game server channel where anyone and everyone will be sharing verbal information, The reality is sadly all you have to do to cheat is join in an enemy Discord room to hear them.. Maybe, you may have to be a member of a guild to join their Discord channel, but who is to say you cant have a second character account (spy) sitting AFK in the room and in the campaign? Or they have better allegiance to another guild.. We should rely on the game to show us different plans playing out. Not get most info from "on all the time" voice room/rooms.)
    Let me know your thoughts!
    P.S: I think it would be nice to have "keep/castle proximity chat bubbles" as a player option to turn on or off. It adds a nice "social" role play system and an easy to determine "heads-up" conversation in large player groups or camps, (to negate a fast scrolling chat box and name matching to various character bodies). They also serve as a roleplay mechanic for things like vendor daily sales and location coord spamming in large EK keeps/cities to make the city look thriving to the new players.
    (reminds me of SWG city of Coronet/Theed, where it was the default gathering place to see all different types of geared players/NPCs/classes/professions/vendor advertising/combat duels/social bars. - All incentives for new players to fulfill different roles and continue playing the game.)
    ***Edit: Yes, large and already established guilds will have their go-to 3rd party voice channels. I'm not saying they shouldn't... Because can't they use them both? (as an ingame push-to-talk mechanic), I'm just saying for any new players, solo players, guild seekers or small guilds who want to tag along on large faction teams made up of many different guilds (faction goal), they wwould be able to do so easily (and not really be able to spy for other faction/guilds too much due to prox voice and limited large Discord rooms).
    I see it as an effective way of communicating between one another when the game is being "played". Already having a setup ingame prox voice chat would be far easier for them to quickly say something helpful, as combat is too fast paced to type. That is if they see their message in a scrolling chat box, oh also if they can quickly match the name to the character (cause no implemented chat bubbles or heads up).
    An ingame proximity voice + chat bubbles would cater to a wide range of players for this game and guilds of all sizes for various campaigns.. just sayin.
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    StormShadow reacted to IdeaMatrix in What was the best for SWG feature for you?   
    People expect me to say the crafting system and that would be my second favorite thing. My first place goes to the macro system. The macro system was so robust and intuitive that you could write full programs on them. My first program was an exploit of the bleed system which allowed you to use a pistol to apply a bleed effect on a creature and then swap to any other profession and gain experience for the kill. I put my character in a city with low level spawns, forced my character to spin it's camera, target the closest target, apply a bleed, swap professions and heal myself when I got below a certain percentage health. It became a pretty popular macro and they patched in an afk timer so I added a harvesting macro to the loop to keep myself logged in.
    I wrote much more complex automation scripts for things like crafting and bio engineering later in the game but, eventually they had the food and combat updates and people were becoming literally immune to damage and the game stopped being fun for me.
    To me, it was never about the unfair skill gains or power gaming aspect, it was about seeing if I COULD. To me the process of automation is fascinating and if ACE set me loose with an NPC tool I could probably make an AI that behaved just like a player. That system and the Razor macro tool for UO free shards were the first things that got me interested in programming.
    I still download razor from time to time and log into some UO free shard to see if I trick their anti-afk systems. It's a profession in itself!
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    StormShadow reacted to Tahlvin in What was the best for SWG feature for you?   
    The best feature for me was what all of the individual features enabled, a world with cities that were alive with actual players. It was awesome that the Cantina actually had a use and the player driven economy was one of the best I have ever seen.
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    StormShadow reacted to soulein in When the Trees go dark - Official discussion thread   
    It sounds like a lot of the Lore from Shadowbane is being recycled and repackaged for Crowfall, which I love. One of the things I miss most about old SB was the Moorcock-esque world wherein the gods are self serving and malevolent, the elder races are cruel and spiteful, and the younger races are ambitious and ruthless.
    This particular passage reminds me of two Lore points from SB:
    The mystery surrounding who exactly murdered the High King Cambrium, pinning him to the original Tree of Life and therefore shattering the world and ostensibly killing Braialla (Gaia). Who is responsible is a point of contention, but it doesn't ultimately matter in either Shadowbane or Crowfall...the important thing is that narrative is pushing us to murder each other.
    The other similarity is the relationship between the Trees of Life and Oblivion (The Hunger). In the metaphysics of the Shadowbane world, the natural cycle of death and rebirth was disrupted to where the primal force of death itself is being starved of souls. The consequence of the disruption is that legions of mindless undead, lead by sentient manifestations of the will of Oblivion (Vampires) seek to destroy the trees of life in order to feed the Void. It seems as though the Hunger is doing much the same thing.
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    StormShadow reacted to Pann in When the Trees go dark - Official discussion thread   
    Yeah, yeah, I know... It's not the meaty sort of update everyone likes. The truth of the matter is that small updates like this are usually indicative of everyone on the team being eyeballs deep in something very cool, so cool that no one could be pulled away to cobble together something not-as-cool for a web update. 
    We've got an interview pending publication and I was hoping I'd be able to share that link today. Still holding out hope that it will drop soon. 
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    StormShadow reacted to NostrusUK in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    It shows the caliber of the man, and frankly he'd be lucky to be a .17.
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    StormShadow reacted to NostrusUK in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    "So Derek, how exactly do you manage your stakeholders?"
    *blank look, sound of crickets outside*
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    StormShadow reacted to Khoth in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    I'm currently in college to hopefully become a Lead Game Designer. I was wondering if you would lend some hindsight advice, you stated
    How do you think, now that its in the past, that you could have preformed as a better communicator and what tips for effective communication would you give a young game designer like myself.
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    StormShadow got a reaction from courant101 in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    No need for an apology, friend. No way I am the one to say which thread supposed to be resurrected (or not), I am no moderator.
    Just saw an opportunity for a pun, considering mood of 'Crowfall' and all. Big fan of SWG myself.
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