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  1. The KS page doesn't explicitly state what will be included, it simply hints at the systems themselves.
  2. Would it be possible for us to get some clarification on what is included in the core module and what is part of the overall vision before we give feedback on potential stretch goals? There are still a lot of vague areas as far as what the core module actually entails.
  3. Crowfall's target audience is almost exclusively PC players. Even if there were a market for this type of game on consoles, which is unlikely within itself, ArtCraft simply doesn't have the resources to even attempt a console port. That isn't even taking into account the fact that gameplay would suffer from being forced into an inferior control scheme.
  4. That's why I said that having the physics engine handle passive armor/weapon animations would be ideal. Combat animations would obviously have to be animated separately.
  5. Having the physics engine handle passive hair/armor/weapon animations would actually be more efficient than creating animation sets for them. Predefined animation sets should be avoided wherever possible.
  6. The only reason that it took so long for HDT to be implemented in Skyrim is because that the engine wasn't originally intended for its use. Character and gear weighting isn't the insurmountable task that it is made out to be although I do agree that the devs' time would be best spent in other areas.
  7. This is the same reason that I refrained from commenting on RNG in combat. There are simply too many points of contention to cover in a single post.
  8. I believe Todd already responded to this saying that it wasn't set in stone and export rules won't necessarily be based on RNG. I agree on removing RNG from common drops (spider eyes, legs, carapace), it seems out of place in that respect. Although I guess I can see the logic behind it (damage sustained in combat rendering mats unusable). Requiring a set amount of kills to get rarer drops seems a bit bland though. Having farmed mobs for months on end I actually tend to enjoy the RNG aspect of rare loot. I take more issue with this than any of your other points. You either base the resulting gear solely on the quality of the materials that went into the recipe or you use the quality of the materials to affect your crit chance on the item. You can't simply make gear quality based on "skill", any system short of RNG can and will be abused. Using some sort of mini-game to determine item quality will just result in said mini-game being scripted to achieve the best quality every time.
  9. Hiring a full time FX artist for a 200k stretch goal is very reasonable. However, an additional 300k for what should be part of the core game is a little unsettling.
  10. I see nothing wrong with recognizing alpha/beta testers ingame so long as it is purely cosmetic (title/armor skin).
  11. It seems like most people on here don't understand what exactly KickStarter is. You aren't buying a copy of the game when you pledge, you're funding the game's development. That doesn't necessarily guarantee that the game will ever be released even if its funding goal is reached. There is a very real danger of never getting a return on your investment and it has already happened countless times with fledgling studios. If you believe in the game enough to pledge this early in the development cycle then by all means do it, but don't think that just because you've pledged you are entitled to anything.
  12. Why are you operating under the assumption that more "worthy" crafted gear will make PvP more difficult to balance?
  13. No one actually pays anything until the funding period ends. If you pledged for the $500 tier you can just swap your pledge to one of the additional $425 early bird specials. I fail to see how anyone is being screwed over here.
  14. Neverwinter has follow and Diablo 3 doesn't count since you don't run into the camera angle issues that multiboxing without follow creates.
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