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  1. Was not aware of such things, which is pretty neat. Still say arrows by themselves would suffice
  2. Completely missed the Embargo bit. Thanks for pointing it out, as the point I was making is pretty... well pointless now
  3. One thing that has always made me stop and think was the potential of the economy in both the Eternal Kingdoms and the Campaigns. A very large part of the economy *can* be owned by Mercenary guilds; this is because I feel like a lot of Crafting guilds will lack and require the military means to protect their assets - especially if they are large scale, moving a lot of caravans/ content on a campaign-to-campaign scale, if that makes sense. Logistics will be key. I see a lot of the more independent Crafting guilds enlisting smaller company Merc guilds, with the promise of some gold - but better, freshly crafted equipment that they can repair for a small fee (or free)
  4. I can really only say this: Arrows are generally already pretty silent. I mean you may hear the 'twang' of the bow. However, I really doubt there should be a 'silencer for arrows'.
  5. As RPGs are my favorite genre of games, I really appreciate this post. I hate when immersion is broken by silly things, especially like a name that doesn't fit the Universe/lore or that is simply out of context (like 'UrMomsBewbs1337')
  6. I get your point. The way I see it, hopefully the Crafting guilds will hold SOME territory (even if it's minimal - even hidden away in some mountain) They will most likely have some sort of security force anyways. Or they could enlist the Mercenary guilds before Campaigns - or at the very start (if they can)
  7. Mercenary guilds, in theory, could be a cornerstone in Crowfall. Lets say you get a crafting guild that needs protection (obviously), sure they may have their own 'security' force but not a full fledged defensive or offensive one. Perhaps the Crafting guild doesn't necessarily have the monetary means of paying for said Merc guild, but they could absolutely however, craft and equip the Merc guild. So on top of getting paid, they could get good gear, custom made gear, and have their gear repair for free - or for a small fee.
  8. I absolutely agree with the first point made, in having to have a crafter of equal skill or higher to repair your items. Although as for the 'life essence' I don't really think it would work, especially if it was for that short amount of time.
  9. I stick to my personal, and first opinion on this matter: I feel like Crowfall needs to stay away from the typical MMO standard of the Ranger - it isn't that I don't want pets, on the contrary, I believe that pets should aid them in their primary role: scouting and reconnaissance. Perhaps extended line of site? Perhaps increased stealth abilities (think a Falcon flying overhead giving feedback on monster/enemy movement, thus aiding the Ranger in his own movements) I want Crowfall to stay away from having the Ranger ALWAYS use the pet as a way to get out of things. The pet should be ONE with the Ranger; you lose the pet, you yourself are extremely weakened. I just don't want to see people sending their 'wolves' into battle for them. I want the Ranger and his/her pet to be part of the same orchestra of destruction, if they were to enter battle - or supporting each other outside of.
  10. I've never really understood this lol To each their own, I suppose!
  11. Ah, I see what you are saying! If you have considered the fact that our trade lines could be raided, also consider this saying from Sun Tzu: "Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected." You marshal your forces to retaliate, they move around your forces expecting the retaliation, and attack a now less defended place. Again, especially if they are organised to any extent, it'll be much worse. That storehouse will be raised to the ground by the time you realize that your forces were out-maneuvered. The most profitable targets are the ones that think they are the most protected.
  12. This 100%. I want the dedicated crafters to shine above the casual ones that just do it for the sake of doing it. I want there to be KNOWN crafters in CF, so that you know when you get quality items and when you aren't - not just a bunch of the same type of 'rare' item that everybody can produce. This also enters the field of mining/ harvesting resources. Those who yield better crafting ingredients should be able to craft (or at least supply to those wanting to craft) better items.
  13. I have played Wildstar as well (though not for very long). I agree with the large scale PVP being sucky when it comes to telegraphs. I feel like ArtCraft will definitely have to experiment with some sort of targeting system, and I truly feel like it needs to be different than the standard telegraph system, but like you said, they ARE fun.
  14. I have no problem with a telegraph system. If CF has something similar to what I have experienced in the moba SMITE (Been playing since beta), I would be greatly pleased. If I can aim at, dodge, and hit other players based on personal skill/ intuition (within reason), I'd be even more pleased.
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