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  1. Wow it's finally launched. Good luck to an old school great guild and stellar group of folks! Good luck guys!
  2. Hola old friends, can someone please PM me a discord invite code, I need to speak to Thallis.
  3. I only played release WoW and then quit after dominating the sheet that was WoW release PVP. Slaughtered noobs by the hundreds outside the alliance capitols and the entrance to blackrock. The ground had a carpets of skeletons. Of course that was all pre BG's, pre-arena's, pre- expansions etc so I can intelligently comment on end game WoW PVP. It was very low skill ceiling
  4. Well I am old and slow of reflex. If skill is only judged by my ability to jump spin while circle strafing and keeping my reticlle centered whilst i pew pew pew I assure I will be sadly lacking. However I was very good at the "skills" I listed above, I haven't yet played Crowfall beyond running around my EK when I first installed it but I plan too after the summer is over.
  5. What in WoW was there to write about PVP wise. We were a compact guild that dominated PVP such as there was. It amounted to duels outside Orgrimar, ganking Allies trying to get into Blackrock spire and Kamikazeeing the alliance capitols. We weren't a raiding guild, after we capped we ran the high level zones, dueled, raided the alliance cities etc. There was literally zero point to Wow as a PVP game so we left.
  6. See how silly that sounds to claim to have won WoW after only playing the sheety launch version and not being around for the changes, expansions and evolution of the game? Your short time at SB's launch gives you zero credibility to talk expertly about a game that had many expansions, rule changes, advancements, server versions etc.
  7. Probably because you stuck with it after we conquered the game and moved on.
  8. Hi Viking, yeah we all capped in about 2 to 3 weeks. Exarch was on the WoW wide leaderboard for the first to 60 but faded at the end and missed by a couple days. I don't remember for sure it's been too many years but I think illidan?
  9. There are a million games out right now that reward mechanical skill from your oft-mentioned WoW to all the FPS shooters to infinity. Shadowbane we'd all of course grant didn't have that kind of mechanical skill ceiling. SB however rewarded planning, subterfuge, treachery, relentlessness and most of all brains more than anything before or since. Real game world consequences were the other truly defining thing about SB. If you disgruntled off the wrong nation leader, talked smack in the forums, stole from or ganked the wrong guy there was a very real chance you as a lowly peon in your nation could bring on a huge war that resulted in your empire being burned to the ground city by city, night by night. I think my guild burning down your repair forge and bank before the siege so that you cannot repair or get at your banked items easily is skill. I think my guild dropping structures on your advancing formation scattering you for easy pickoffs is skill. I think getting a stealther into your pre siege rally to see what spec your guild is bringing to a fight so mine can get a counter to it is skill. I think making better toons that are vastly stronger as a complementary group and maybe not so much solo is skill. I think planning out a brilliant strategy for a siege is skill. I think the guild that can best get on target and stay on with the chaos of battle to win is skill. I think the guild that can most effectively use their collective abilities and powers to immobilize and debuff their targets is skill. I think the guild that can most effectively remove debuffs and CC on their own players is skill. I think the guild that builds the most intelligent and complementary groups is skill. I think the group that most effectively resource gathers and crafts their gear to maximize their group abilities is skill. I think the group that can most effectively get their dead back to the battlefield, buffed and ready to fight the quickest is skill. As long as Crowfall adequately rewards those things listed above I don't tink any SB'ers will complain.
  10. My guild at the time of WoW launch, Talons of Chaos was filled with top tier SB names most would recognize from the glory days of Vengeance. Eastre, Exarch, Rolp, Sabotage, Lotus, Kraxx, Dru2 and more that my aged brain forgets. We played WoW for 6 weeks to two months and dominated any and all combat and it was a server so populated it had queues to log in that could stretch hours. WoW PVP was boring, easy and pointless. All the builds were the same, there was absolutely no consequences to to anything.
  11. Never heard of VN, non factors imo. I played WOW for the first 6 weeks after launch and the PVP was absolute sheet.
  12. This is in the bugs forum, you are not alone.
  13. Another question about training. Do skills that raise attack power when a weapon is equipped raise attack power on spells? For instance will training raise attack power on one handed weapon strengthen heals and nukes if I am holding one handed weapon?
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