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  1. I've been playing some classes and I feel the sound for hitting someone with an attack is too obtrusive and repetitive for something you have to hear throughout an entire fight. Especially having to hear it the entire time in longer fights can get annoying. If I may suggest something, changing the sound of at least the frostweaver and confessor attacks to something less present because the current sounds don't mesh well with the rest of the combat sounds. I don't think having the ability to know that your attack hit is bad but it should be less obtrusive. (by the way, I really like what's happening with the distance sound design, just running around and hearing things like wolves howling, players fighting and even horses neighing at a distance is great for immersion and makes the world feel much more alive.) Something I've heard people say a lot is that ''combat is floaty'' and I sorta agree with this statement. A fix for that might be reducing the range at which autoattacks hit because right now my melee auto attacks hit at slightly over 7 meters, but when I check my animation and sword length, they don't seem to be near what I'm trying to attack. This for me as a player feels weird because I'm hitting things I'm not supposed to be hitting according to my animation. Lowering the attack range (to be honest, perhaps even halving it) might be a step in the right direction to make combat feel better. I'm not sure how easy it is to change this but It's probably worth at least testing out to see how it feels. These were just my first impressions on combat.
  2. I'm having the same issue, so you're not alone.
  3. You get the privilege of testing the BRAND NEW ACTIVE Crowfall campaign! Yay!
  4. wow hi new friends pls enjoy the game welcome
  5. Oh, my bad, I thought you would have actually played the game. The amount of people online isn't readily available, however with a bit of searching I'm sure you could find a stream, a youtube video (You watched 10 of them, but forgot to look up what is apparently an important measuring point for how you judge a game? Odd.) or you could have joined a public Crowfall forum and asked the question of how many people play the game in its current state. Instead you went and spent what was it, 70 or 100 dollars on a videogame that you didn't bother to research properly. Stop trying to blame ArtCraft for your own lacking investigational skills.
  6. Isn't the PvE server made exactly for people like this? So you want to play on a PvP server and then you complain about getting rolled in PvP saying you can't properly craft and gather things..
  7. The information is readily available, It's not extremely deceiving at all. You're just stupid, sorry dude. You bamboozled yourself, you got into the game and realised you didn't like it. And now you want your money back, I hope ArtCraft keeps your money to be honest, but they're good people so they probably won't. Perhaps do more research on what you spend your money on next time.
  8. Hi friends, one of the image links isn't working properly. http://crowfall.com/en/news/new-houses-for-sale-on-sale/ Pls fix.
  9. Aw yiss, I will be looking forward to the First Look: Templar news article you will be bringing out then.
  10. Hell yeah boys. Can't wait until we can play this archetype.
  11. Perhaps get that lovely 1080p 60 fps stream as well from them? You might be using the stream a lot more in the future.
  12. I don't like a /who command showing everyone that's online. At least put something in place to counter it or remove it completely. Everyone that wants to see me online will see me online through the friendslist. And if I don't have them added in my friendslist then you can assume there's a reason for that.
  13. Perhaps something for the next long stream that ACE does.
  14. Looks good to me. The more I can adjust and the cleaner my UI the happier I am. The only adjustments I'd like to see added is transparency for the chat like this: Full chat. (Adjustable chat names like Crowfall) ---- Transparant + text ---- Transparant + text + typing The text will automatically dissapear after a while keeping the chat clean. To the point of only seeing the chat icon on the bottom left of the screenshots until someone talked again. (I'm not saying copy the whole chat, just the transparency part of it) And allow us to adjust the size of the UI elements. Especially the party part of the UI and the HP, MANA, STA part of the UI. Hope you guys can use this information and do something nice with it.
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