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  1. Hahah, well I mean even during heated moments people are adults, realize it's just a game, and resolve it quickly. The meltdowns I've had in guilds over loot and gossip nearly ruined MMO's for me. Edit: this commenting system is really screwing me up. Keeps taking away my line breaks. Argh.
  2. Buncha great folks here. I've been in a ton of guilds, but this was literally the only one I didn't have any cringe worthy guild drama at some point. It's a big competitive group of people, but of all the LOTD members I've played with, none of them were tryhard unpleasant people. It's like a friendly casual/relaxed guild atmosphere with super competitive and competent players. One of my favorite things to do in MMO's myself is organize community events, and I plan to throw em on Crowfall big time. I organized the biggest community events on Wildstar most recently, and plan to do even more in this game! I really think this game is going to be revolutionary for world PVP event organizers like myself, and community figureheads like our other guildy Bazeleel. I can't wait to get started! Baz and I recieved a lot of support from these guys, and in the twenty freakin' years they've been around they've actually always been big community figures. So if you wanna be part of a guild that drives the community, you should join up!
  3. I was a huge fan of Wildstars telegraph system, and am a huge fan of it here. Only complaint for Wildstar (the telegraphs... plenty else to complain about tho..) I had was the telegraphs were a bit too bright, and it seems they corrected that problem here by keeping them relatively subtle. When I ran my big OWPVP events in Wildstar... it ended up looking like a rave lmfao. For competitive MMORPG PVP it's the way to go by far. As seen in Elder Scrolls Online, first person mode feels extremely floaty and has no 'punch' to it. As unlike single player games, they have to process a crapload of players at once and deal with the latency. In a 3rd person perspective you can fool the player with good character animation and give them visual cues to land skillshots.
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