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  1. #omg It's huge system req. u said there, im sacred :/
  2. I know that the game isn't released yet, even alpha (Pre-Alpha), and i would like to know your expectations for the system requirements after the teaser (kickstarter IG footage)....and i want to know which os will be op for running the game wihout any probs. (like win8.1 64b, that i have, which is the most fked os for PCGames compatibility) Sorry for my bad eng. im trying hard to learn eng. from south park and futurama subs
  3. CC EvE Online : 8ans. WoW : 3ans. Aion : 3ans. ( j'adore son systeme de PvP dynamique) ArcheAge : 2 mois. (Pay 2 Win.) Voili Voilou
  4. all in title, i would like to know
  5. Crowfall my last mmo hope !

  6. Guys where i came from (Tunisia) i can't back the crowfall on kickstarter... The countdown is done...anyone know how to join ingame for the beta? im beta group 6
  7. Hello, where i came from i can't back this game :'( The counter is done, any thing new??
  8. Twitted it to my clan !! omg ....(^)_(^)
  9. On l'y 6 Hours !! Didn't sleep + day off
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