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  1. While kick starter is great I think it does have some dangers. I have seen many kick starter games begin by offering alpha and other perks to contributors. Once the games reaches a playable level and a small community surrounds the alpha testing and it seems games veer away from development to instead creating and selling rewards to an active community of contributors. Given that MMOs are always in a perpetual state of design having an already paying active costumer base makes what is considered a finished state more grey. Instead of having to coddle large publishers games are instead slowly turned into a business of coddling these contributors for continued support.
  2. True I was just being snarky. Ill edit that out. Max if you want crowfall to be more than a siege simulator PvE is an important aspect. If you just want pure PVP you have stuff like WOW battlegrounds, which has been just as stagnating to the genre as WOW PVE has been.
  3. Are you going to discuss it or just repost stuff from the FAQ? Eve online does have safe areas, its just the dangerous areas are much more profitable. Eternal kingdoms probably should have some basic PvE like goblins or rats or something. This also plays into PvP. In Eve many guilds will make money running rather safe missions in order to build up before going towards PvP. This could also be used in Eve style missions which can slowly push people into different worlds for resources and completion. Deliver X to NPC in world X. Collect X from world X. As long as these are not on a treadmill like WoW I think they will benefit the game and PvP and not draw from it, Also random generated darkness falls like dungeons would be cool. These could require certain bosses or gates to be unlocked, this will make people fight over those gates or monsters. Boon bosses would also be cool. Lets say X being gives Chaos extra health in the world, killing that beast will destroy that world boon or benefit.
  4. What is the PvE going to look like and how will it tie into PvP? I really hope their is good old school everquest style PvE to help give depth to the PvP. Mob placement, and reason for those mobs to be there add depth to the world. I hope when these worlds are generated, things work with a certain logic and reason. For example besides just having walking undead, have a town slowly turn into undead as the season pass and people die ect. ect. Stuff like this is going to make the difference between this just being a large scale online soccer match and this being an real MMO. What do you guys think the PvE will look like?
  5. Male Fae Zombie race. Also they said their would be more achetypes, because of this I am not really bothered by race and gender locks.
  6. None of us are making the game. If we want to discuss genders now it has no impact on the process. Worst case scenario is they work on other things and then when genders do come into play they work on them,.
  7. If the game is great then it wont be an issue. If the game is only good then it will be issue.
  8. 4 male gender locks is a little harsh. I understand the one for each and the female lore is really good though.(sadly being the one i would like to play but the lore is good). Generally games do not like to make what they consider ugly females. Partly because the game is geared towards men, but for the most part its just sexism plain and simple.
  9. I would like an Elven (prettyboy) style male trickster dualist. I feel right now all they have is pretty woman, gruff men, a tom boy and a few furries.
  10. To each their own. I hate people who winge about others characters choices.
  11. If that is the case i really hope they have gender options for both.
  12. It seems archetypes are kind of like LoL characters more than classes. They might even sell archetypes later in a similar fashion. What kinds of characters would you like to play(or buy if they were ever sold)?
  13. CU will probably attract more traditional players. NO voxel art style, less crazy GW2 style run around combat, more persistence in the world, subs ect. ect. CF will likely attract a younger crowd and modern gaming peeps. It will attract a little of the old crowd but mostly younger. I also feel it will be a jack of all trades master of none. More of a soccer league than an MMO. For many people this will not matter, but for some it will eat at them a little.
  14. I hate it when character diversity is hurt for some asinine attempt to protect the games art style. I like the art design of some of the female characters just wish they were male.
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