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  1. I am going to specialize as a battle medic / psychiatrist. Come see me if you have issues that need resolving or ptsd debuffs as I can cure those.
  2. All I know is what I want from a game so here goes. I like PvP and I like hardcore PvP where you have serious risk and rewards facing real people 1 to 1 or sometimes whole armies, skirmishes and scouting parties. I think going out with a few miners and some guards to gather resources will be good fun and tense if in an area which has been know to host either tough mobs or enemy players! I love the idea of the CW's . Weeks or Month long campaigns full of pvp, espionage, crafting, building, wars, territory battles, amazing stories of victory and stories of defeat. This appeals to me greatly and I can't wait. But I also admit I love PvE and even the CW's will have PvE mobs, but then where does that leave EK's? Now here is the thing I love EK's or rather I want to love EK's but like most people are saying they see them as pointless bits of aesthetic castles and villages which can have purpose but not really when it comes to CW's. So why not rethink the EK's and make a more MMORPG PvE with that side of things with dungeons, quests, raids and role play and have them separated? But then again that still makes them pointless to some people and creates a barrier. I am really conflicted when it comes to the divide between EK's and CW's! CW's are where you go to battle, you pvp and pve, crafting, build, fight and win or lose. You bring back some resources to your EK at the end of the battles and can use those to either built up your EK, craft items for the next CW, chill and socialize without the risk of pvp. You now have some weapons and tools ready for the next CW which is a Tier 5 CW (Tier 5 = Bring in 5 items per player (Can still be lost on death / durability) and have buffs from thralls etc) You know what you are allowed to take before entering the CW and so do the other enemy groups so you all have the same opportunity to take advantage of the import / export rules. You win / lose and bring back what you can perhaps you win and some of the items you did take in initially have survived and even been upgraded a bit, your group comes back and builds up their EK more = more buffs and different items. Repeat. What if you think of the CW's and their import rules kind of like a game of Warhammer where you try and get 2 armies of a similar point level to battle each other so the battle is potentially fair and interesting and those import rules are to do with what you can take in that might give you either and initial advantage or late game advantage or even just a few little perks who knows. And the export rules for the winners are 50% more that what you imported and if you lose you can only bring back the same number of items that you were allowed to import. (I suppose when it comes down to the import export rules they can be altered) But here I go again and I have forgotten about EK's, and it just seems to me that most pvp guys are going to forget about them and just hop from CW to CW. I want EK's to matter to me more that just a place to make cool castles and explore. For me that would mean a PvE area for me and friends to do quests, challenges, build my EK, craft, socialize, prepare for CW's, do dungeons and raids with friends for loots that I may or may not be able to take into a CW. What I am imagining in my head really is Darkfall Unholy Wars as the CW's and in between a total world reset / new world you go to World of Warcraft in a PvE server but then that seems irreverent to me because I would rather have a complete experience in the CW's with role play, pve, pvp, throne battles, wars and what not. Now isn't that kind of the way it works in theory at the moment or based on the design spec of Crowfall? Because if that is the case that doesn't seem so bad.
  3. I think you should be able to move during combat and attacking but at a reduced rate. It feels unnatural for me when I play a warrior and run about, I then go into a combat attack and my character just freezes and does its animation, then continues. Why could we not walk while we attack, I hope we don't get full movement speed while attacking because I do not want a CS:GO scene on our hands with people jumping all over the place while spamming buttons and flipping about. I want rooted combat where the attack dictates. I want movement in combat and attacks where applicable. We shall seeeeee.
  4. I will not and I think that MMO's should have 1 account per person bounde to their NIN or DNA or something. I don't see any real reason to actually want more than 1 account anyway. I think people who want to have more so they can have crows with focuses on specific skills is ok but that should then be handled by 1 account rather than having to have 2 to do it. I think of it as cheating a little bit. If I ever make an MMO (yeah right good joke lol) I would have people provide evidence they are who they say they are and get 1 account per person EVER. I think it also makes people less likely to be nasty to other people for the sake of it because if they were banned it would be a lifetime ban from the game. Their only option would be to get a new identity ha. Sorry I raved a bit!
  5. For me it is a mixture of things. The community of having guilds and forming cities in the campaignes. Trade routes and a bartering player run economy. Being a master craftsman and having my legendary weapons in the hands of our allies. Espionage, murder, assassinations, plots, factions, treaties. Setting up practise runs of goods etc.
  6. I expect Crowfall to launch on the day that it launches.
  7. Playing this now! It is totally free no restrictions, combat is good fun. Dungeons are challenging and housing is kind of neat. What is not to like really! I think Wildstars combat is solid and hope Crowfall has somthing atleast similar! Questing is the same old same old stuff you could expect in other MMORPG's so it isn't bad it just isn't anything new. Still having fun though. It seems like it is more populated now that it has been F2P a while and it is still growing. New content and stuff released and all! That is what I am playing at the moment while I wait for Crowfall!
  8. To me it seems as if it is not about the fact that the vessle is dead. The vessle has to be "vacant" in order for the crow to use it and "drive" it. But if the vessle becomes too damaged then the crow must take leave and find a new vessle. Some will be pristine! Perhaps a sacrifice. While others might be worn and torn but still usable and maybe even valuable. Just because a body is in good condition doesn't mean that it is better than a body that is battered and damaged because that body might be better suited for something else. Pristine Commoner body vs Damaged War-hardned Solider. A new fresh body to start a clean slate with vs a damaged body with more skill, history and knowledge!
  9. If there is Voxel terrain deformation and tunneling then I would imagine that every character can dig but very slowly based on the materials hardness levels. On top of this I would imagine that perhaps the dualists advantage is fast digging in the soft materials that you would mostly find on the surface, like dirt, grass and sand. So on the top 5 meters of land they would have their advantage of fast digging compared to the other classes. Let us say that Grass, Dirt and Sand are class 1 Materials and easy to dig, then Stone is class 2. All other characters dig at a normal pace based on the specific material class. So they dig faster in dirt than they do in rock. The Dualists can tunnel in Class 1 with ease but if they encounter class 2 they are only slightly faster at digging than the other characters. So they have this awesome ability to speed dig easy materials and use that to their advantage while also limiting them to that material class of 1 which is most commonly found at the surface so they are less likely to just cower away in their tunnels hundreds of feet underground. Just a though :/ I am pretty sure that most animals that dig tunnel do not dig more than a few feet underground because they lack the endurance / it is not necessary. You don't often find a badger burried 300 meters below the surface just chilling.
  10. whats stopping people from just staying in their own EK;s and trading resources from EK to EK thats what I mean, I am not debating solo vs group. I just feel EK's make the rest of the game feel less important. Atleast to me.
  11. The only issue I have with this importing and exporting is that if I get resources from a campaign and bring it to my Eternal Kingdom, what does it matter? Because every player gets an Eternal Kingdom and they are sort of private worlds. Yes other players can visit but what is the point then anyway? Oh now I can make a nice sword after that campaign, Not that it matters because noone visits my Eternal Kingdom and I can't take my sword on another campaign because the rule set doesn't allow it. ? Just a thought
  12. I would have thought that at the start of Crowfall there are no Eternal Kingdoms. Players join a long campaign and work with other players to form teams and guilds on a campaign world. As the campaign advances guilds form with players in position of power. So guild leaders /kings. Once the campaign ends the guilds are given the ability to claim land on a shared Eternal kingdom. Eternal kingdoms are not sometome everyone gets but rather are unlocked when guilds form and a campaign ends with a guild base of more than 15 players. Something like that perhaps?
  13. I think in-game voice chat for a game like this would be ace. Obviously there would be issues and potential for griefing and abuse but if it is a location based voip. So people who are near each other can talk to each other almost like each player emits audio from their location and the sound is weaker the further away you are. I suppose thats just how location based voip works anyway. If it isn't added then big deal. Woooo....
  14. Still doesn't really explain if someone can have a better sword fighting skill and 1 shot me because I am a newbie. Etc
  15. We have to really get this nailed because this can make and break a game as well as change the way the rest of the game would work. Leveling! The way I see it is if we have leveling this creates barriers between players with different level ranges. A level 1 can be instakilled by a level 100 for no other reason than the level 100 has more dmg, hp and better gear. This is unfair for a game with Pvp at its core. Pvp should be a level playing field in terms of stats. I am a skilled PC gamers but in a game like WoW, If i were to pvp a friend who is level 80 and I am level 5 I dont stand a chance, even if my friend has no skill and I have plenty. Unfair to say the least. Without leveling most people won't know what to aim for. I personally love leveling as it feels like I am making progress that I can see and feel. However how do we get leveling in the game without it effects combat and stats? Do we have leveling which is more like personal character knowledge? As a character is used more to do tasks he becomes more knowledgable in those tasks and gains abilities that don't make the character more powerful but provide variety in the specific task? What if leveling is implemented like traditional mmos but the amount is reduced and based on percentages? Level 1 = Newbie = 100% on all skills. Level 100 = Complete = 110% on all skills. This way the difference is minimal, still has an effect, but the effect isn't so great that pvp and pve becomes unfair? I have to say I like the idea of a character that improves as you play but there is no way of this being fair in terms of pvp unless pvp is handled seperatly but even that isnt fair! So for my point of view, either they have a plan and its a bit of trial and error or we dont have leveling at all. Or the way leveling might work is so new and radical that we wont know what it is untill then tell us! I vote for No leveling, or leveling which has no negative gameplay impacts for anyone else regardless of their level relative to that person.
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