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  1. If different archetypes don't have specific roles then why bother ? If melee are all meant to be as effective in every situation as range and vice versa then why would we have the two ? I don't want range to feel and be played like melee. If every archetype is played the same way it gets boring.
  2. I don't think the problem lies with finite or infinite arrows but lies within making arrows count. I remember playing WoW as a hunter. Finite ammo was boring, inefficient and not logical. You would load your inventory with *thousands* of arrows. Arrows were meaningless because they did not bring anything to the game play as you would literally *shower* your enemy to death with your arrows. As I said, I don't think the problem lies with finite or infinite arrows but lies within making arrows count. We need a system that makes you think before firing. Make the ammo count. In Mount and Blade arrows were limited per battle (Not entirely true because you could pick up arrows from dead people) but they would be very effective (high damage), they would mow down cavalry horses pretty easily. If I had to vote I would go for finite ammo IF ammo means something (Something deeper than just loading *thousands* arrows in you inventory). If not then infinite arrows are the way to go if there is no more depth to the range game play. Either way I really think ammo in general should be crafted to have different purposes. Explosive arrows against walls, structures and siege equipment. Fire arrows against things that could catch on fire. Piercing arrows against heavily armored enemy. Poison could be used too. The system could rely on having a batch of arrows in your inventory as well ac reactants (explosive, poison, fire) to modify the type of arrows fired (Finite option). Or a quiver that changes the type of arrows you fire (Infinite option). To balance them, depending on their type, their range and accuracy could be reduced. I am playing a game because it is different than real life, and therefore realism does not need to apply all the time. But if having finite arrows as well as meaningful range game play I would rather have finite ammo (Add to that the strategic implication of having to craft and supply and we have an interesting system) Make them meaningful. Edit: For the people that advocate that classes would be unbalanced I will tell you this: "Crowfall is not a 1v1 / 5v5 WoW like arena pvp game and I hope it will never be. Archers are supposed to stay safe (behind melee in battle and walls in siege) or draw their sword and fight melee. It is okay for archetypes to have specific roles in battles and could be unbalanced to some extend. Melees without support (casters, archers) are as weak as range players without melee support"
  3. I think the way arrows were design lets say in WoW was broken as you shower your enemies with a rain of arrows and therefore don't count them just shoot/use your skills. In M&B you had to count your arrows and make fast but good choices as you could run out of arrows and therefore make the most out of the limited supply you have. I also think that having limited arrows and such enables more strategy in battles because each side would have to bring caches of equipment ready to use for people to replenish their arrows for example. You could capture / destroy there caches of equipment during battle and that would give some power to classes that use subterfuge and stealth as they could sneak in and destroy the supply lines of the enemy army (In the midst of battle I don't think an assassin could survive long against warriors and such but then it defeat most of the PvP as some classes would be less fun to play in big PvP battles)
  4. But then don't you think that players would get mad if they *lose* their epic equipment ?
  5. After reading topics about how far ACE should go for/against simulation (finite arrow, mounted combat, body heat, defecation) it came to me that it would be nice to have some mechanics in Crowfall similar to what battles in Mount and Blades (M& had to offer. Here is an example of battle you could fight in M&B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msJSx5yR7lg I know that M&B is a very different game compared to Crowfall but here is a list: When your horse (mount) dies it is dead for real and you fall on the ground. Anybody can then hit you easily as your are getting up. Mounts are s stretch goal so far but it would be interesting to use mounts in combat if it is done right. Finite arrows are a thing in M&B. You had four slots for weapons / arrows / shields so you can bring more arrows and no shield or even two or three shields with you in battle. I don't know if finite arrows are a good idea but at least in M&B it made you think before firing because you had a finite amount. Arrow were very deadly though. Shield destruction was a nice feature to see. It would suck to lose your *insert epic shield name here* but M&B shields were disposable. PvP in Crowfall will likely be base on risk/reward and for shields to be destructible means that they can also be easily replaced, boosting the economy as you have to replace your equipment. Now I don't want Crowfall to be boring (as most people would hate to lose their shield, replenish their arrow, lose their horse) and fastidious as you would have to craft and farm to replace items you lost. Comes down to my question to you guys, would you rather see disposable equipment that are easily craftable or epic equipment that would be indestructible ?
  6. Pledge allegiance to one of the many fake gods of Crowfall and smite your enemies.
  7. I think it would be better for everyone to keep Crowfall out of real world politics and religions. Crowfall gods don't need to be gods that are/were believed in.
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