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  1. I don't find it surprising that there are more bad games than good games in Unity. I don't think this is an issue since Unity as a Game Engine as a pretty good reputation. Those bad games that are getting constantly released are forgotten pretty fast. However, does great games made in Unity (like The Forest) are the ones giving it reputation.


    I feel like any Game Engine with easy access to amateurs will bring a lot of bad quality games. This most likely will happen to Unreal Engine 4 too.


    To the person above me, why would a stealth character be more easily noticed? Personally I hope they don't handle stealth like every MMO and just have disappearing and reappearing characters, and instead actually have stealth rely on hiding behind poorly made socks and not making noise. Rain would maybe increase the sound of footsteps (the sound of rain would cover it a fair bit though, I'd assume), but decrease the odds of you being found visually. You could even have different "levels" of rain. So if it rains harder, there's more rain noise to cover up the footsteps, and whatever else might change from that.



    You somewhat answered the questions... When I was talking about stealth I didn't mean someone invisible, but rather someone camouflaged. Water drops falling down in the stealth character would make it easier to notice.

  3. I mean I guess Artcraft said they found some secret ways of getting around any computer spec issues that they aren't sharing just yet. But if they come through on their promise, the game should be able to handle thousands of players on screen, the destructible environments, advanced effects, NPCs and building for even moderately bad computers. Not saying this is set in stone, but from what they've shown, I can actually believe it. As we have seen, graphics aren't the biggest concern for Crowfall and the player count is going to be split up by campaign and EK servers, so it actually makes sense that it won't be too intense.


    Do you mind sharing a link where they stated something like that?? I am very curious about that  :o

  4. Hi Crowfallers!! Some MMOs and non MMOs use more CPU resources rather than GPU resources (Guild Wars 2, Arma2, Arma3, etc.) 


    So the general questions are:

    • What features makes a video game (in this case a MMO) more CPU intensive rather than GPU?
    • Will Crowfall be a CPU intensive game or GPU intensive?


    I really hope it takes more advantage of the GPU rather than CPU, since my CPU it's not that good. I will upgrade my computer but next year, and I really hope I will be able to handle the beta.

  5. You can't fix it but you can definitely mitigate it. Most games punish the toxic players... how about if you reward the helpful player and also punish the toxic players. That way people will be motivated to be a nice guy instead of a toxic player.


    The only reason why people like to be mean is "because of the lols". So if you give a better reward to the nice guys, people will tend to stop being mean players.

  6. It would be nice to see some small changes with weather. For example, a stealth character will be easily noticed when it's raining and harder to notice when it's night. 


    However, beyond this point, I don't think it's worth implementing physics to the weather. As one oberon stated, I don't think the server will be able to handle a physic weather.


    Offline video games can handle this kind of feature but not MMO games.

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