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  1. Hopefully he can take his glove off and slap/challenge whomever he wishes to duel with the glove.
  2. link is taking me here https://www.link.com/pages/default.aspx/
  3. Carpet banes were also way into server life. They aren't the norm lol
  4. Haven't seen any gameplay, i'd assume you'll have a wide angle view of the battlefield.
  5. I don't think they were assassins creed ballin, but they were making money. Just my opinion.
  6. 1 race cost points2 creation runes cost points 3 you could add a rune with additional stat points if you met the requirements 85 in a stat line +5 rune available 90-10 95-15 100-20 105-25 110-30 115-35 120-40 The higher it got the more points it cost to apply ie +35 cost 39 to fully apply - +40 cost 46 You select Mage rogue fighter healer and once you hit lvl 10 you promoted to your desired class. Each class had weapon and armor restrictions. PS I'm drunk at the airport waiting for a plane to my next inspection site. If this is wrong I apologize but it's right enough to give you an idea.
  7. Your point earlier is incorrect. No one fell into emus we continued playing. The pop on live with paying customers was 25x bigger than the emus. They made money it imo would have been almost impossible to have lost money.
  8. Levels Race Class Archetype Should all have an effect on how many but you'll get them as you progress (level)
  9. Will race have choice of archetypes? Or are they locked? I'm not familiar with all the lingo outside of typical SB lingo.
  10. And even if there wasn't its a video game in a fantasy world, take your feminist movement to your Tuesday night we hate men gathering.
  11. Ok but what do you do with it? Plant it go to battle and pick it up once done? Maybe the banners are comparable to "bane stones"
  12. Give me guilds, open world, mines, banes and anything above and beyond that is gravy.
  13. Who the heck were you playing with? We'd dual box macro and go roll zones lol
  14. Thank you for realizing, I'm exercising as much self control as I possibly can lol
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