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    Crowfall, Hearthstone, GW2, and generally anything MMO related.
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  1. Kunai

    Tab targeting

    Yeah it took me about a week of persistence to master the controls for heroes of the storm. It was so clunky for me at first but now I'm climbing heroe league and having lots of fun. Im not against learning a new combat system.
  2. Kunai

    Tab targeting

    I did just fine in the hunger dome. Judging from the players around me id say my skill level was about average, and i have no doubt i can improve with practise (it was my first time playing) I just wanted to make a suggestion and see what the general feeling was in the community, but this was probably a mistake as forum users never really represent the majority of any mmo player base. I can really feel the hostility from a lot of people who replied, which is sad because it turns people off from posting for fear of being targeted and insulted.
  3. Kunai

    Tab targeting

    I wasnt bashing. The purpose of testing is to give feedback.
  4. Kunai

    Tab targeting

    We will have to agree to disagree on that. Why would that be trolling? Wildstar's combat wasnt perfect but it was pretty fun at times. The knights abilities had telegraphs in the video i watched a few months back.
  5. Kunai

    Tab targeting

    Perhaps not all classes will use cross-hairs? I recall watching a video a while back with some Knight combat and it looked a lot like the wildstar type of combat which i also enjoyed a lot
  6. Maybe ill get flamed for saying this, but i really didnt enjoy the combat testing today in the hunger dome. Im not trying to be negative. I love the art style, the animations and pretty much everything ive seen so far.. but i really didnt enjoy the current targeting system. I dont see whats wrong with traditional tab targeting like World of Warcraft. I played several games today and mostly just felt frustrated. Im sure some will call me lazy, but i want a combat experience thats fun and easy to jump into. I dont know how many of you have access to the pre alpha so perhaps i wont get much feedback from the forum yet, but i just wanted to put my opinion out there and see what people think.
  7. Im backer no 4233 sahpire patron and still no invite yet..
  8. I'd much prefer large persistent worlds where players can purchase a plot of land, similar to how landmark currently works only with much MUCH larger biomes. I'm still not sure how I feel about the current EK idea, especially if you move between them using some kind of lobby menu
  9. Well, ive been playing Wildstar on and off since beta. In pvp the whole dodging mechanic doesnt really work and you spend most of your time just looking at the ground trying to avoid the red. But theres not really any way to tell what red you can ignore and what red you need to get out of ASAP (pvp) so eventually you just stop trying to avoid it and just zerg. When you're in the middle of 4-6 players battling it out, the whole ground is covered in red telegraphs and you dont really give a dam if you're standing in red or not. Im not against using telegraphs, but i am sceptical about it.
  10. Sure hope so. I need something to do while im at work!
  11. Well thats awesome! Im playing Wildstar right now but honestly that game has no soul. I feel bored every time i log in. Im so excited to join a game thats going to focus on social interaction. Finally...no more LFG tools!!
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