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  1. You seem to talk a lot of smack, and can't currently back it up with anything besides poorly-constructed sentences. Your ONE vision of dominance looks distorted and half blind from over here. Good day, sir. Thanks for the cute revisionist history, tho. I lol'd.
  2. Clever retort, Fatboy! I'm sure you have plenty of experience with ejected fecal matter on your hands. Thanks for sharing!
  3. OMG I see my old dagger-chucking-proc-like-a-beast Templar, Nebulous in this pic. That guy was badass....less so after one day one of his Daggers of the Fey broke because I forgot to repair it. I got another one, but still...those were sad moments. #autorepairincrowfall
  4. I agree with Lindorn. At this point, who cares what happened when, why, and how? I don't. I just love the memories I have (from both sides of the battle) that provided me with the best gaming experience I've ever witnessed. There will be time anew for talking smack about the new battles we're going to have soon enough, assuming Crowfall stands and delivers.
  5. Let's just see if you get banned again for your name, which only means "Air Force" in German. Gotta say, while i'm sure we would've burned you guys to the ground in SB, I always supported you having that guild name...
  6. The first time I ever logged into SB (after buying it on a whim and never having played an MMO before), I played it for 16 hours straight. The level of immersion in the game's political structure and battle fronts seemed so real to me. I was so invested in my guild, my teammates, the conflicts going on around us, and the knowledge that our actions in game truly mattered (within that sandbox lol...) Nothing else has come even remotely close to the kind of experience SB provided. I've tried Lineage II, LoL, GW2, been stuck in WoW for years (for lack of anything better to play), and have found that nothing has ever really filled that SB-shaped hole in my heart. I played SB at a unique time in my life when I had time to put in 14 hours a day on Mourning. Those days are long gone, and as many of you have said, we've grown up now, have careers, families, marriages, and a whole lot less time. And yet still...there's this unique SB-type itch that longs to be scratched. Whatever happens with Crowfall, I'm sure I'll be an enthusiastic part of it, but I don't know to what degree. That said, I can't wait to see what this world offers, aside from a serious challenge to my time-management skills.
  7. I go by Integ now, but was mostly known by my R7 healer o' carnies, Medizin on Mourning. Dark Carnival had some great times, and I'm lookin forward to brawlin again with you lot soon enough.
  8. Lindorn, I'm glad you saved all these screens! Most of my screens got lost in an epic hard drive failure. Losing Chaos Circle that night was honestly kind of freeing. Not having to have a tree/base to worry about allowed us to freely roam and take down UDL one piece at a time. The final battle between UDL/EQ (something like 12 hours of straight combat) was, to this day, the single most epic day I've ever witnessed in any video game ever.
  9. Pretty sure that's already a given...
  10. http://imgur.com/7e6GN1C I know it's pretty early in development, but I think the game looks totally hot! And that duffle bag weapon is going to be so OP guys! Seriously though, what would you like to see in terms of the balance between graphics performance and straight up lag-free PvP/sieging? Our computers have come a long way since 2004, and I think the game can look great, while still having the backend and overhead to let us slice and dice without lag. But if you had to choose one side vs the other, which do you want more? Graphically-rich or straight up playability? Thoughts?
  11. Ahoy., Savage! Good to see you again, mate. I hope TSP's coming to the party! Aye, Zing. We're all keeping our eye on the pulse of this thing, whatever it is. Here's to hoping it's something great!
  12. Dark Carnival is watching this game closely. Since the days we dominated in Shadowbane, we've played WoW and LoL heavily, amongst other things. But thus far nothing has even come close to the thrill of Shadowbane in its heyday. Many of us are interested in Crowfall, and we hope to have a presence there, assuming the game doesn't suck. Crowfall devs: You have a monumental task laid out before you, lads. You know what we crave in a PvP-based MMO, and SB was the closest thing we've ever had. Please get this right. All the SB'ers here know what that means. We are the junkies anxiously awaiting the Walter White in your studios to crank out some serious blue perfection. Don't let us down. -Integ
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