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    Video Games (Especially Mega Man, Pokemon, Smash Bros Pirate101, Wizard101, and Fire Emblem), Writing, Reading comics, researching history
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    United States, Florida
  1. As long as I'm extra crispy. I want to have something that makes me unique compared to the other charred corpses.
  2. Idk about them, but my post was joking/sarcastic...
  3. Basically, you can predict a thread similar to the ones that I mentioned as often as you can predict the frequency of new years eve.
  4. That the second we get our news tomorrow, no matter what it is, how informative or insignificant, there will be that one poster with the "This game has xxxxxxx, I'm gone, worst game ever, enjoy your crap," or, alternatively, "I didn't get what I expected, devs don't care, I'm going back to a good game," thread.
  5. They only learn to handle themselves at school when others don't condone it. If the average 12 year old COD player goes to school and acts the way he does online, and is accepted for it, then he'll think it's ok to go around making jokes about teabagging in the real world, especially if the parent doesn't do anything about it. This issue is why I hate about half of my Japanese class. When one kid is a weeaboo, the others that aren't can use social cues to show what traits are undesirable, and therefore changes the kid for the better. Unfortunately, when they're all weeabooes, they become a granfalloon of anime worshipers, saying Senpai every two seconds and referencing homestuck instead of working. Guess what happened after midterms? My Japanese class was half the size it was before. Parents have to get involved, because relying on peers to lead kids into maturity isn't always the best path.
  6. That depends on your definition of joke...
  7. The game has tons of potential, but it unfortunately hasn't been updated in about 2 years. I have three characters at level 81 (which might as well be the cap), and I still just go around exploring new worlds. Anyone ever played it?
  8. I'm a Skype user... from what I've heard i think I get the general idea of teamspeak, but could someone please explain it to me for clarification?
  9. 4, along with almost all of my Pirate101 central pals. I wonder, are these going to be different servers, or will these be versions of the game? Ex: group one goes in first, and the suggestions and bugs they report will be addressed and changed for group two, etc. Although many may dislike this, I think it is a good editing tool for an early product. Instead of putting something out, getting feedback, and changing it, gradually collecting feedback as the game improves over the groups.
  10. As long as we don't get a damn text box with slow scrolling text at every transition, or become werewolves in an attempt to revive a franchise on life support at night, I'm game. (Just waiting for someone to get those references)
  11. Theurgist is the one class I didn't bother on in Wiz. The PvE is easy, but as tedious as cranking a valve. Spam your highest damage spell- which is about half as strong as the other class'- heal when you get low, wash, rinse, repeat. And the mob fights, my god! No AoE until level 58. That is pathetic. The mob fights are more of a chore than the bosses, and it just gets old, fast. PvP is also a crapshoot, considering how prevelant doom and gloom is, ( for you SB players, it bogs down all heals by 65%, and doesn't vanish until somone replaces the aura, which doesn't happen often) and it's just as repetitive as PvE when they don't %+@!$#?&*^ block ya. Clerics have to be designed as a Swiss Army knife, flexible, even in a PvP only game, for spamming heals gets old, and even the background healers want to have fun. The only games I think nailed it on the head is Dragonquest's Sages, a mixed Cleric and Mage. Fingers crossed that CF gets it right.
  12. Can someone please clean up the dictionary section? It looks like the drunk teenagers got into it last night...
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