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  1. Jah and exactly how many people are playing? This game needs to appeal to more people then diehard winterblades. I regret every penny I spent in this game. Virtually everything from voxels to passive training from original vision did not make it into the game. The last time I tried to play we couldn't even do a 20vs20 without serious lag. Zones were locked out because to many people were in them (can't remember zone limits now). Game was a hot mess and is more a niche game then shadowbane was. Ya, I know "tech limitation". Oh ya what do I do with the years of ViP I have as well. Have they even figured out ViP yet?
  2. Is Frostweaver ever coming? I have given up and am focused on New World.
  3. when Frostweaver comes out, I will come back to play it.
  4. Similar to this as seasons progress The day night cycle could get longer. Earlier in the campaign we could have longer days and shorter nights. As the season progress we could have shorter days and longer nights. All this could be reinforced with some cool moons and other skyline features. A harvest moon would be cool. This would give us ability to have longer grow cycle and as winter approaches things get tougher and more dangerous for longer periods of time.
  5. sweet, love the progress BUT, hopefully next week Frostweaver!!
  6. I am sure I will, I refresh these forums 20 times a day.... I am an addict and I have an addiction!!
  7. Good Q&A, BUT, still wish it was update on Frostweaver, maybe Thursday!!
  8. I expect ice as well, we need a true damage mage though. The fessor is already about slow's and stuns. It is more control then Damage. I think it should be possible to have control and damage. Most every class in the game has some sore of cc associated with it. I want versatility. I think they have nerfed the fessor to much and it is more based on control now.
  9. As per today q&a, campaign worlds will be dynamic and based on a sandbox play-style (player action changes the world) not a theme-park (rails).
  10. The bolded is what I want to see. Let the players come-up with their own arenas. They have allowed PvP in Ek's so they can. I would rather see energy for development spent on making campaigns and combat/crafting/exploration more enjoyable. This should be a never ending battle. Lets keep as many sandbox elements as possible. Having Ace make a Arena system puts it on rails.
  11. Same here, it is main reason I bought so heavily into kickstarter. Here's for hoping it lives up to my self imposed HYPE!! This class and its play ability will literally make or break this game for me. The Confessor was my second choice but they have nerfed it into oblivion. Third choice would be Ranger. I have no desire to play a straight melee char. I have ZERO desire to play class as a fae, Wood-Elf all the way for me.... Ya I really hope so...I been wanting info badly.... I hope we still have Kusarigama as a possible weapon. Another stealth class maybe? A stealthy mid ranged mage wearing mail, would be the bomb....
  12. Well, frankly quite a few of us are on test and can craft will all purple mats (unlimited on vendors). The problem with leather has zero to do with level of mats and everything to do with it does not scale well at all to plate. There is zero reason to use leather over plate.....
  13. funny we were discussing this, just this morning. Somebody claimed you get more benefit to using plate on a rogue then using two other minor disciplines. That is how crappy leather compares to Plate. Now, I think Plate should work best against physical damage and leather best against elemental damage with mail doing a combination of both, but at a lesser degree. What are the best resist % people can get on Leather? Mail? Plate? So in keeping with topic of post, the resource cost is WAY to high for what little advantage leather offers.
  14. I think whether or not someone crafts in the CW or the EK should not really matter. All of this can be controlled via import rule set's per campaign. If you want limited or zero imports then play that rule set. If materials needed to craft come from CW's, It will already force everyone into CW's. This almost seems like a solution to a problem that does not exist.....
  15. Glad I didn't spend points there!! Figured with free mats I would go all crafting on this test.
  16. Ya, I wouldn't mind seeing them on a discipline.
  17. I was under the impression that pet classes was part of Kick-Starter for everyone? Combat Enabled pets was a stretch-goal...
  18. Why else would they be spending art time on an ice elemental? I hate pet classes.......
  19. Interesting 4 Elemental's, Nature Ice Electricity fire Make me think they are adding an elemental for other classes too. So the new tech was an elemental or maybe Frostweaver changes into one with separate ability bar? Just speculating and having fun...
  20. Nice, BUT, to be honest best part of the reveal is the fact Blair will have a Frostweaver info soon!!
  21. Are the tress gated by %? Meaning before I can go to elf, must I train a %% of sylvan? Another question, Are we still required to train in a linear fashion? If so why? I would like to be able to jump around within a skill tree based on what I feel is important. You can gate me on final skill in tree if your worried about people just taking last skill. Say before you can train final skill in tree, you must have 75% of total tree completed.
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