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  1. I joined the Covenant a year ago, and I am still here. If, like me, you have played a lot of games with a lot of guilds/groups through the decades, you might understand a bit of what that signifies. I'd describe Cotp as a diverse yet close knit group, with active leadership and a commitment to excel; whatever the game is. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish in this new milieu called Crowfall !
  2. go here at the top, under the Phoenix Logo, is a row of word/buttons. Home | Join Us | Forums | etc etc (Forums will stand out as white, since that is where the link goes.) Mouseover the 'Join Us' button, it has 2 links: Create Account (forum) and Application (CotP). You need a forum account to apply, so Create Account first, then do the Application.
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