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  1. Very cool! Is it going to be possible to learn some special abilites for siege weapons, for example double shot of some kind or maybe produce other kind of ammo, with like frags of some kind?
  2. Hello fellow crows and other! I just though of portals and where they might be leading. Then i thought of shadobane and how we had oblivion and maelstrom. And i think oblivion was a great idea. But then i thought, what else would be great? And then it hit me, the opposite. "Heaven" But the "regular heaven" would not fit the theme. But Valhall would! Summary: If you are going to use portals, and if one of then is going to lead to Oblivion. Make a portal that will lead to the opposite, to "heaven" (for example valhall) Lets call it "portals to heaven and hell" It would nicely fit into the lore aswell.
  3. The problem i see is that if all of the players will have a gate each the world will be filled with them. And I don't like the idea of gates everywhere. But if you mean that there will only be a few gates, how do you pick which one of ALL players you want to travel to? I prefer the idea that everybody can travel to anybodies EK at any time. But the rules in the EK:s will differ, some you can't fight in, some you can. And inside these EK:s you will be able to have shops, and you will be able to buy items from these shops and transfer them to the CW. If i don't make sense, tell me and i will try to explain myslef
  4. How much do you have to advance in a skill before you can start skilling the next one in the tree? Do you have to get 100% in a skill before you can advance in the next skill? If that is the case, will you be able to choose a second skill you will start training when the first one is maxed out? Or will you have to login every time you have reached a certain point in a skill to change to the next one? Please tell me if you don't understand the question and i will try to explain better. Best wishes Jugglers
  5. When i try to look at the playtest schedule on my mobile phone i can only see the left side of the "schedule" which is sunday and monday. If i tilt the screen i can se almost to thursday. But for some reason i can't scroll the screen further to the right. You might want to fix it since it's easiest to check the schedule on your phone to see when you have to be set at the computer. Happy anniversery!
  6. I agree, it would be nice to have something left after they turn useless.
  7. The way they used runegates and runemasters (portals) in shadowbane is a really good way. Since the map is so huge you have to give some ways of getting over the map in less then a couple of hours of running. Also being able to teleport from your own city to some neutral place would be nice.
  8. jugglers

    Shadowbane Peeps

    I really hope it will be similar to shadowbane.. It will allways be one of the best PvP MMOs created in my opinion.
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