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  1. If you actually believe TERA has strong healing, I don't think you're going to be disappointed with Crowfall. A priest's job in TERA is not simply to sit there spamming heals which are easily dwarfed by any tab-target MMO's caliber. They contribute to DPS more than you may think through their support powers which are completely unrelated to healing or staying alive. Healing in TERA is also not a solo effort. The entire team needs to cooperate with you to receive your floor-targeted circle healing. Attempting to heal a pack of newbies who are moving around as they see fit is a challenge.
  2. Yes, it does, you're taking a single statement out of context with the rest of what I've posted on the subject when I've given examples supporting it. I'm not saying that you can faceroll your keyboard and still win as long as your gear is better than the other team's. I'm declaring that when one style of gameplay depends on avoiding an attack manually while another relies on passive stats like armor and blocking there's a clear and definite difference in how important numbers become. Strong healing is associated with the latter gameplay style, where your defenses amount to what gear and bu
  3. I asked that balance not be brought into this a few posts ago because we're always assuming things will be tuned until they are right regardless of how the mechanics work. In any well designed system there are counters for everything, regardless of how complex the system becomes. No one here is arguing that healing breaks the game and makes it incapable of balance, we're addressing the EFFECT it has on gameplay and the type of gameplay it forces. The negatives come from the metagame it encourages. Each method has a different impact on the gameplay and I literally just listed some of the
  4. That's not at all the same thing. - You can heal the target when it's at 30% health and it will reach full. If you armor buff the target at 30% health, it's often too late to matter. - Crowd control can interrupt a heal the same way it can interrupt an armor buff. But while healing just happens and is over, armor buffs can be removed. They also expire, granting moments of vulnerability unless the cooldowns are short enough to allow overlap. - Healing negates the effort that players put into damaging your target. An armor buff merely discourages attackers and penalizes them if choose
  5. The difference is reactive vs proactive. In order to heal someone for 10,000 damage, they need to first TAKE 10,000 damage. Which means the enemy needs to be competent enough to blow their burst dps load on your target. Then the healer simply waves his hand and all that work along with 50 dps cooldowns gets wasted. But if you buff someone with a -75% damage ward, the enemy can choose to IGNORE them. That person is now effectively a tank and focus firing the tanks before everyone else is generally a bad idea that you should only attempt when forced. The tank isn't what's going to ki
  6. I also enjoyed the class balance of WAR aside from how overpowered Bright Wizards were and how stupidly powerful Order was in general. There was no down side to playing an Ironbreaker and I was at the top of total damage most matches, unless a good Bright Wizard was around, purely through staying alive with its broken amounts of crowd control and survival while dealing consistent damage. My Chosen felt more like a wizard tank who didn't know what he actually liked more, spells or armor, creating conflict within the class spec. But those ideas worked well in a tab targeting game. Having
  7. Lephys touched on a good point regarding the reason for MMOs taking this direction. Skill-based combat is all the rage now and more players want it. But it comes at a price as far as perceptions go. I want you to take your ideas of what constitutes tactical gameplay and shelve it for a moment. Declaring that the Rogue class is capable of 1000 dps while the Warrior class is capable of 100 dps is a passive element of the game, something beyond player control that decides in advance what is possible with their character. How much skill is involved with passively mitigating 80% of all dama
  8. It'll be like every animated movie ever. There's a program you can run for it. if (creator==Disney) return orgasm; else if (creator==Dreamworks) return elation; else return pain; Of course, there's also the occasional patch and update 1.1 added the following lines: else if (creator=="Square Pictures") return suicidalthoughts;
  9. But Fallout didn't do it, they had bottlecaps too. The set value of items is like how MMOs have values on their trash loot. By your example, EVERY existing MMO has a barter system like Fallout because you can simply load the Sell window with countless trash drops to buy whatever you want from the vendor. Gold is optional. On the player side of things it would also go back to what I said, the community would create currencies that were easier to manage than carrying fifty-seven suits of armor to trade for a single legendary sword. They'd instead deal in some low weight, high value trade
  10. Which is exactly what some MMOs have done... know what players did? They created their own currency standard. Diablo 2 used the Stone of Jordan as a staple trade item because gold was not valuable enough to warrant trading it for items. Path of Exile carried on this tradition with scrolls and runes. In fact, any time an MMO has had worthless currency or no currency at all, players have simply come up with an easily transferable, low weight, valuable alternative to serve as currency -- even if it's Bullets, bulk Rares, or Sheep. You can remove currency from the game. You can't remov
  11. I think steph's point is that he hated Guild Wars 2 so much that every game that even suggests the possibility of healer removal must be an identical clone. While arguments in favor of a concept backed by genres that succeeded at it flourish, there will always be those who point to that perceived failure when it didn't even set out to make an interdependent party dynamic. Surely we must presume that a game we have yet to even glimpse is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past rather than learn from them. Guild Wars 2 is not the hellhole it's painted as either. Each class plays uniquel
  12. I think you're misunderstanding the position these MMOs are taking. It's not to destroy roles and their value on the battlefield but to remove the Hero from the story and insert someone with Flaws and Mortality. There's little difference between a CEO and his CFO but they each play important roles in managing a company. A standard SWAT team isn't comprised of three humans, a Kryptonian, and a vampire... it's just normal people with normal capabilities. You can still have roles that are unique and vital without having superhumans involved in the process, making healing some full health s
  13. Team Fortress 2 has the best fire hose healing. 1) The healer has to remain within 10 feet of the target. 2) The healer cannot do anything else while healing. 3) The target receives only a heal over time effect instead of full health. 4) The weapon used actually looks like a fire hose. 5) Right-click to activate Ward mode. Despite how quickly people die to guns the one and only healing class is still extremely required just to compete. Where all other classes are pretty much optional. In fact Medic healing Medic and Medic Team Invulnerable Bonesaw Bash Party is a high ranked m
  14. The vast majority of players are in the lower tier. Careful whose heads you crack. Having tiered spending like this creates a similar situation to real life. There will be the poor, the middle class, the wealthy, and the great powers. The divide itself isn't terrible as long as the upper classes give back to the lower ones by doing things like furthering the game's existence and development. Almost all free to play games operate on the principle that 1% of the players pay the majority of the costs for the other 99%. However if it gets taken too far, you get discontent, rebellion, and rev
  15. Well, this just confirmed my future playstyle. Rob the rich to feed the poor. I hope player trading is something that happens a lot in campaigns because stalking the popular marketplaces is going to happen.
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